10 Best Cat Tree For Ragdolls: 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

Cats’ predatory nature drives their love for high perches like tree tops, offering both a vantage point for hunting and a safe retreat from predators. To mimic their natural habitat indoors, we’ve opted for Cat Trees specifically designed for Ragdolls, providing an alternative within the confines of my home.

Considering the diverse range of cat trees available on the market today, I’ve conducted thorough reviews and testing to determine the best Cat Tree for Ragdoll Cats. Our focus is on matching these cat trees to your living spaces and fulfilling the instinctual needs of these unique feline companions.

The Prestige Cat Trees For Large Cats is an excellent choice for Ragdoll cat owners. Its robust construction with neutral design ensures stability and safety and is tailored for larger breeds like Ragdolls. 

The tree is crafted from high-quality materials such as solid wood and plush carpet, offering comfort and durability. It features multiple spacious perches and resting areas, ideal for the typically larger and laid-back Ragdoll cats. 

Also, it’s easy to assemble and is an attractive addition to any home. Most customer reviews highlighted its sturdiness and suitability for large cats, making it a top pick for Ragdoll cat owners.


VocalCat’s PickProductRating
Best Overall – Top PickPrestige Cat Trees For Large Cats4.3
Runner UpPrestige Cat Trees Solid Wood Large Cat Sleeper4.3
Best BudgetPrestige Cat Trees Staggered Cat Playtower4.3
Best Scratching Post For RagdollMau Lifestyle Cat Tree 73”4.7
Best Cat Tower For RagdollsNew Cat Condos Cat Tree4.6
*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and may change

Our Top Pick: Prestige Cat Trees For Large Cats

The Prestige Cat Trees For Large Cats is our top pick and the clear winner. Its generous dimensions make it an ideal space for large cats like Ragdolls to comfortably lounge and enjoy various viewpoints. 

This Ragdoll Cat Tree is constructed from sturdy wood and maintains stability, even during active play sessions. Additionally, its simplicity in assembly is another aspect we greatly appreciate.

Prestige Cat Trees For Large Cats Key Features:

  • Perfectly sized to accommodate large Ragdoll cats
  • Solid wood construction ensures lasting durability
  • Each platform is topped with plush and premium household-grade carpet for superior comfort

Runner Up Pick: Prestige Cat Trees Solid Wood Large Cat Sleeper

The second-best choice on our list is the Prestige Cat Trees Solid Wood Large Cat Sleeper. This product comes highly recommended by my cousin. She’s had these cat trees for over 5 years now and found them to be the perfect fit for her three (3) Ragdolls, all of whom enjoy their cat towers immensely.

If you’re a pet parent to heavier Ragdolls, worry not. This top-rated Cat Tree for Ragdoll Cats is built with robust materials, ensuring it remains stable and doesn’t easily tip over.

Prestige Cat Trees Solid Wood Large Cat Sleeper Key Features:

  • Simple and easy assembly process
  • Each perch is covered with a soft, durable carpet that resists shedding
  • Spacious perches designed for comfort

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Best Budget Pick: Prestige Cat Trees Staggered Cat Playtower

For cat owners looking for value, the Prestige Cat Trees Staggered Cat Playtower stands out as the top option. It offers an attractive balance between affordability and high quality.

This Ragdoll Cat Tree features several tiers of platforms, giving your feline friends the flexibility to lounge at ground level or from an elevated spot for a better view.

Prestige Cat Trees Staggered Cat Playtower Key Features:

  • Each perch is covered with soft, household-grade carpet
  • Strong enough to support the weight of several Ragdolls
  • Doubles as a scratching post for cats

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Best Scratching Post For Ragdoll: Mau Lifestyle Cat Tree 73”

The Mau Lifestyle Cat Tree, standing at 73 inches, tops the list as the perfect scratching tree for large cats. It’s an excellent choice for felines that weigh over 17 pounds, providing a sturdy and spacious scratching post.

This large cat-scratching tree features platforms lined with machine-washable fabric for easy cleaning. Additionally, the entire 73-inch structure is enveloped in premium-grade materials, enhancing its durability and appeal.

Mau Lifestyle Cat Tree 73” Key Features:

  • Ideal multi-cat scratching tree for larger breeds
  • Features four perches crafted from hand-woven wicker baskets
  • Each perch is capable of supporting cats up to 18 pounds in weight

Best Cat Tower For Ragdolls: New Cat Condos Cat Tree

The New Cat Condos Cat Tree is ideal for those with two or more cats. The standout feature of the New Cat Condos Cat Playhouse is the multi-level design, which provides ample space for your Ragdolls to leap and satisfy their natural predatory instincts.

The New Cat Condos Spiral Cat Tree is built with robust materials and boasts a solid construction. The strength of its frames ensures the New Cat Condos Cat Play Tree remains stable and doesn’t collapse.

New Cat Condos Cat Tree Key Features:

  • Handcrafted in the USA, this cat tree requires very minimal assembly
  • Made from solid wood, plush household-grade carpet, and unoiled sisal rope
  • Dimensions are 24″ wide, 20″ deep, and 65″ high, suitable for large cats and multiple cat households
  • Features four spacious perches, each measuring 17″ wide and 7″ tall
  • High-quality materials ensure the cat tree is sturdy, safe, and comfortable for long-lasting use

Best Cat Tree For Ragdoll Cats: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ragdoll Cat Tree?

A Ragdoll Cat Tree is a specialized piece of pet furniture designed to accommodate the unique needs of Ragdoll cats, a breed known for its large size, gentle demeanor, and affectionate nature. 

These cat trees are typically more robust and spacious than standard cat trees. They can comfortably support the weight and size of a Ragdoll cat. 

They are constructed with durability in mind, often featuring solid frames and sturdy bases to prevent tipping or wobbling. This is particularly important given the heftier build of Ragdolls compared to other cat breeds.

In addition to structural strength, Ragdoll Cat Trees are characterized by their comfortable and cat-friendly design. They usually have larger perches and lounging areas, providing ample space for Ragdolls to relax and observe their surroundings. 

The surfaces are often lined with soft, plush materials for added comfort, catering to the Ragdolls’ love for cozy napping spots. 

These trees also typically include features like scratching posts, which are essential for nail health and to satisfy the cat’s natural scratching instincts. 

The multi-level design of these trees encourages climbing and exploration, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation, which are crucial for the well-being of these indoor cats.

Cat Trees For Ragdolls: Buyer’s Guide

Explore our detailed buyer’s guide tailored for Ragdoll Cat Trees.

In our guide, consider these essential features carefully:

  • Elevated Perch: a high spot for your Ragdoll to oversee their domain
  • Play Tunnel: perfect for engaging in playful hide-and-seek games
  • Cozy Basket Bed: ideal for a relaxing afternoon snooze
  • Scratching Posts: crucial for keeping your cat’s claws healthy
  • Private Condo/Cave: offers a secluded space for rest and privacy
  • Agility Ladder: encourages active play and agility
  • Comfortable Hammock
  • Solid Baseboard: ensures stability and safety for your Ragdoll’s well-being

With an appropriate cat tree, your Ragdoll will have a dedicated area for endless enjoyment, amusement, and relaxation.

Do Ragdolls Like Cat Trees?

Yes, Ragdolls typically enjoy cat trees, as these structures cater to several of their instincts and preferences. 

Known for their laid-back nature, Ragdolls particularly appreciate the elevated perches that cat trees offer, providing them a vantage point to observe their environment. 

These perches become their favored spots for lounging and overseeing household activities. 

Additionally, the scratching posts integrated into cat trees are essential for their claw health and offer a suitable outlet for their natural scratching behavior.

The design of cat trees often includes cozy nooks and crannies, which appeal to the Ragdoll’s love for comfort and relaxation. These areas provide a safe and snug space for them to retreat and nap. 

Also, the variety of textures and materials in cat trees stimulate their curiosity and provide sensory enrichment. 

While Ragdolls are not as active as some other breeds, the playful elements of a cat tree, like dangling toys or tunnels, can encourage light play and keep them engaged, contributing to their overall well-being.

Do Ragdoll Cats Need A Cat Tree?

A cat tree is a highly recommended accessory for Ragdoll cats, though not an absolute necessity. 

It serves multiple purposes that align with your Ragdoll’s needs. 

First, it provides a dedicated space for scratching, which is crucial for nail health and prevents them from scratching unwanted areas like furniture. 

Second, the vertical aspect of a cat tree encourages some degree of climbing and jumping, which is beneficial for their physical health. It helps to keep them active and maintain a healthy weight.

Moreover, cat trees with multiple levels and features like hammocks or condos allow Ragdolls to explore and play safely indoors. This is particularly important for indoor cats like Ragdolls, as it helps to prevent boredom and promotes mental stimulation

A cat tree also allows Ragdolls to have their own space in your home, which can be important for their sense of security and territorial behavior, especially in multi-pet households.

Do Ragdolls Like To Climb?

Ragdolls have a moderate interest in climbing. They are not as enthusiastic climbers as some cat breeds, but they enjoy the occasional ascent, especially if it leads to a comfortable perching spot. 

Cat trees with easy-to-navigate platforms and steps are ideal for Ragdolls, allowing them to climb without too much exertion. 

These gentle giants prefer stability and security in their climbing adventures, so a cat tree with a sturdy and reliable structure is essential.

While they may not seek out the highest points in a room like some cats, Ragdolls do enjoy the elevation that cat trees provide. This elevation satisfies their instinct to survey their surroundings from a safe and elevated location. 

It’s also a way for them to engage in mild physical activity, which is essential for their health. 

Therefore, cat trees with varied heights and secure platforms can significantly add to a Ragdoll’s environment.

Where Should Ragdolls Sleep?

Ragdolls should have a designated sleeping area that is comfortable, quiet, and safe. 

They often prefer soft, cushioned spots to stretch out and relax. A cat bed with adequate padding in a quiet corner of the house can be an ideal sleeping spot for a Ragdoll. 

Some Ragdolls may also sleep in a cat tree, especially if it has a spacious and comfy perch or hammock.

It’s not uncommon for Ragdolls to seek companionship and comfort by sleeping in the same room as their owners. They are sociable cats who enjoy being close to their human family members. 

Providing a warm blanket or a small bed in the bedroom can accommodate this preference. 

It’s crucial to ensure that their sleeping area is away from loud noises and high-traffic areas of the home to provide them with a sense of security and tranquility during their rest periods.

Benefits Of A Cat Tree For Ragdolls

You might not realize it, but a cat tree offers numerous benefits for your Ragdoll’s physical and mental well-being. These structures are more than just spots for lounging and sleeping.

Reduces Anti-Social Behavior

Expanding your Ragdoll’s living space with a cat tree can decrease aggression towards other pets. The additional levels and platforms provide them with their own territory, offering a sense of security and a place to unwind.

Promotes Good Health

Activities like leaping, jumping, or climbing on a cat tree help your Ragdoll maintain his muscle tone and overall physical fitness. Jumping down from elevated spots also hones their “righting reflex,” ensuring they land safely on their feet.

Enhances Nail Health

Using the scratching posts on a cat tree is beneficial for your Ragdoll’s claw maintenance, helping to keep them trimmed and sharp.

Provides Mental Stimulation

Cat trees often come with toys that mimic prey, sparking your Ragdoll’s hunting instincts. This provides essential mental engagement every time they interact with these moving elements.

Prevents Furniture Damage

Introducing a cat tree to your Ragdoll can save your furniture from unwanted scratching. It redirects their natural scratching behavior away from your carpets and sofas.

How to choose the Best Cat Tree For Ragdolls

Selecting the right cat tree for your large Ragdoll can be challenging, given the array of options tailored to your cat’s specific needs, such as a cat tree suitable for the size of a Ragdoll. Consider whether your Ragdoll is an avid jumper, highly playful, or more of a solitary type.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the ideal Cat Tree for Ragdolls:

1. Sturdy Base

The most crucial aspect is the stability of the cat tree. A heavy Ragdoll could easily topple a cat tree with a small base.

2. Robust Frame

Ragdolls prefer stable structures, so a cat tree made from heavier materials will provide the necessary stability.

3. Material Choice

Look for scratching posts made of sisal rope and platforms covered with soft fabric for your Ragdoll’s comfort.

4. Open Shelving

Consider if your Ragdoll enjoys lounging on high perches.

5. Enclosed Spaces

Some Ragdolls prefer the privacy of a spacious condo or cave for hiding.

6. Multiple Levels

Cat trees for Ragdolls vary in height based on the number of levels they have.

7. Placement

Ensure you can position the cat tree in an area where your Ragdoll can enjoy the view.

8. Size Considerations

The size of the cat tree should match the available space in your home.

9. Color Selection

Choose a color that complements both your home decor and your Ragdoll’s fur.

10. Interactive Toys

If your Ragdoll likes playing with toys like jingly balls, consider a cat tree with these features.

11. Hanging Basket

Some Ragdolls love snuggling in a soft basket bed.

12. Hammock

A hammock can offer a swinging sensation, adding a bit of challenge and fun.

13. Platform Count

For homes with multiple cats, a cat tree with several platforms provides each cat their own space.

14. Comfortable Beds

Plush perches or deep beds are great for Ragdolls that love soft resting areas.

15. Scratching Post Height

Ensure the scratching post is tall enough for your Ragdoll to fully stretch.

Other Cat Trees For Ragdolls We Reviewed

Still on the hunt for more cat trees suitable for Ragdolls? Check out this compilation of 5 high-quality cat trees that are perfect for Ragdoll cats.

QJM Modern Cat Tree For Large Cats

If you’re in the market for a sizable, contemporary cat tree, the QJM Modern Cat Tree is an excellent choice for Ragdolls.

This chic and tall Cat Tree provides a touch of luxury for your pampered Ragdolls. Designed to make your fuzzy friends feel like royalty, its castle-like, modern aesthetic includes two private bedrooms, offering solitary spaces for your cats.

Ideal for homes with several cats, the modern cat tree tower is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring the safety and comfort of your Ragdolls without sacrificing style.

QJM Modern Cat Tree For Large Cats Key Features:

  • A unique and luxurious design that fits well with modern home styles, serving as both a cat paradise and an attractive home ornament
  • Designed for stability and safety
  • Features a heavy-weight, thickened bottom plate and thicker-than-normal posts measuring 8.5cm in diameter
  • Made from high-density veneer board for durability 
  • Thickened natural sisal
  • Comfortable cushions ensure comfort for cats.
  • Castle-inspired design
  • Two houses provide resting spaces for cats
  • Includes all necessary tools and pieces for easy assembly, with pre-punched holes and an estimated installation time of 15-30 minutes, supported by instructions and videos.

Topeakmart Cat Tree 79” Multi-Level with 2 Condos

The Topeakmart Cat Tree 79” Multi-Level with 2 Condos secures its place as one of the top modern cat trees for Ragdolls. This multi-level cat tree comfortably accommodates 2 to 3 Ragdolls for simultaneous play.

Its three perches, two spacious condos, and several baskets ensure ample space, eliminating the need for your furry friends to compete for a spot.

Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, the Topeakmart Cat Tower is both non-toxic and skin-friendly, ensuring the safety and comfort of your pets.

Additionally, it features a large baseboard for stability to prevent tipping over, and offers the option to secure it to the wall for added safety.

Topeakmart Cat Tree 79” Multi-Level with 2 Condos Key Features:

  • Unique and luxurious castle design that fits well with modern home decor and is ideal for all seasons
  • Thickened bottom plate offers stability and safety with its heavy weight
  • Diameter of the posts is 3.3 inches (thicker than normal)
  • Constructed from high-quality materials:
    • Veneer board: high-density, smooth, sturdy
    • Thickened natural sisal
    • Comfortable cushions for deep sleep
  • Includes two houses/condos, providing interactive and resting spaces
  • Easy to assemble with all tools and pieces included, pre-punched holes for simplicity, and an estimated installation time of 15-30 minutes, with instructions and videos for guidance

FEANDREA 67 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree For Large Cats

The FEANDREA 67 Inches Multi Level Cat Tree could be the perfect solution to prevent your Ragdoll from scratching your furniture. 

This cat tree will undoubtedly appeal to your fuzzy friends as it serves as a comprehensive playground and a cozy spot for sleep and rest.

The FEANDREA 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree has roomy condos for sleeping. 

Additionally, it features plush perches that provide a comfortable spot for your Ragdoll to sit and gaze out the window.

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Moreover, the Cat Tree For Ragdoll is built with durable and pet-friendly materials. It also includes anti-toppling fittings for enhanced stability and durability.

FEANDREA 67 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree For Large Cats Key Features:

  • Offers exclusive luxury for cats with a cozy home to play, nap, or jump around
  • Features 2 roomy condos for napping, 3 plush perches with raised edges for resting, and a sisal-covered slope for added playtime fun
  • Constructed with particleboard and reinforced with battens at the bottom for stability
  • Anti-toppling fittings for double security
  • Includes sisal-covered scratching posts, reinforced and wrapped with natural sisal rope for nail scratching and promoting exercise

New Cat Condos Cat Tree

The New Cat Condos carpeted solid wood Cat Tree Tower is receiving high praise for its multi-level perches, which are a hit with Ragdolls.

Featuring a plush, household-grade carpet covering, the New Cat Condos large Cat Tower seamlessly integrates with home décor. 

Its extra-wide baseboard offers peace of mind, ensuring your furry friends stay safe while enjoying the New Cat Condos spiral Cat Tree.

This impressive cat condo tower is exceptionally sturdy and can comfortably support several large cats simultaneously.

New Cat Condos Cat Tree Key Features:

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Easy assembly in 4-5 minutes with no tools required
  • Made from solid wood and plush household-grade carpet
  • Features 3 comfortable perches
  • Product dimensions: 24″L x 20″W x 61″H
  • Carpet colors, shades, and textures may vary

OTLIVE Newly Designed Cat Tree Condo With Widened Perch 51”

The OTLIVE Newly Designed Cat Tree Condo with Widened Perch 51” is an excellent option for Ragdolls who enjoy climbing and leaping. 

It features generously sized perches, each measuring 15 inches in diameter.

The condos are now bigger to provide more space. They can comfortably accommodate two large cats in a single room.

For added safety and longevity, this Cat Tree For Ragdoll has a large and thick base, enhancing stability and durability.

OTLIVE Newly Designed Cat Tree Condo With Widened Perch 51” Key Features:

  • This new design includes an enlarged top platform size from 35cm to 40cm
  • Accommodating adult cats
  • Perches are covered with cotton padding for comfort
  • Suitable for 2-4 adult cats
  • Second floor features an embedded cat scratch plate
  • Additional resting condo on the third floor platform
  • Designed for easier climbing, with a path layout that is cat-friendly 
  • Scratching post covered with natural sisal, providing a healthier option for nail care and preventing cats from damaging household items like carpets and furniture