Black Smoke Maine Coon: Complete Guide

While shopping downtown, my friend noticed a woman walking down the street with a huge cat in tow. She turned to me, quite astonished about the sheer size of the cat, and being a cat lover myself, I told her that that cat is a Maine Coon. 

Apart from being one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds, Maine Coon is the biggest breed of cat in the world. But don’t get intimidated because a Maine Coon is not only huge in size but it also has a huge heart that endears him to people of all ages.

Maine Coon is available in different colors and coat patterns such as Tabby. One of the interesting colors that you can find from reputable breeders is the Black Maine Coon. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon: Breed overview

Black.Smoke Maine Coon
Black Smoke Maine Coon cat
Other namesMaine Coon cat Black Smoke, High Black Smoke Maine Coon 
Weight 8 – 18 pounds 
Height10 – 16 inches 
Coat ColorsBlack, Silver, White, Gray 
Child FriendlinessHigh
Feline FriendlinessHigh 
Training DifficultyEasy
Grooming UpkeepHigh 
Exercise NeedsModerate 
Lifespan13 – 14 years 
Kitten Cost$1,000 – $2,500

What is a Black Smoke Maine Coon? What does “Black Smoke” mean?

One of the elegant color variations of black Maine Coon cats is black smoke and they are called the Black Smoke Maine Coon cats.

These cats are distinguished by having two (2) opposing colors in their hair strands, with the tip exhibiting an all-black color while the roots are color white.

These two opposing colors give this cat a smoky appearance. Hence, black smoke simply means the color combination of black and white.

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What is an European Black Smoke Maine Coon?

A Black Smoke European Maine Coon is not a different breed from an American Black Smoke Maine Coon.

The major difference between the two lies in the place where they were bred, thus, a Black Smoke European Maine Coon is a cat that is bred in Europe.

Plus, European breeders preferred their Black Smoke Maine Coon to look wilder, so they were able to produce Maine Coons that are bigger and have stronger facial features like square-shaped muzzles, higher cheekbones, taller ears, and longer and bushier tails. 

Are Black Smoke Maine Coon cats rare?

No, this color variation of the Black Maine Coon cats is not rare

Black Smoke Maine Coon history

The supposed history of the Black Smoke Maine Coon is fascinating because of the many speculations linked to it, all of which cannot be accurately determined to be true or not.

First, there is the theory that the Black Smoke Maine Coon is a hybrid between a raccoon and a domesticated cat. 

Second, there is also a story involving Marie Antoinette who supposedly had an involvement with the development of the Black Smoke Maine Coon cats. It is theorized that her Turkish Angola cats mated with the local cats on board a ship going to the US to avoid persecution during the French Revolution. 

Then, there is also this theory that the Maine Coon originated from Maine which is a state in the US.

During the middle part of the 1800s, seafarers brought with them some long-haired cats which mated with the local feral cats in Maine. This random mating produced large cats with different colors and coat patterns.

These offspring developed thick coats to protect them from the extreme temperatures in Maine. The early recognition of the breed was during the late 1800s when some Maine Coons participated in cat shows. 

However, the breed almost went almost extinct and was later denied provisional status as a pedigreed breed.  But through the effort and dedication of Maine Coon breeders, the breed finally got its recognition in 1975. 

Maine Coon Black Smoke genetics

The gene responsible for the black smoke color of a Maine Coon is the recessive non-agouti gene.

The Maine Coon Black is also a carrier of the inhibitor gene which is symbolized by (I) and this gene inhibits the production of pigment in the base of the hair of non-agouti gene carrier cats like a Maine Coon Black Smoke.

Plus, these cats also carry the wideband allele which determines the width of the white hair.  

Black Smoke Maine Coon cat physical appearance

Maine Coons regardless of color are large cats displaying muscular, well-proportioned, and long, rectangular bodies.

They wear thick and long coats and are also characterized by their square muzzles, high cheekbones, and long bushy tails.

Their ears are large and tufted which is also referred to as lynx ears, meaning, some hair grows on the tip of their ears. Maine Coons wear a shaggy coat that is longer on the stomach but shorter just above the shoulders.

They come in various colors and patterns including the Black Smoke Maine Coon that has hair strands with 2 opposite colors, black on the tip and white on the base of the hair. 

The tantalizing eyes of a Black Smoke Maine Coon are blue at birth but change into amber, orange, gold, green, or yellow

Various Maine Coon Black Smoke colors and patterns

The beauty of a Maine Coon Black Smoke is that it comes in color variations and patterns such as the following: 

Black Smoke Tortie Maine Coon

Black Smoke.Maine Coon
Black Tortie Smoke Maine Coon

How does a Black Tortie Smoke Maine Coon look like? A Maine Coon Black Smoke tortie can present itself with both light and dark gray patches that are scattered around the body. It’s also possible to have slight red tinges at the tip of the hair. 

Black silver Smoke Maine Coon

This coat color is characterized by light gray to almost silverish shade at the tip of the hair while the base of the hair is color white. They also wear dark eyeliner around the eyes. Most often the color of their noses is pink. 

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Black Smoke with white Maine Coon

A Black Smoke and White Maine Coon cat can have some patches of black on the chest, ears, belly, and tail over a white coat. The body of a Black Smoke White Maine Coon could also be black and the irregular patches of a Maine Coon Black Smoke white could be seen on the face, legs, ears, and on head. They usually do not wear black eyeliner and have pink noses and paw pads. 

Black Smoke tabby Maine Coon

A Maine Coon Black Smoke tabby may present itself with swirls of black and white or black and white stripes. This color pattern is also called brown tabby because of the appearance of brown patches on some parts of the body. 

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High Black Smoke Maine Coon

Maine Coon Black Smoke high is just another name for Black Smoke Maine Coon that has black tips on the hair and white on the base. 

Black and Smoke Maine Coon

These cats have ¾ of their hair colored black. 

Shaded Black Smoke Maine Coon

These cats have ⅓ of their top hair colored black. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon size, height, and weight

Maine Coon xxl Black Smoke is a large-sized cat with the Black Smoke female Maine Coon slightly shorter than the Black Smoke male Maine Coon.

These cats grow to a massive length, with the Black Smoke Maine Coon female growing up to 40 inches in length while the male to an astounding 48 inches in length. 

Gender Height Weight 
Male16 inches 13 – 18 pounds
Female 14 inches 8 – 12 pounds

Full grown Black Smoke Maine Coon

At what age does a Black Smoke Coon stop growing?

Both the Maine Coon Black Smoke male and the female Black Smoke Maine Coon stop growing at 2 to 3 years of age.

Compared with other cats, they tend to grow slowly because this allows them to develop strong and muscular bodies. 

Maine Coon Smoke Black personality and temperament

Don’t let its size scare you away because a Maine Coon Smoke Black is a cat with a laid-back personality. He is playful and very warm to the people around him.

This cat is so loving that he loves to follow his owners all around the house, most of the time meowing for some loving cuddles from his humans. 

Are Black Smoke Maine Coons good family cats?

Yes, Black Smoke Maine Coons are good family cats. They wouldn’t be called the gentle giants in the cat world had it not for their very friendly disposition to all family members.

They are known to be very patient with goofy and boisterous kids.

No worries if you have other pets at home because a Black Smoke Maine Coon can mingle with them without any problems at all. 

Are Black Smoke Maine Coons outdoor or indoor cats?

The answer is actually based on the preference of the owner. A Black Smoke Maine Coon can be allowed to go out but some owners would rather that their cat stay indoors for the fear of getting catnapped.

Allowing your Black Smoke Maine Coon to play outside is a fun way to get some form of physical exercise. But, be sure to update his vaccination to prevent your feline friends from contracting communicable diseases. 

Do Black Smoke Maine Coons love water?

Yes, Black Smoke Maine Coons love water. This is actually quite uncommon for cats. They do not exhibit any fear of water and in fact, they love to play in the tub and even in the pool.

They also have a semi-water resistant fur which allows them to handle cold water.

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Black Smoke Maine Coons

Some owners of Black Smoke Maine Coon report that their cats tend to lose the black color of their fur with some even turning brown. The possible culprits could be due to too much sun exposure and tyrosine deficiency. 

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Black Smoke Main Coon training

Fortunately, the Black Smoke Main Coon is one of the easiest cats to train. They best learn through the use of rewards in the form of cat treats or pats on the back. 

And, for those of you who consider walking as a form of exercise, you can train Black Smoke Maine Coon kittens as early as possible on how to be comfortable wearing a collar and a leash or harness while out walking or enjoying the outdoors.

Black Smoke Maine Coons exercise requirement

The Black Smoke Maine Coon is a moderately active breed that needs a daily form of exercise.

For Black Smoke Black Maine Coon kitten, playing with him for about 15 to 20 minutes per day is good enough.

Or, you can tag your kitty with you on your daily walks.

Otherwise, as long as you provide your Black Smoke Maine Coon cat with enough toys, that would be great for its daily exercise requirement. 

Smokey Black Maine Coon grooming and cleaning

Smokey Black Maine Coon is a domesticated long-haired cat that requires the attention of its owners in order to maintain the natural beauty of its thick, long coat. This is why you should teach your Maine Coon Black Smoke kitten to get used to grooming as early as possible. 


Regularly brushing your cat’s hair will stop mats from forming. Brushing also helps spread the natural oil to prevent skin from drying and its coat from looking dull.

Choosing the correct brush goes a long way in maintaining the coat, we highly recommend a soft-bristled brush for your Black Smoke Maine Coon.

De-matting brushes as well as those tools that control shedding are also great investments. 


Fortunately, Black Smoke Maine Coons love the water so bathing your cat shouldn’t be a problem. Once a month is recommended unless your cat got skunked. Use a cat-friendly shampoo because it is devoid of strong scents and chemicals. 

Teeth Brushing

Don’t neglect its oral health by brushing its teeth regularly using enzymatic toothpaste. There are also dental food treats that you can buy in the market. 

Claw Trimming

Trimming your cat’s claws will stop them from growing inwards which may only lead to infections. Make it a habit to check if it’s time for some mani/pedi and be sure to use feline-friendly nail clippers or a grinder.  

Ear/Eye Care

Check for ear wax and debris around the eyes. To remove them, you can use hypoallergenic cat wipes to clean those areas. 

Grooming Needs Grooming Frequency 
Brushing 4x per week
Bathing 1x per month 
Teeth Brushing 3x per week
Claw Trimming 2x per month 
Ear Cleaning Check weekly 
Eye Cleaning Check weekly 

BlackSmoke MaineCoon food and diet

Being obligate carnivores, Black Smoke Maine Coon needs more animal protein and fat in its diet and only a little amount of carbohydrates. Smoke Black Maine Coon kitten require more calcium and phosphorous for the optimum development of teeth, muscles, and organs. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon health issues

A Black Smoke Maine Coon may be a robust breed but it can still get plagued by health issues such as these 4:

1. Hip Dysplasia

Commonly seen among large cats, this is a condition affecting the hip joint development. 

2. Polycystic Kidney Disease

A congenital condition wherein cats are born with small cysts in the kidneys. These cysts will grow and cause kidney damage in the future. 

3. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

A heart disease causing the thickening of the heart walls, thereby repressing the heart to pump blood efficiently. 

4. Stomatitis

A painful condition that causes oral inflammation. The signs are gingivitis and loss of appetite. 

Maine Coon Black Smoke lifespan

Given the right care, you can enjoy the company of your Maine Coon Black Smoke for an average of 13 to 14 years

Black Smoke Maine Coon breeders

How to choose the best Black Smoke Maine Coon breeder?

One of the factors to look for in Black Smoke Maine Coon cat breeders is their affiliations with cat associations such as The International Cat Association or TICA. This assures you that the breeder abides by all the requirements in cat breeding practices. 

Are you looking for Black Smoke Maine Coon breeders UK? Go to Coonjangles Maine Coon ( This Black Smoke Maine Coon cattery is home to cats that are tested clear of diseases including polycystic kidney disease. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon for adoption

You can visit these 2 places to adopt a Black Smoke Maine Coon:

Maine Coon Rescue ( in the US is a non-profit organization that aims to find loving homes for Maine Coon cats. 

You can also visit Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue ( for available Black Smoke Maine Coon for adoption. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon kitten

If you get your Black Smoke kitten Maine Coon from an ethical breeder, chances are, the Maine Coon kitten Black Smoke has been potty trained already. So all you need to do is to continue working on your kitten by providing non-clumping kitty litter. 

If you have younger kids at home, teach them how to handle a Black Smoke kitten Maine Coon with care to avoid accidents.

Lastly, be sure to keep up with the vaccination schedule of your Maine Coon kitten. 

Another thing we want to point out is that a responsible breeder will turn over to you the Black Smoke Maine Coon kitten at 12 weeks of age.

Some of the issues you need to prepare for before the arrival of your kitty are the right choice of litter, the type of food, and if you will spay/neuter your cat. 

Then, you should also take note of the following for your kitten’s safety:

  • The removal of dangerous objects like electric cables and toxic plants like lilies 
  • Secure toxic chemicals 
  • Get a comfortable bed for a good rest 
  • Get toys for physical and mental developments such as a scratching post 

Black Smoke Maine Coon price

Do you have an idea how much is a Black Smoke Maine Coon? What is the Black Smoke Maine Coon cat price? The Maine Coon Black Smoke price is from $1,000 to $2,500.

Purchasing a kitten comes with other Black Smoke Maine Coon cost such as a litter box, crate, and grooming supplies. 

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Places to find Black Smoke Maine Coon kittens for sale

Asking where to find Black Smoke Maine Coon kitten for sale? We’ve got it covered for you because we have 2 breeders who may have Maine Coon Black Smoke kittens for sale. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon kittens for sale California

For Black Smoke Maine Coon kittens for sale near me, check out Micoli Coon ( located in San Diego, CA. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon kittens for sale UK

Please vist the FB page of BlackSmoke Maine Coon Cattery for beautiful and well-socialized kittens. 

Finding a healthy Black Smoke Maine Coon for sale

For adult Black Smoke Maine Coon cat for sale, you can check out the websites of the breeders below to find out if they currently have Black Smoke Maine Coons for sale. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon for sale UK

Try My Smoke Coonz ( for Black Smoke Maine Coon cats for sale. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon Australia

Haven’t found a Maine Coon cattery Black Smoke in your neck of the wood? Try SuperCoons Maine Coons (

Black Smoke Maine Coon Ontario

Maine Coon Black Smoke for sale may be available at Davidson Maine Coons (

Black Smoke Maine Coon mix

Are you interested in Black Smoke Maine Coon Mixes? Here are some five (5) of them:

1. Black Smoke Maine Coon Siamese Mix

A cross between a long-haired and a short-haired cat breeds, the Black Smoke Maine Coon Siamese Mix could have medium to long hair. The size could be smaller than a Maine Coon but bigger than a Siamese. 

2. Black Smoke Maine Coon Persian Mix

The Black Smoke Maine Coon Persian Mix is a mixed breed that may weigh an average of 10 to 20 pounds. They are affectionate and can be companion pets for children. 

3. Black Smoke Maine Coon Calico Mix

What’s interesting about the Black Smoke Calico Maine Coon Mix is the high probability that the offspring will be females because there are no male-colored Calicos. This mix is medium in size and may sport a medium-length coat. 

4. Black Smoke Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Mix

The Black Smoke Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Mix is a large mixed breed that has a long and thick coat. They are active but might be prone to a number of health problems. 

5. Black Smoke Maine Coon Sphynx Mix

What do you get if you cross a long-haired with a hairless cat? Most likely you’d see a short-haired kitten that is medium in size. 

Smoke Black Maine Coon: Pros and Cons

Here’s a table summarizing what to expect from a Smoke Black Maine Coon.

Very affectionate Vocal 
Playful Clingy 
No aggressive tendencies Suffer from separation anxiety 
No problem interacting with other pets Moderate shedder
Easy to teach obedience training and cat tricks Causes allergic reactions to sensitive people 
Patient pet for children Higher food expenses

Is the BlackSmoke Maine Coon right for me?

If you love grooming a cat, then, yes a BlackSmoke Maine Coon is the right choice for you. This is a very loving and super affectionate cat who wants nothing but to be with its owner, so if you don’t mind being followed around, yes, this cat breed is for you. 

Related Questions

How much are black smoke Maine Coon cats?

The average price is from $1,000 to $2,500.

What is the rarest Maine Coon color?

The rarest color of Maine Coon is solid red.

Who is the famous black smoke Maine Coon?

Black Smoke Maine Coon Richie is the most famous Maine Coon. Richie Black Smoke Maine Coon is one-of-a-kind because his black fur is blanketed with thick white fur making him look differently sophisticated.

Are black smoke Maine Coons rare?

No, they are not rare and a lot of breeders have them in their catteries.

How much does a European Maine Coon cost?

They tend to be higher, so the cost could range from $1,500 to $3,000.

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