Maine Coon Tabby Mix: Complete Guide

Owning a pet has many joys. Aside from the unconditional love they give, having pets is believed to reduce stress and loneliness. If you want to adopt one, a Maine Coon Tabby Mix might just be the furry companion for you. 

Many compare Maine Coons to dogs due to their friendly and affectionate nature. So it’s no wonder why this cat breed is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. In fact, they’re so popular that many breeders cross the Maine Coons with other cat breeds such as the Tabby cat.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Maine Coon Tabby, including their size, temperament, physical appearance, coat colors and patterns (such as the Brown Tabby Maine Coon), common health issues, and more! Let’s get started!

Maine Coon Tabby: Breed overview 

Maine Coon Tabby
Maine Coon Tabby cat enjoying his afternoon in the backyard
Other namesMaine Coon cat Tabby Mix, MaineCoon Tabby Mix 
SizeMedium – Large 
Weight 6 – 18 pounds
Height8 – 15 inches 
Coat ColorsBlack, White, Cream, Red, Blue 
Child FriendlinessHigh
Feline FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyEasy
Grooming UpkeepHigh
Exercise NeedsModerate 
Lifespan13 – 14 years 
Kitten Cost$500 – $1,000

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What is a Maine Coon Tabby Mix?

Tabby Maine Coon Mix
Close up of the Tabby Maine Coon cat

A Maine Coon Tabby Mix is a cross between a purebred Maine Coon and a domestic tabby cat of another breed.

The striped Maine Coon mix comes in different tabby patterns, namely, the classic, mackerel, ticked, spotted, or patched, and they all have the distinctive ‘M’ pattern on the forehead.

Next, let’s find out if the Tabby cat mixed with Maine Coon is a rare breed and if it is recognized by any cat registries.

Are Tabby Maine Coon rare?

No, the Maine Coon Tabby cat Mix is not rare. It is fairly easy to find a Maine Coon Tabby Mix in your area because of the following reasons:

  • Maine Coons are pretty prevalent.
  • There are many Maine Coon Mixes available.
  • The Tabby pattern is actually carried by all cat breeds.

Maine Coon Tabby cat parent breeds

The Tabby mixed with Maine Coon closely resembles most purebred Maine Coon cats. However, they tend to be a little bit smaller. Since they are a mixed breed, they might also show physical traits of both of their parents.

Maine Coon Tabby Mixes are typically a crossbreed between a Maine Coon and an ordinary, domestic short-haired tabby cat that doesn’t belong to any particular recognized breed.

Domestic short-haired tabby cats differ in appearance in each country depending on that area’s gene pool. Those found in the US and Europe tend to be heavier in physique compared to those found in Asia.

Maine Coons, on the other hand, have a set of standardized appearances. They have a long, rectangular body shape with medium to long shaggy coats.

Maine Coons are known as “the gentle giants” because of their calm disposition despite having a big size.

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Maine Coon history

The early American settlers in New England are thought to have imported the Norwegian Forest Cat, from which the Maine Coon is thought to have descended. These cats interbred with the local, feral cats and turned into the Maine Coon that we recognize today.

As new long-haired breeds were introduced to the US during the early part of the 20th century, the popularity of the breed dwindled and nearly went extinct in the 1950s.

It took some time for it to recover before the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) deemed its population sufficient and recognized it in 1976. 

In 1985, the state of Maine officially recognized Maine Coon as its state cat.

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Tabby cat history

While it is pretty common to see a cat with a tabby pattern nowadays, it is believed to have emerged only during the Middle Ages and only became prevalent starting in the 18th century.

The tabby pattern is found in the domestic cat’s wildcat ancestors from Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

The word tabby was derived from the French word, tabis, which means “a rich watered silk.” This was a reference to an ancient district in Baghdad called Attabiya, where rich, silky textiles were sold.

Are Tabby Maine Coon cats recognized by cat registries?

No, Tabby Maine Coon cats are not recognized by cat registries such as the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). This is because they are not purebred cats that have a standard set of physical characteristics.

Maine Coon Tabby Mix cat genetics 

The tabby pattern is determined by the agouti gene. The dominant allele of this gene expresses the tabby pattern, while the recessive non-agouti allele will hide the tabby pattern. 

A cat with at least one dominant agouti gene will express a tabby pattern while two recessive alleles will produce a solid color.

The four (4) different tabby patterns are determined by another set of loci.

  • The mackerel pattern is a dominant allele represented by ‘Tm.’
  • The classic or blotched pattern is determined by the recessive ‘Tb.’
  • The ticked tabby pattern is also a dominant allele found on the same gene locus as the other 2 patterns. The presence of this allele will always produce a ticked tabby pattern regardless of whether it has a mackerel or blotched allele.
  • The gene responsible for the spotted tabby is closely linked to the mackerel allele and is also dominant. This gene causes the mackerel striping to be broken creating spots instead of stripes.

Is my cat a Maine Coon Mix? 

There are three (3) main indications that your cat may be Maine Coon Mix.

The first clue would be the size. Whether it is a male or a female, a Maine Coon Mix has the capacity to reach a length of 30 to 40 inches upon maturity from the nose to the tip of the tail.

Another indicator is if the cat has thick and shaggy medium to long fur that is water-resistant. Maine Coons have adapted over the years to a coat that can withstand the harsh winter months of New England.

You may also have a Maine Coon Mix in your hands if they happen to have tufted ears. Maine Coons have large, pointed ears with hairs that grow out of their inner ears that protect them from the elements.

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Maine Coon vs Tabby

The main difference between Maine Coon and Tabby is that Maine Coon is a type of cat breed while the tabby is a type of coat pattern. 

Tabby Maine Coon cat physical appearance 

Tabby cat Maine Coon Mix closely resembles the long and rectangular physique of the purebred Maine Coon.

They have thick coats that can vary from short to long depending on which genes are more dominant. 

The eyes are oval in shape that can be green, hazel, gold, brown, or blue. Some may exhibit odd-colored eyes or heterochromia.

Ears are wide at the base and may have some tufting at the tips.

Due to their tabby coat pattern, they would have the distinctive ‘M’ marking on the forehead common to all tabby cats

Short hair Maine Coon Tabby Mix

Is it possible to have a short hair Tabby Maine Coon Mix?

Yes, Tabby Maine Coon short hair is possible because the Maine Coon may have been crossed with a short-haired domestic breed. 

Maine Coon Tabby Mix short hair or Maine Coon short hair Tabby Mix have a dense, short hair of varying lengths across the body. It may be slightly lengthier around the tummy and legs and shorter around the head and shoulders.

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Various Tabby Maine Coon Mix colors and patterns 

The tabby pattern comes in five (5) different varieties, each with its own unique markings, namely, the classic, mackerel, spotted, ticked, and patched. 

Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Tabby cat Maine Coon Mix with the classic or blotched marking have wide, swirling patterns on the back and side of the body with the pattern often forming the shape of a bullseye.

Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon

The Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon has thin stripes that run along the sides of the body that is often described as tiger stripes. The striping forms non-broken lines and is evenly spaced.

Spotted Tabby Maine Coon

This variation has spots on the coat instead of stripes. It ranges in size from spots to longer spherical shapes.

Ticked Tabby Maine Coon

Stripes or spots are not visible on the body coat. Instead, you can find them around the legs and face. The ticked or sand-like pattern is due to agouti hairs with the individual hairs having alternating light and dark bands.

Patched Tabby Maine Coon

Also known as the torbie pattern, this variation has a tabby and tortoiseshell pattern mix. 

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Silver Tabby Maine Coon 

Silver Tabby cat Maine Coon has a light silver base color with black tabby markings. The tabby markings in a black silver Tabby Maine Coon or Maine Coon silver Tabby can be classic, mackerel, spotted, or ticked.

A blue silver Tabby Maine Coon would have dark gray tabby markings instead of black and a red silver Tabby Maine Coon would have additional red or cream patches on the coat.

Maine Coon kitten silver Tabby has a brick red nose leather, while the paw pads can be black. Silver Tabby Maine Coon kitten would develop green, gold, or yellow eye color as they mature. 

Orange Tabby Maine Coon

Maine Coon orange Tabby Mix
Maine Coon orange Tabby with green eyes

Tabby Maine Coon Mix orange or a Maine Coon orange Tabby have alternating light and dark striping on the coat. The tabby pattern in a Maine Coon orange Tabby Mix or an orange Tabby Maine Coon Mix can be in the classic, mackerel, spotted, or ticked variation.

Maine Coon Mix orange Tabby that has the classic or blotched pattern would have wide, whorls of bands down the side of the body that sometimes form a bullseye shape.

Maine Coon Mixed with orange Tabby that have the mackerel markings would have thinner stripes that run along the side of the body.

Orange Tabby cat Mixed with Maine Coon that has the ticked pattern would have no visible striping on the body coat but only on the legs and tail.

An orange Tabby Mixed with Maine Coon that has spotted tabby markings would have round or oval rosettes on the body instead of stripes.

Maine Coon Tabby Mix orange cats all exhibit the distinctive ‘M’ pencil markings on the forehead.

An orange Tabby Maine Coon cat or orange Maine Coon Tabby Mix may also have a white trim under the chin or lips. 

Maine Coon cat orange Tabby or an orange Tabby and Maine Coon Mix have red brick nose leather and paw pads.

Not all Maine Coon and orange Tabby Mix would have the medium to long fur of the Maine Coon. You may come across a short hair Maine Coon Tabby Mix orange since they are typically crossed with a short-haired domestic cat.

Orange Tabby Maine Coon kitten is born with blue eyes just like any other kitten. The eye color of a Maine Coon orange Tabby Mix kitten typically changes color into green, gold, or yellow by the time they are 6 to 8 weeks of age. 

Brown Tabby Maine Coon 

Maine Coon brown Tabby
Brown Tabby Maine Coon kitten laying comfortably on top of a wooden chair

Maine Coon brown Tabby or Maine Coon brown Tabby Mix has a brown base color with black stripes or whorls down the sides of the body.

Maine Coon cat brown Tabby may have a white trim around the chin or lips. Brown Tabby Maine Coon Mix can either have black or brown colored paw pads and nose leather.

Brown Tabby Maine Coon kitten has the typical ‘M’ shaped markings on the forehead.

Black Tabby Maine Coon

Black Maine Coon Tabby Mix has a black coat with tabby markings on the coat that can be in classic, mackerel, ticked, or spotted varieties. Some would have additional tortie patches of black and red like the black Tortie Tabby Maine Coon.

A black Tabby Maine Coon kitten would have an ‘M’ shaped marking on the forehead as well as stripes on the legs and tail.

Blue Tabby Maine Coon

Coat has a light gray base color with dark gray tabby markings. The nose leather and paw pads may be old rose in color.

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Maine Coon Grey Tabby

Grey Tabby Maine Coon or a gray Maine Coon Tabby Mix is similar to the Blue Tabby Maine Coon. Grey Tabby Maine Coon Mix has a light gray base color that contrasts with the dark gray tabby markings.

The tabby markings of a Maine Coon Tabby Mix grey can be classic, mackerel, ticked, or spotted.

Gray Tabby Maine Coon may have some white trim around the chin or lips. The nose leather and paw pads of a Maine Coon grey Tabby Mix may have an old rose color.

Grey Tabby Maine Coon kitten is born with blue eyes that change color as they mature. A grey Maine Coon Tabby Mix kitten can have green, gold, or yellow colored eyes with some retaining the blue color.

Maine Coon Red Tabby

Red Tabby Maine Coon has a red base color with deep red tabby markings. There may be some white trim around the lip or chin. The nose leather and paw pads may be brick red in color as well.

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Ginger Maine Coon Tabby Mix

Ginger Maine Coon Tabby Mix has a light orange shade that can come in various tabby markings.

Maine Coon Calico Tabby Mix 

The coat of a Maine Coon Calico Tabby Mix is tri-colored with irregular red and black patches throughout the body. The white color covers between 25% and 75% of the coat.

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Maine Coon Tabby Mix size, height, and weight 

Since the Maine Coon Tabby Mix is a mixed breed, one might wonder how big do Maine Coon Tabby Mix get. 

A Maine Coon Tabby kitten typically slows down in growth by their 9th month, but it will take another 4 to 5 years for a full grown Maine Coon Tabby Mix to reach his final weight and height.

A female Maine Coon Tabby mix weight is usually lighter than her male counterpart.

GenderHeight Weight 
Male 10 – 15 inches 12 – 18 pounds 
Female 8 – 12 inches 6 – 12 pounds

Maine Coon Tabby Mix personality and temperament

MainCoon Tabby Mix is very much like a purebred Maine Coon with a gentle and affectionate nature that is very loyal to its family.

Are Maine Coon and Tabby Mix good family cats?

Yes, Maine Coon and Tabby cat Mix is a great addition to families due to their sociable and non-aggressive nature.

Tabby Maine Coon kittens that have been socialized early on adapt very quickly to any environment and show great tolerance to kids and other pets.

Are Main Coon Tabby outdoor or indoor cats?

Maine Coon Mixed with Tabby cat can be both an outdoor and indoor cat.

However, Maine Coon kittens Tabby owners prefer keeping them indoors to prevent them from being stolen due to their gentle and friendly nature.

Do Maine Coon Mixed with Tabby love water?

Since the Maine Coon have a water-resistant coat, you can expect the Maine Coon Mix with Tabby to be less fearful of water. It is common to see a Maine Coon kitten Tabby dipping his paws in puddles or getting wet occasionally. 

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Tabby and Maine Coon Mix training

Maine Coon Tabby Mix kittens are very intelligent and inquisitive. Hence, they can be easily litter-trained and follow basic commands and tricks.

The most important thing to remember when training a Tabby cat and Maine Coon Mix is to use positive reinforcement techniques, such as cat treats and cat petting. These techniques will keep them motivated and follow orders.

Maine Coon Mix Tabby exercise requirement

Tabby Mix Maine Coon requires around 20 to 30 minutes of daily activity. They are not overly active and mostly prefer lounging around the house.

A good exercise for Tabby Maine Coon Mix kittens is to engage them with interactive plays, such as a laser pointer wherein their hunting instincts are stimulated.

Half Maine Coon Half Tabby grooming and cleaning 

To make grooming less of a chore for a Maine Coon Tabby Mix, investing in high-quality grooming products is key.

And, don’t forget to start teaching Maine Coon x Tabby kittens to enjoy being glammed up at a young age. This will help them feel more comfortable during the grooming process as an adult. 


Brushing the coat of a medium to long-haired cat entails the use of at least 3 tools and these are a wide-tooth comb, a de-shedding product, and a soft-bristled brush. 

The wide-tooth comb is for untangling the heavy knots while a de-shedding tool is to take care of loose fur and dander. The soft-bristled brush is used to distribute the natural to keep the skin healthy and the coat shiny. 


Since cats are naturally clean, you only give your kitty a bath only if it’s needed. To shampoo the coat, use a product that is intended for cats because this is free from harsh chemicals and heavy scents. 

Teeth Brushing 

Dental care is also essential for the well-being of your half Maine Coon half Tabby. Tartar buildup may be the cause of bacterial gum and tooth infections, so brushing her teeth with enzymatic toothpaste is recommended. 

Nail Trimming 

The last thing you want is for your kitty to unintentionally scratch you and damage your belongings. So, trim those long and sharp nails regularly using a feline-friendly nail trimmer. If the quick bleeds, apply a styptic powder to control the bleeding. 

Ear/Eye Care 

Those beautiful cat eyes also need some cleaning which can be done by using a moistened cotton ball. For her ears, wipe off the excess ear wax with cotton balls or gauze. 

Grooming Needs Grooming Frequency 
Brushing 4x weekly
Bathing 1x monthly 
Teeth Brushing 3x weekly
Nail Trimming 2x monthly
Eye/Ear Care Check weekly 

Main Coon Tabby Mix food and diet

Same with other breeds, a Maine Coon cat and Tabby Mix is an obligate carnivore, meaning their diet should primarily consist of meat like fish and turkey. 

For the growth and development of Maine Coon Tabby Mix kitten, cat food with higher levels of calories, good fats, and protein are essential.

Keep in mind that adult cats do not need as many calories as kittens. Otherwise, they may start to gain weight.

Maine Coon cat Mixed with Tabby health issues 

While Maine Coone Tabby Mix cats are generally a robust breed, it does not necessarily follow that they are immune from the common illnesses associated with their parents.

Some of these illnesses are linked to their genetics such as the following: 

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease 

Cats with this condition are born with small and liquid-filled sacs developing in their kidneys. Over time, these sacs grow and multiply which will later on cause kidney failure.

2. Spinal Muscular Atrophy 

This is a disorder most commonly seen among Maine Coons, it is a hereditary disease brought about by a genetic disorder causing the loss of nerve function in the spinal cord. 

3. Stomatitis 

This is a condition that causes severe inflammation of the oral cavity. The exact cause cannot be pinpointed but the experts believe that the inflammation may be caused by an abnormal immune system. 

4. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy 

This is a heart disease that causes the left ventricle to thicken which leads to increased heart rate, clot formation, and in some cases, sudden death. 

5. Hyperthyroidism 

An endocrine disorder that is brought about by the increased production of thyroid hormones. The common signs are hyperactivity and increased urination. 

6. Chondrodysplasia 

This is a hereditary problem affecting the normal development of the bones and cartilage, thereby, causing dwarfism among the affected cats. 

7. Conjunctivitis 

This is an inflammation in the conjunctiva and the cause of which may be feline herpesvirus, bacteria, or parasites. Eye discharge and lethargy are two of the common symptoms. 

Maine Coon Tabby Mix lifespan 

Expect a Maine Coon Tabby Mix to reach the age of about 13 to 14 years.

Maine Coon Tabby Mix breeders

If you plan on getting a Maine Coon Tabby Mix, you’ll want to be a discerning buyer. It’s important to learn how to differentiate a reputable Maine Coon Mix breeder from a scammer.

To give you an idea, here are some of the traits that a reputable breeder has:

  • Responsible breeders do not sell their kittens in pet stores.
  • They release the kitties to their new families at the proper age of 12 weeks. 
  • Ethical breeders have sales contracts that state the health guarantee as well as the types of genetic tests done. 

Maine Coon Tabby Mix price 

The average price of a Maine Coon Tabby Mix from reputable breeders begins at $500 and may go up to $1,000.

You can go to adoption or rescue centers for kittens and adult cats which are much cheaper. 

Tabby Maine Coon kitten 

Before bringing your Maine Coon and Tabby Mix kittens home, you’ll want to kitten proof your home. Doing so helps keep your curious Tabby Maine Coon Mix kitten safe and sound.

While curiosity is normal in kittens, it can also lead her into trouble. Hence, you’ll want to take these preventive measures to ensure their safety: 

  • Install cabinet latches to prevent your kitty from finding something interesting yet unsafe food like chocolates. 
  • Cover electrical cables to avoid getting electrocuted. 
  • Put away breakable treasures in your home (e.g. vases).
  • Learn the different plant species that are toxic to a Maine Coon Tabby Mix kitten. 

Places to find Maine Coon Tabby Mix kittens for sale 

As discussed above, the best place to find Maine Coon Tabby Mix kittens is from reputable breeders. You’ll want to stay away from pet shops because they may not give you details on where the kittens were born and raised. 

Here are three (3) places that we’ve reviewed and we’re certain that the kittens available for sale are healthy with friendly dispositions. 

Maine Coon Tabby Mix Kittens USA 

Check out the webpage of NY Maine Coon Lovers ( All kitties for sale are vaccinated, microchipped, and come with vet-certified health certificates. 

Maine Coon Tabby Mix Kittens Australia 

Rapscallion Maine Coons ( takes pride in maintaining the highest quality kittens by making sure that all breeding cats are DNA tested including HCM. 

Maine Coon Tabby Mix Kittens Canada

Get in touch with Miss Maine Coon ( They are a member of TICA. All male and female cats for breeding have completely undergone DNA testing and are negative for HCM, FIV, and FelV. 

Finding a healthy Maine Coon Tabby Mix for sale 

Are you more inclined in caring for an adult Maine Coon Tabby Mix? Then, feel free to explore these two (2) sites that may currently have available cats for sale. 

Retired cat breeders are available at Royal Maine Coon ( in Westminster, Maryland. All of these cats have been spayed and are in good health. 

Big River Coon ( in Washougal, Washington occasionally has young adult cats for sale. These cats are exceptionally healthy and have great temperament. 

Maine Coon Tabby: Pros and Cons 

A Tabby Main Coon Mix is an excellent companion but she also comes with some minor unlikable traits as shown in the table below.

Pros Cons 
Very affectionate Requires a lot of grooming 
Enjoys the company of other animals Not hypoallergenic
Gentle with children Presence of loose fur around the house 
Smart Does not appreciate alone-time 
Can be trained to walk on a collar and leash Higher expenses for food 
Good for novice cat owners Tendency to mess with their poops 

Is the Tabby Maine Coon right for me?

A Tabby Maine Coon is undoubtedly one of the friendliest and most affectionate breeds. But, she is better placed in a home where a human companion or a pet buddy is always available. Otherwise, separation anxiety issues may kick in. 

So, if you or your family members cannot commit, you are better off with another cat breed that tolerates solitude.

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