Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water?

Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water? While Ragdoll Cats may not like getting wet while bathing, these playful cats often enjoy entertaining themselves with running water. From open taps and water fountains to small streams, it’s not unusual to find a Ragdoll Cat fascinated by the sound and sight of moving water.

Ragdoll Cats make great pets. Known for being playful and affectionate they tend to develop strong bonds with their human companions. Ragdolls will often follow their owners around the house, breaking all sorts of cat-stereotypes. But are these joyful felines less averse to water than other cat breeds?

This guide will break down everything you need to know about your Ragdoll’s relationship with water. While no two cats are the same, learning more about the Ragdoll breed can help you understand some of their behavioral patterns. 

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Do Ragdolls Like Water?

Why Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water
Ragdoll Cat drinking from a nearby pond

Ragdoll cats like playing with water and often don’t mind getting a little wet. The most important thing to note however is the stark difference between playing with water and going into the water.

Your lovely Ragdoll is unlikely to enjoy bath times or volunteer to jump in the pool for a swim. However, they may want to spend hours swatting at a dripping faucet.

They’re endlessly fascinated with the sound and sight of running water. This stimulates all of your cat’s senses and may even activate their predatory instincts.

For pet parents who are worried about their Ragdoll Cats getting enough hydration, water fountains are a great investment to make. 

Why Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water?

Do all Ragdoll cats like water
White Ragdoll kitten drinking water from a red cat bowl

There are plenty of reasons that explains why Ragdoll likes water. Generally, Ragdoll cats are fascinated by water. So make your home a fun and stimulating environment for your cat to play around in! 

1. Entertainment Value

The root of your Ragdoll Cat’s obsession with water is often just the amount of entertainment value it adds to their day. How a cat perceives what they see is quite different than a human’s and they love watching light reflect on the surface of water.

2. Predator Instinct

If you have a dripping faucet or an open tap, you may find your Ragdoll trying to catch the dripping water. Running water activates their predatory instincts, which can quickly turn into a fun game for your feline friends.

3. Swimming Ability

While you’ll never catch your Ragdoll cat trying to take a dip in the water, these agile pets do know how to swim. So, if your cat did accidentally fall into a pool, they’d quickly make their way out. This makes them less afraid of water than other pets.

4. Clean Drinking Water

Cats’ instincts tell them that running water is more likely to be clean and safe for drinking. So if you have a running tap or a water fountain, your Ragdoll is going to want to drink from it.

5. Kittenhood Desensitization

Ragdoll cats that spent time around water when they were kittens often build a good relationship with water. With no history of negative experiences your fuzzy friends won’t view water as a source of potential danger and may be willing to stick a paw in.

Do all Ragdoll cats like water?

No, not all Ragdoll cats like water. While there are some similarities per breed type, most cats are individual creatures with their own personalities, likes, and dislikes. Your furry friends’ experiences and environment will condition them to view water as either a safe thing or a dangerous threat.

If you’re wondering why your Ragdoll cat has a specific aversion to water there may be a couple of reasons. Let’s take a look at what they are next.

Why doesn’t my Ragdoll Cat Like Water?

1. Thick Coat

The main reason Ragdoll cats don’t like being in water is their thick coat. When wet, their luxurious coat becomes heavy and uncomfortable to deal with. Depending on the length of their hair, it can take a long time for your cat’s hair to dry.

2. Safety First

Ragdoll cats are not known for being particularly brave or adventurous. These animals like feeling safe and will avoid anything they see as a threat. So if your cat thinks the bath tub is a potentially dangerous zone, they will avoid it at all costs.

3. Negative Experiences

A cat’s negative experiences shape a lot of his personality, especially those that occur in his kittenhood. Ragdolls that have had bad associations with water will be afraid of getting wet. Your fuzzy friend may have fallen into a tub or pool, or even been stuck in the rain.

4. Lack of Acclimatization

Ragdoll cats learn many of their habits during kittenhood. If you’ve never bathed your feline companions when they were a kitten, they’re unlikely to appreciate being wet as an adult cat.

5. Weather

Weather plays a huge role in cats’ aversion to water. A Ragdoll cat’s fur takes a considerable amount of time to dry, so if they’re wet, they’re likely to feel cold and uncomfortable even in relatively moderate climates.

6. Natural Instinct

Instinct also plays a part. A wet cat cannot run after its prey with ease. While your indoor Ragdoll definitely doesn’t need to hunt to catch his food or escape from predators, natural instinct will often still come into play.

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The Fundamentals of Ragdoll Cats and Water

Overall, Ragdoll cats that have not had specific bad experiences with water are comfortable getting wet. They may not choose to put themselves in water, but if they’ve been acclimatized since kittenhood, your Ragdoll will behave during bath time.

In addition, your cat will likely enjoy playing with or drinking from a water fountain, open tap, or small stream.

How to encourage your Ragdoll Cats to Like Water: 6 Easy Tips 

Introducing your Ragdoll Cat to water is a gradual process. Here are six easy tips that will help you along.

1. Start Slow

It will take your feline friends some time to acclimatize to the touch of water. This is doubly true of adult cats. So patience is key. Start by placing a small bowl of water near your Ragdoll’s bed and letting them explore on their own.

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2. Use Positive Reinforcement

Treats, toys, and all kinds of positive reinforcement will help your Ragdoll associate water and being wet with positive experiences. Rewarding them for their progress will definitely encourage them and make them more likely to show interest and curiosity towards water.

3. Use Warm Water

Did you know that cats have higher body temperatures than humans? Therefore, even room temperature water may feel cold to your Ragdoll cat. Using warm water while bathing them will help them feel more comfortable.

4. Don’t Push

If this is your Ragdoll’s first time interacting with water or taking a bath, don’t push them to take big steps, especially when they’re already showing signs of fear and discomfort.

5. Clean Water

When it comes to drinking fountains and water bowls, make sure you change out the water regularly. Keeping the waters clean, cool, and fresh will encourage your fuzzy friends to drink more often and stay hydrated.

6. Physical Affection

Since Ragdoll cats love being petted and cuddled, gently hold them as you introduce them to water is a good idea. You can use a damp rag or washcloth to gently bathe them while showing physical affection.

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Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water Fountains?

Yes, Ragdoll cats love water fountains. The sound and sight of running water appeals to their senses, keeping them interested and entertained. Plus, instincts tell them that running water is the safest to drink so placing a water fountain near where they relax can encourage them to stay hydrated.

If you do decide to get your Ragdoll a water fountain be sure to clean it regularly. Change the water every few days and make sure you wash the insides of the tub.

Without proper upkeep, the fountains can develop bacteria that will make your cat sick.

Are Ragdoll Cats afraid of water?

Some Ragdoll cats may be afraid of water. This depends majorly on their previous experiences with water bodies. Bad bathing experiences or kittenhood trauma from falling into a pool can make a cat afraid of water.

Similarly, if your Ragdoll has ever been accidentally drenched in the rain, they may want to avoid getting wet.

Even if your cat hasn’t had any previous negative experiences, they may simply dislike the feeling of getting and being wet.

Also, a cat’s distaste of water can depend on how long his coat is. If you haven’t gotten your Ragdoll cat’s hair trimmed or shaved in a while they may be afraid of getting wet.

Do Ragdoll Cats Like to swim in Water?

Although Ragdoll Cats can swim in water, they do not like doing so. Being submerged in water gets a Ragdoll’s coat wet, making it heavy and uncomfortable.

It also takes a long time for their coat to dry, which leaves them feeling cold and chilly for some time. That said, this breed does know how to swim and can get itself out of a pool in case of an accident.

If your feline friends happen to love to play in water, consider getting an inflatable swimming pool that isn’t too deep.

Do Ragdolls like baths?

No, most Ragdolls do not enjoy baths or being wet. However, they are a friendly and trusting breed that tends to develop strong emotional connections and bonds with their human companions.

So if your Ragdoll trusts you to take care of them and does not have past trauma with water, they will behave during bath time.

Do Ragdoll Cats need baths?

No, Ragdoll Cats do not need baths often. They are exceptionally good at keeping themselves clean through regular grooming sessions.

That said, you can choose to bathe your Ragdoll cat from once a month if they need cleaning or seem comfortable with the process.

Make sure you use safe feline products, such as shampoos and condition designed specially for cats. You’ll want to lather their coat gently and dry them with a towel once you’re done.

Do I need to bathe my Ragdoll Cat?

You do not need to bathe your Ragdoll Cat every day. They tend to keep themselves clean and well groomed. You can bathe them when they get dirty from playing outside.

You will need to trim their nails regularly and groom them to prevent hair matting. Regular brushing is vital for these long-haired breeds.

Essential Care For A Ragdoll Cat Following A Water Experience

After bathing your Ragdoll Cat, you’ll want to follow up with an appropriate aftercare. If your Ragdoll Cat’s fur stays wet for a long time they can catch the flu, develop ear infections, get skin diseases, or suffer from matted hair.

Since these cats get extremely cold, it’s best to swaddle your Ragdoll in a soft towel after you’ve bathed them.

Use the towel to dry their fur, while being extremely gentle around the face and ears.

Next, use an automatic pet hair dryer to remove the dampness from their fur. These specifically designed hair drying products function at low noise decibels that are comfortable for your cats.

Make sure the hair dryer is functioning at a low heat and aim away from the eyes and ears. Once their fur is dry, give your Ragdoll cat a thorough brushing to remove loose or matted hair.

What are some cat breeds that like water?

Ragdoll cats aren’t the only cat breed that likes water. Here are some other cat breeds that enjoy playing with or being around water.

Maine Coons

These adventurous cats have a fearless spirit and love playing with water. Historically, Maine Coons accompanies sailors on ships which suggests the breed has always had an affinity for water. They love to dip their paws into the water and you may even find them fully immersing into water.

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Turkish Van Cats

Turkish Van Cats love playing with water, and are always willing to go for a swim. Often called the “swimming cat” this breed is known for its love of water.

Abyssinian Cat

Much like Ragdolls, Abyssinian cats enjoy entertaining themselves with water. They love running faucets, streams, and water fountains.

American Bobtail

American Bobtails are an unusual breed that breaks all the cat stereotypes. These felines love to play in water, enjoy bath time, and even like being taken for walks on a leash. 

American Shorthair

Powerful and agile, American Shorthairs have no fear of water. They often perch on the edges of bathtubs and you can often find them near water bowls.

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Bengals are curious and energetic cats, often drawn to water activities and play.

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Savannah Cats

With their wild heritage, Savannah cats are often drawn to water and might enjoy splashing around.

Norwegian Forest Cat

This breed’s waterproof double coat is well-suited for playing in water.

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So, Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water?

In conclusion, Ragdoll cats’ relationship with water varies from one individual cat to another. While some may display an unusual fascination with water, others might have a more typical feline reaction to it.

As a Ragdoll cat owner, it is essential to observe and respect your cat’s preferences, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing environment for them.

Remember, understanding and catering to your Ragdoll’s unique personality traits will strengthen the bond between you and your feline companion.

Related Questions

What makes Ragdoll cats happy?

Ragdoll cats love being around people and this is what makes them happy. They develop incredibly close bonds with humans. These incredibly affectionate cats make the perfect pets for families with children.

What do Ragdolls love the most?

Ragdolls love being held and cuddled like little babies. These adorable cats thrive in loving households where they can get plenty of care and attention.

Do Ragdoll cats like to go outside?

No, Ragdoll cats do not like going outside and can likely get lost. This breed is easily disoriented and should be kept indoors.

Do Ragdolls pee everywhere?

Under normal circumstances, Ragdolls do not tend to pee everywhere. This type of behavior may indicate that your pet is anxious or uncomfortable in a new setting. They may also have a medical condition.

Do Ragdoll cats like to cuddle?

Yes, Ragdoll cats are incredibly affectionate and love to be cuddled. If you bring a Ragdoll cat home you should be prepared to shower them with attention.

Do Ragdoll cats like to be held?

Yes, Ragdoll cats will willingly snuggle with their humans any chance they can get. These loving cats are adoring companions and enjoy all kinds of physical affection.

What cats like water?

There are a few cat breeds that likes water. They are: American Bobtail, Bengal, Savannah Cats, Turkish Van Cats, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, and Abyssinians.

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