32 Best Cat Tree For Maine Coon: 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

Cats are natural predators and this is why they love being perched on top of trees to observe. But cats can also be prey for other animals so staying on top of trees gives them a sense of comfort and safety.

As a cat lover, I want to create a natural habitat for my cat. But since that is not 100% possible, the best option I have is to place cat trees for Maine Coon cats around my home.

Cat trees are available in different variations. To help you decide what suits your space and the instinctual needs of your feline friends, I have reviewed and tested the Best Cat Tree for Maine Coon cats.

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VocalCat’s PickProductRating
Best Overall – Top PickPrestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat House4.3
Runner UpPrestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat Tower4.3
Best BudgetPrestige Maine Coon Cat Tree4.3
Best Scratching Post For Maine CoonMau Lifestyle Cat Tree 73”4.7
Best Cat Tower For Maine CoonNew Cat Condos Cat Tree4.6
*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and may change

Our Top Pick: Prestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat House

Our top pick and the winning choice is the Prestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat House. Due to its large size, the Prestige Cat Trees 130014-Neutral Main Coon Cat House Cat Tree is big enough for multiple large cats to hang out and enjoy the view from different angles. 

This Maine Coon cat tree is also made with durable wood so it doesn’t wobble even during playtime. Another thing we love is that it’s so easy to assemble. 

Prestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat House Key Features:

  • Product dimensions are suitable for large Maine Coon cats
  • Made from solid wood for durability
  • Each platform is topped with plush and household-grade carpet

What customers are saying:


✅ Sturdy

✅ Great for homes with large multiple cats

✅ Easy to assemble

✅ Comes with multiple platforms

✅ Post is covered with unoiled sisal rope for extra strength

✅ Fast delivery


❌ Some customers say the Prestige Cat Trees has a slight brand new odor

Runner Up Pick: Prestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat Tower

Our runner-up is the Prestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat Tower. My cousin attests to this product because her 4 Maine Coons fit perfectly into it and they all seemed happy with their cat tower for Maine Coon. 

Do you have overweight Maine Coons? No problem because this best Maine Coon cat tree is constructed with heavy-duty materials that won’t topple easily. 

Prestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat Tower Key Features:

  • Easy to put together
  • The carpet covering on each perch is soft and does not shed easily
  • Made with large perches

What customers are saying:


✅ Large perch diameter

✅ Can accommodate obese cats

✅ Made with solid wood for toughness

✅ Elongated scratch post is covered with sisal rope

✅ Well-balanced base

✅ Made in USA


❌ Comes in limited color choices

Best Budget Pick: Prestige Maine Coon Cat Tree

The best choice for budget-conscious cat parents is the Prestige Maine Coon Cat Tree. In addition to its affordable price range, the quality of the cat tree is uncompromised.

The cat tree Maine Coon comes with multiple layers of platforms. This allows cats to choose whether to relax and enjoy the view from the ground or a higher vantage point. 

Prestige Maine Coon Cat Tree Key Features:

  • The carpet covering of each perch is made with a soft household carpet
  • Can withstand the weight of multiple Maine Coons
  • Can also be used as a scratch post

What customers are saying:


✅ Affordable

✅ Made with good-quality wood

✅ Multiple perches

✅ Post is constructed with unsoiled ⅜ “ thick sisal rope for extra strength

✅ Not wobbly

✅ Carpet is thick enough to stand the test of time


❌ Some customers found the cat tree to be heavy

Best Scratching Post For Maine Coon: Mau Lifestyle Cat Tree 73”

The Mau Lifestyle Cat Tower 73” is the best cat scratching tree for large cats. This is a large cat tree scratching post that’s perfect for cats weighing 17 pounds or above.

Each platform of this scratching tree for large cats is covered with machine-washable fabric. The 73” large cat scratching tree post is also wrapped in high-grade materials. 

Mau Lifestyle Cat Tree 73” Key Features:

  • Great for multiple cat scratch tree for large cats
  • The four perches of this large cat scratching post tree are made from hand-crafted wicker baskets
  • Each perch can accommodate an 18-pound cat

What customers are saying:


✅ Can order replacement perch basket

✅ Comes with a 1-year guarantee

✅ Large perch baskets

✅ Multi-level

✅ Comes with a hanging toy ball


❌ Top basket can shake when Maine Coons jump into it, but it didn’t stop them from sleeping in it

Best Cat Tower For Maine Coon: New Cat Condos Cat Tree

The New Cat Condos Cat Tree is perfect for anyone of you who owns 2 cats or more. What’s great about the New Cat Condos Cat Playhouse is that it is a multi-level cat condo that allows your Maine Coons to jump around and satisfy their predator instincts. 

The New Cat Condos Spiral Cat Tree is constructed with heavy-duty materials. The New Cat Condos Cat Play Tree is supported by sturdy frames which prevents it from collapsing.

New Cat Condos Cat Tree Key Features:

  • Post can be used as scratch post to grind their nails 
  • Enough space for multiple Maine Coons to lounge 

What customers are saying:


✅ Made with quality material

✅ Longer lasting

✅ Satisfies your Maine Coon’s climbing instinct

✅ Large perches for sleeping

✅ Has a ground-level lounger


❌ Carpeting is a bit thin

❌ Cat tree is heavy but this helps create stability

Best Cat Tree For Maine Coons: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Maine Coon Cat Tree?

Cat Tree For A Maine Coon
Cat Tower For Maine Coons

A Maine Coon Cat Tree is a climbing structure big enough to accommodate a large feline. It varies in height and design and is often made from wooden planks held by posts. 

The posts are typically covered with an abrasive material, like sisal rope, from which a cat can scratch their paws.

What is a Maine Coon Cat Tower?

A Maine Coon Cat Tower or Maine Coon lounge cat tree is an enclosed tubular or cube-like structure with 2 to 3 openings where the cat can enter or jump onto. It can have several levels inside depending on how high the structure is. 

It offers more privacy for a cat that prefers enclosed spaces. It can also be incorporated into a larger cat tree.

Cat Trees For Maine Coons: Buyer’s Guide

Dive into our comprehensive buyer’s guide for Maine Coon Cat Trees.

As you navigate through our guide, pay close attention to critical features like the following:

  • Perch: an elevated platform for your kitty to survey their kingdom
  • Tunnel: for those playful hide-and-seek moments
  • Basket bed: for a cozy afternoon nap
  • Scratching posts: an essential for maintaining your cat’s claws
  • Condo/cave: for the much-needed privacy and retreat
  • Ladder: promoting agility and play
  • Hammock
  • Sturdy baseboard: providing essential stability for your Maine Coon’s safety

With the right cat tree, your Maine Coon can enjoy a space that’s all its own, filled with endless fun, entertainment, and comfort.

Cat Tree Components
Cat Tree Buying Guide

Do Maine Coons need cat trees?

Yes, Maine Coons, especially those that are always kept inside the house should be provided with sturdy cat trees big enough for Maine Coon cats. This is to give them an opportunity to act on their climbing and scratching instincts. 

Do Maine Coon cats climb trees?

Yes, Maine Coons originated from the rugged wilderness of the northeastern United States and are known to be pretty adept at climbing trees.

Are Maine Coons good at climbing?

Yes, Maine Coons have muscular hind legs and can jump as high as 7 to 8 feet.

Why do Maine Coons need cat trees? 

Many Maine Coon owners prefer to keep their cats indoors to keep them safe from danger. It is for this reason that your Maine Coon would need an outlet to which they can satisfy their physical and mental needs. 

Here are some reasons why providing your Maine Coon with a Maine Coon cat furniture tree is a great idea:

Vertical Space

Cats, in general, are both predators and prey and they instinctively gravitate to a high place to feel secure. This gives them a good vantage point from which they can observe their prey and at the same time gives them a safe place from potential predators.


Your Maine Coon would probably spend most of their time napping and lounging. A sturdy cat tree would provide them with a good place to stretch and, in turn, improve blood circulation and flexibility.

Spreading the scent

Rubbing their cheeks or scratching their nails on a cat tree post would leave behind a scent that marks their territory. It makes them feel comfortable around that space by establishing their presence.

Good resting or hiding spot

Just like any other cats, Maine Coons need a place where they feel safe and secure. Having a secure spot or a hiding place reduces their stress.

Benefits Of A Cat Tree for Maine Coons

Cat Trees Wall Mounted
Find The Perfect Wall-Mounted Cat Trees For Your Home

You may not know it, but a simple cat tree provides a lot of function for your Maine Coon’s physical and mental health. These are not just places where they can hang out and sleep. 

Reduces anti-social behavior

Increasing your Maine Coon’s livable area reduces aggression with other cats or pets. Access to additional shelving units, which a Cat Tree can provide, gives them a sense of security and space to decompress. 

Promotes good health

By leaping, jumping, or climbing on a Cat Tree, your Maine Coon would tone their bodies and improve their overall physical health. Leaping down from a high place also balances their “righting reflex” which allows them to land on their paws properly.

Promotes nail health

Scratching at the post helps to trim a Maine Coon’s claws and keeps it sharp.  

Provides mental stimulation

Cat trees frequently have dangling toys that in some way resemble prey. Every time they spot a little moving thing, their hunting instincts are triggered.

Avoids furniture damage

Providing your Maine Coon with a Cat Tree lessens the chance of them scratching your favorite carpet or sofa.

How to choose the Best Cat Trees For Maine Coons

How to choose a cat tree for your large Maine Coon can be a difficult task. Many choices can fit your cat’s particular preferences such as a Maine Coon size cat tree. Is your Maine Coon a big jumper or is it overly playful or more independent? 

Here are some tips to guide you in finding the right Cat Tree For Maine Coons:

1. Wide Base or Enlarged Base Board 

The stability of the structure is the most important thing to consider. An 18-pound Maine Coon can easily knock over a cat tree with a narrow base.

2. Heavy Frame

Cats don’t like sitting in a wobbly structure, so choosing one made from heavy materials will ensure added stability.

3. Material

Scratching posts made from sisal rope and soft fabrics for the platforms are things to consider for your Maine Coon Cat Tree Tower.

4. Open Shelving

Does your Maine Coon loves to sleep on a high perch?

5. Enclosed Shelves or Roomy Condo/Cave

Does your Maine Coon prefer hiding or burrowing in a roomy space?

6. Levels

Cat Trees For Maine Coon Cats can come in different heights depending on the number of levels. 

7. Location

Can you place the cat tree in a suitable place where your Maine Coon can enjoy the scenery?

8. Size

The availability of space in your room determines the size of the Maine Coon cat tree. 

9. Color

Choose a color that will suit your home, as well as, your Maine Coon’s fur color.

10. Dangling Toys

Does your Maine Coon enjoy playing with interactive jingly balls?

11. Hanging Basket

Does your cat enjoy being wrapped in a soft cushion or basket bed?

12. Hammock

Some cats love the feeling of swinging which provides some challenge to a feeling of stability.

13. Number of platforms

If you have multiple cats, having several layers of platforms/layouts will provide a safe space for each cat for climbing up and down. 

14. Deep beds or Plush Perches

Does your cat love the feeling of plush material while resting?

15. Scratch Post Size

Is the scratch post high enough for your Maine Coon to stretch?

So, do you need a very tall Cat Tree for your Maine Coon?

Providing your Maine Coon with a very tall or massive Cat Tree is not necessary. As long as their instincts of perching, hiding, and scratching are met, a simple but sturdy Maine Coon cat tree tower is enough to satisfy those needs.

Other Maine Coon Cat Trees We Reviewed

Still looking for more Maine Coon cat trees for sale? Here’s a list of 27 cat tree for Maine Coon cats that are also of good quality.

Best Modern Cat Tree for Maine Coon

QJM Modern Cat Tree For Large Cats

If you fancy a large modern cat tree for cats, you’d never go wrong with the QJM Modern Cat Tree for Maine Coons

This tall modern Cat Tree offers luxury for your spoiled Maine Coons. Let your cat feel like royalty, with its castle-cat tree modern design, this cat tree modern wood comes with 2 bedrooms so cats can be by themselves.

The modern cat tree tower is suitable for households with multiple cats. The high-quality materials of these modern cat trees for large cats will not compromise the safety of Maine Coons. 

QJM Modern Cat Tree For Large Cats Key Features:

  • Castle design of this modern tall cat tree adds aesthetic value to any room 
  • Modern cat tree wood posts are 8.5 cm in diameter
  • Sturdy wood modern cat tree design

What customers are saying:


✅ Best modern cat trees only take an average of 15 to 30 minutes to assemble

✅ Can accommodate multiple cats

✅ Thick bottom plate for balance

✅ Made with high-density veneer board

✅ Post is made with a thick and high-quality sisal

✅ Appealing cat tree


❌ Can be quite heavy for some

Topeakmart Cat Tree 79” Multi-Level with 2 Condos

The Topeakmart Cat Tree 79” Multi-Level with 2 Condos wins the spot for one of the best modern cat trees for Maine Coons. It’s a multilevel cat tree that allows 2 to 3 Maine Coons to play at the same time. 

Thanks to its 3 perches, 2 roomy condos, and multiple baskets, your fuzzy friends no longer need to fight for space. 

The Topeakmart Cat Tower is made of quality and eco-friendly materials. You’d be happy to know that all construction materials are non-toxic and skin-friendly. 

It also comes with a big baseboard to avoid getting toppled. And, for extra stability, you have an option to attach it to your wall. 

Topeakmart Cat Tree 79” Multi-Level with 2 Condos Key Features:

  • Skin-friendly plush covering
  • Made with non-toxic CARB P2-compliant particleboard
  • Multi-level design to satisfy cat’s climbing instinct
  • Features 9 scratching posts
  • Offers a dangling sisal rope for extra fun
  • 2 roomy and fluffy condos

What customers are saying:


✅ Perfect for homes with multiple cats

✅ Big baseboard ensures cat tree is sturdy

✅ Sisal rope can withstand daily scratching


❌ Only comes in 2 colors

Large Cat Tree For Maine Coon

Large Cat Trees for Maine Coon Cats are made with an enlarged baseboard to prevent the large Cat Tree Maine Coon from tipping over and wobbling.

Below is a list of some of the best large Cat Trees for Maine Coons.

FEANDREA 67 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree For Large Cats

The FEANDREA 67 Inches Multi Level Cat Tree can be solution to stop your cat from scratching your furniture. Your cat will surely be delighted with the FEANDREA 67 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree because it is an all-in-one playground and sleep/resting place.

First, the FEANDREA 67” Multi Level Cat Tree comes with spacious condos to sleep. Second, the FEANDREA 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree has plush perches to comfortably sit on while watching the window.

Third, this product is constructed with pet-friendly and durable materials. It comes with anti-toppling fittings as added durability feature. 

FEANDREA 67 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree For Large Cats Key Features:

  • Made with carb-certified particleboard for strength and durability 
  • Scratch posts are covered with sisal ropes 
  • Provides multiple plush perches to climb, scratch, sightseeing, and rest
  • Roomy condos
  • Comes with anti-toppling fittings

What customers are saying:


✅ Long lasting

✅ Easy to build and assemble

✅ Skin-friendly and plush covering

✅ Thick scratch post


❌ Some reported that the design may not be best for senior cats

New Cat Condos Cat Tree

The New Cat Condos carpeted solid wood Cat Tree Tower has been getting rave reviews due to its multi-level perches that Maine Coons adore. 

The New Cat Condos large Cat Tower plush household-grade carpet covering blends well in home décor. Then the extra-wide baseboard will give you a sense of security knowing that your fur babies won’t meet any accidents while on this New Cat Condos spiral Cat Tree.

This amazing cat condo tower is very sturdy and is capable of accommodating multiple large cats all at once. 

New Cat Condos Cat Tree Key Features:

  • Heavy duty baseboard
  • Made with real wood
  • Made with spacious and soft perches

What customers are saying:


✅ Assembly time takes only an average of 4 minutes

✅ Very sturdy

✅ Good height to satisfy cat’s climbing instinct

✅ Good for homes with multiple cats

✅ Scratch post is covered with unoiled sisal rope

✅ Perches are wrapped with home-grade plush carpet


❌ Some cat owners reported the carpet tends to shred

OTLIVE Newly Designed Cat Tree Condo With Widened Perch 51”

The OTLIVE Newly Designed Cat Tree Condo with Widened Perch 51” is a great choice for Maine Coons who are fond of climbing and jumping. It boasts large perches with a size of 15 inches in diameter. 

The spacious condos are now made bigger. These can allow 2 large cats to share a room.

And what can be safer than a large and thick base to ensure stability and durability? 

OTLIVE Newly Designed Cat Tree Condo With Widened Perch 51” Key Features:

  • Can accommodate multiple adult cats
  • Large perch diameter
  • The second floor comes with an embedded scratchboard

What customers are saying:


✅ Good height for endless climbing

✅ All-in-one playground for multiple cats

✅ Durable structure

✅ Covered with cotton padding for comfortable rest

✅ Larger condo rooms

✅ Simple path design to prevent cats from falling


❌ A customer reported the top perch came with a missing bolt but this was easily solved with great customer service

Hey-Brother Cat Tree Multi-Level With 2 Condos & Basket

Earning a high score for easy set-up, size, and value for money, the Hey-Brother Cat Tree Multi-Level with 2 Condos & Basket got a 2-thumbs-up from us. 

This Maine Coon cat tree tower has 2 roomy condos for curling up, a perch hammock, a couple of dangling toys, and multi-level perches. 

Made from engineered wood, you can expect this cat tower to last long in spite of daily climbing and running around. 

Hey-Brother Cat Tree Multi-Level With 2 Condos & Basket Key Features:

  • Made with CARB-certified particle boards for durability
  • Included in the package are anti-toppling fittings for added security 

What customers are saying:


✅ Simple setup

✅ Plush hammock and large platforms

✅ Sturdy construction

✅ Materials are easy to clean

✅ Comes with multiple scratch posts


❌ The sisal rope can shred a little after continuous scratching

FEANDREA Multi Level Cat Tree With Condo

Do you have many cats at home? Then the FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree with Condo is the perfect choice for you and your fuzzy friends. 

It is large and has multiple perches, plus a hammock for some swinging action. This is a Maine Coon cat tree house that offers endless fun and action. 

And the construction materials are top-notch. Made with heavy-duty particleboard, this cat tree, no doubt, can endure all forms of scratching, jumping, and rough play.

Be it endless scratching of the tree post covered with sisal rope, or jumping and running around, the sturdy base just won’t give up. 

FEANDREA Multi Level Cat Tree With Condo Key Features:

  • Comes with 2 perches covered with soft carpet
  • Has a stable hammock 
  • 2 pompoms so there’s no cat fight

What customers are saying:


✅ Good for climbing

✅ Good for window watching

✅ A fun playground for multiple cats

✅ Very durable


❌ Limited color options

FEANDREA Cat Condo With 2 Caves & Large Perch

If you’re looking for compact Maine Coon cat furniture, then I’d like to introduce you to the FEANDREA Cat Condo with 2 caves and a large perch

With just a few pieces and hardware to attach, it will only take you a few minutes to assemble it. The 2 condos are spacious enough for Maine Coons to stretch out and rest easy. 

It has a padded top perch that allows cats to satisfy their natural curiosity by looking out the windows. Plus, the materials can be cleaned by a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner. 

FEANDREA Cat Condo With 2 Caves & Large Perch Key Features:

  • Wide top perch
  • Two (2) cat caves/condos is easy-to-get-in and out
  • Upper cat cave includes 2 door openings providing a wide view

What customers are saying:


✅ Has a scratching post to sharpen nails

✅ Made with sturdy particleboard

✅ Great for older cats who have limitations jumping in high trees

✅ Thick scratching posts

✅ Easy maintenance


❌ May only be good for a maximum of 2 large cats at a time

Extra Large Cat Tree For Maine Coon

CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tree

The CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tree is the perfect option for anyone who has multiple Maine Coons.

This extra large cat tree has 2 large upper condos, a hammock, and a top perch. We were impressed with the design and its tough construction.

It also comes with 12 sisal scratch posts which is best to prevent fighting among cats. Plus, these cat trees for extra large cats are very easy to clean.

CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tree Key Features:

  • Durable 
  • Also has a ladder for extra fun 

What customers are saying:


✅ Has a high circular platform for bird-watching

✅ Ideal for large breeds

✅ Easy-to-follow instruction materials

✅ Tools included


❌ Can be quite heavy

Hey-Brother XL Size Cat Tree

Hey Brother XL Cat Tree is the perfect amusement center for your Maine Coon. It has 3 spacious condos, several perches wrapped in soft carpet, and a hammock.

Assembly is fairly easy and takes less than an hour to put everything together. 

Overall, this cat tree is attractive with so much space for cats to stretch, relax, and rest. 

Hey-Brother XL Size Cat Tree Key Features:

  • Enlarged baseboard prevents wobbling 
  • Can accommodate up to 5 cats

What customers are saying:


✅ Can order Hey Brother Cat Tree replacement parts

✅ Sturdy

✅ Has scratching post

✅ Good for climbing


❌ Due to the large size, it may take some owners more than an hour to assemble

Heybly Cat Tree for Large Cats 73”

The Heybly Cat Tree for Large Cats 73” is constructed to meet the climbing instincts of Maine Coons. 

It has 3 spacious platforms and scratching posts on a reinforced base to prevent wobbling. It also comes with anti-toppling devices for a safe play environment.

The cover is made with soft fabric that is strong enough to resist damage from scratches. 

Heybly Cat Tree for Large Cats 73” Key Features:

  • 3 spacious well-padded plush perch
  • Multi-level cat condo and tree
  • 2 large cat condos with 2 door openings each
  • Reinforced cat climbing frame base
  • Made with premium grade particle board
  • Scratching post is wrapped with sisal rope
  • Includes anti-toppling devices
  • Suits the climbing habits of cats
  • 1 springboard to help Maine Coons climb up and down
  • Spacious hanging basket
  • Large hammock

What customers are saying:


✅ Stable in spite of tall height

✅ Multi-level

✅ 2 large condos for sleeping

✅ Includes hanging basket for lounging


❌ Some customers said the bottom plate forms could be bigger

Cat Tree With Hammock For Large Cats

Imusee 68 Inches Multi-Level Large Cat Tree

If you’re looking for a Cat Tree For Large Cats with Hammock, look no further than the Imusee 68 Inches Multi-Level Large Cat Tree. This is one of the cat towers for Maine Coon Cats that we can’t stop talking about.

That’s because the Imusee Cat Tree is a spacious cat tree large enough to fit 3 to 5 cats for a total of 44 pounds.

The Imusee Cat Tree has 6 different levels with multiple climbing routes. It features 2 cat condos with circular windows, 3 padded plush perches, and 2 lounging baskets for relaxation.

It is available in 3 different colors that fits well in any room. The structure can also be attached to the wall with a safety strip for additional support.

Imusee 68 Inches Multi-Level Large Cat Tree Key Features:

  • High-density construction
  • Superior durability
  • 24×20″ big baseboard to ensure stability 
  • CARB-certified P2 Grade Particle Board for a stable structure
  • Soft flannel fabric covering
  • Scratching posts are coiled with natural and sturdy sisal rope
  • Strip is included to attach to wall to prevent tipping over and wobbling
  • Includes 3 furry balls to keep your Maine Coons entertained
  • 3 padded plush perches for lounging, rest, or sleep
  • Can up to 44 pounds

What customers are saying:


✅ Very durable

✅ Easy to assemble

✅ Sturdy due to big baseboard

✅ Wide base to avoid tipping over or wobbling

✅ Cat tree is quite tall which allows Maine Coons to lay on the perch and look out the window

✅ Reasonable price


❌ Cat tree can be heavy for some

❌ Some customers wish there were more scratching posts and more sisal rope for the posts

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Post

Another large cat tree we can’t stop raving about is the BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Post

The BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo stands at 62.2 inches tall and can accommodate up to 2 to 3 cats at a time. 

The strong baseboard, well balanced design, and super solid construction ensures that your Maine Coon will be safe when they leap on and off the cat tree.

For additional support, the large cat tree comes with a wall anchor strap. This helps provide extra stability especially when there are multiple cats using it.

BEWISHOME Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo has 2 large platforms with raised edges and 2 spacious condos. Each Bewishome Cat Condo also has a small circular window. The lower condo contains two doors. 

Best of all, there is a nice, cozy hammock in the middle to cradle your Maine Coon kitties.

The BEWISHOME Cat Tree is covered with a soft, plush material giving your Maine Coons a comfortable area to lounge. Adequate scratching posts with sisal rope are also provided where your cats can stretch and trim their claws.

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Post Key Features:

  • 3 cushioned and large perches
  • 2 spacious condos: 1 large at the bottom with 2 doors, 1 smaller condo at the top with 1 door
  • Each condo includes a circular window
  • Sisal scratching posts all throughout cat tree
  • 1 cozy hammock for lounging or sleeping
  • 3 interactive jingly balls
  • Multiple levels allow Maine Coons to climb up and down
  • Comes in 3 different colors (smokey grey, light grey, and beige) to fit in any room
  • Plush fabric covering
  • CARB P2 grade environmental board for stability

What customers are saying:


✅ Large baseboard creates stability when cats leap on and off the cat tree

✅ Easy to assemble and put up

✅ Nice selection of colors that fits in any room

✅ The perch at the top of the cat tree allows their Maine Coon cats to look out the window


❌ Hammock can only accommodate one Maine Coon at a time

FEANDREA Cat Tree with Hammock & Scratching Posts

If you’re looking for a multi-level cat tree that includes a condo, a cozy hammock, and several scratching posts with quality natural sisal, check out the FEANDREA Cat Tree with Hammock & Scratching Posts

This cat tower for Maine Coon is very tall, standing at 54.3 inches in height. 

Specifically made for Maine Coons and other large cat breeds, your fuzzy friends will enjoy endless hours of climbing and lounging.

As we can see, this modern cat tree is perfect if you have a multiple-cat household. It has 2 padded perches where your cats can look out the window and have a good view of the ground below.

The whole structure is sturdy and stable which can accommodate as much as 4 cats safely or a total of 88 pounds.

FEANDREA Cat Tree with Hammock & Scratching Posts Key Features:

  • Equipped with 13 scratching posts and 1 scratching ramp
  • Cushions and hammock are made of 500 g/m² plush – softer and fluffier than common plush
  • Veneered particleboard
  • Large, reinforced base for stability
  • Cat tower is scratch and wear resistant 
  • Anti-slip pads on the bottom
  • Comes with an anti-tip kit

What customers are saying:


✅ Easy to assemble and set up

✅ Attachable to wall for stability

✅ Cushion and smooth veneered surface are all easy to clean

✅ Cat tree has a greige finish which goes well in any room

✅ Quite tall at 54.3” in height


❌ Some customers said assembly can take longer

❌ Sisal rope doesn’t cover the entire post

Made4Pets Cat Tree For Maine Coon with Hammock

If you’re looking for a multi-level tall cat tree, you’ll want the Made4Pets Cat Tree For Maine Coon with Hammock. With a height of 65.6 inches tall, the Made4Pets Cat Tree has different levels of perches. This means endless climbing, jumping, and resting.

The Made4Pets Modern Cat Tree is made of wood, making it very sturdy for multiple cats to use at the same time. 

We recommend this cat tree for Maine Coon because it is stable and provides plenty of activities. There’s a flurry ball and a rope that will keep your gentle giant entertained for hours.

Plus, there’s also a cozy cat-shaped door condo and a hammock or basket for resting and sleeping after a fun day of play and exercise. 

Made4Pets Cat Tree For Maine Coon with Hammock Key Features:

  • Aesthetically appealing 
  • Wood cat tree that’s functional and fun
  • Tall height at 65.6 inches
  • Great for large cat breeds like Maine Coons
  • Detachable soft cushion padding for easy cleaning 
  • Comes with security strap to fasten it to the wall
  • Cozy condo with cat-shaped door
  • Includes hanging furry ball and rope 
  • Comfortable hammock/basket for lounging or relaxing
  • Scratching posts promotes good nail health in Maine Coons

What customers are saying:


✅ Modern design allows the Made4Pets Cat Tree to fit in any room

✅ Stable and sturdy

✅ Hammock/basket is available

✅ Easy to assemble and instruction manual comes with images

✅ Multi-cat households love this cat tree because it is sturdy even when there’s 2 more more cats on it


❌ Cat tree can wobble just a little bit if it isn’t assembled correctly

Hey-Brother Cat Tree Multi-Level Condo With Hammock

If you want to give your Maine Coons a fun cat tree, check out the Hey-Brother Cat Tree Multi-Level Condo With Hammock. This cat tower will keep your fuzzy friends entertained for hours! 

Here’s why: 

The Hey-Brother Cat Tree has a multi-layer design that can meet the climbing and perching instinct of cats.

It comes with 2 cozy condos (each with a door), a hammock, and multiple platforms. One of the condos even has a circular window. 

There’s also 2 large perches at the top of the cat tree, each with an internal extra-thick mat. This allows your fluffy friends to sit and look out the window all day (or night). 

Best of all, it comes with 2 jingly furry balls, a rope, and natural sisal rope to allow nail scratching and exercising. 

So if you’re a multi-cat household and want to keep them entertained all day while also satisfying their instincts, don’t miss out on this cat tree. 

Hey-Brother Cat Tree Multi-Level Condo With Hammock Key Features:

  • Multi-layer structural design to keep your cats active and entertained all day
  • 2 large plush perches 
  • 2 jingly furry balls
  • 2 cozy condos with doors
  • Top condo features a circular window
  • CARB-certified natural particle boards to ensure sturdy baseboard
  • Scratching posts with thick sisal rope all throughout the cat tree
  • 1 study hammock for relaxing and napping
  • Made with engineered wood 
  • Comes in various colors (light gray, pewter, smoky gray, beige)

What customers are saying:


✅ The 2 hanging toy balls keep their Maine Coons entertained all day

✅ Skin-safe fabric

✅ Cat tree can be wall-mounted for additional safety measure

✅ Very durable

✅ Does not wobble

✅ The high quality material is easy to clean

✅ Perfect for cats of all ages

✅ Modern design allows it to fit in any room


❌ Some customers said it was a bit difficult to assemble and put together, but when it was completed, it came out great

Hey Brother Cat Tree With Hammock & Scratching Post

The Hey Brother Cat Tree with Hammock & Scratching Post is an absolute game-changer for Maine Coon owners. I’ve got one for my fluffy feline friends, and they simply can’t get enough of it.

The first thing you’ll notice is the step-like jump multi-layer structure, which is just perfect for our large, active Maine Coons. They can scratch, climb, sleep, and exercise to their heart’s content.

This isn’t just a cat tree. It’s a full-fledged cat playground with a roomy condo (that has a circular window), a cozy basket, a soft-padded hammock for relaxation, and two large top platforms that are extra plush for ultimate lounging comfort. It even has fun, interactive jingly balls and sisal twine scratching posts!

The top perch has thick padding, making it an irresistible napping spot or a spot to look out the window. Plus, it’s wrapped in ultra-soft plush that your cat will never want to leave.

And for our meticulous groomers, there’s natural sisal rope wrapped around the posts for scratching and exercising, satisfying your cat’s natural instincts.

What’s more, this Cat Tree Condo is also incredibly easy to clean.

RECOMMENDED: How To Clean A Cat Tree (10 Easy Steps)

One of the best parts about the Hey-brother Cat Tree is its stability. I’ve always been a bit nervous about cat trees tipping over, but this one includes anti-toppling fittings for double security.

The whole structure is also reinforced with battens at the bottom for extra stability. It’s made from CARB-certified natural particle boards that are strong and sturdy, just like our Maine Coons.

And don’t worry about setting it up – it comes with detailed instructions for quick and easy installation. Trust me, investing in this cat tree is like getting your Maine Coon their very own castle!

Hey Brother Cat Tree With Hammock & Scratching Post Key Features:

  • Step-like jump multi-layer structure for climbing and exercising
  • Roomy condo and cozy basket for napping
  • Two plush top platforms for lounging
  • 2 Interactive jingly balls
  • Natural sisal rope wrapped scratching posts
  • High stability with anti-toppling fittings and reinforced structure
  • Wide baseboard for stability
  • Constructed with engineered wood

What customers are saying:


✅ Plush perches are a hit for naps

✅ Impressive durability, definitely worth the investment

✅ Sturdy and spacious – perfect for all Maine Coons

✅ Maine Coons and other large cat breeds adore the fun, interactive toys

✅ Easy to assemble – up and ready in no time


❌ Limited color options

❌ Assembly took a bit of time, but it was worth the effort

Hey-Brother Cat Tree With Basket & Condo

As a Maine Coon owner myself, I’m always on the hunt for cat furniture that can handle their size and activity levels.

That’s why I’m absolutely smitten with the Hey-Brother Cat Tree With Basket & Condo. This isn’t your average cat tree – it’s a veritable feline paradise!

It’s sturdy and stable, with an enlarged baseboard to avoid any wobbles or tipping over, making it perfect for our large, lively Maine Coons. It even comes with anti-toppling fittings for double security, so you can rest easy knowing your cat is safe.

The Hey-Brother Cat Tree with basket lounger also features multiple reinforced scratching posts wrapped in natural sisal ropes. This is a dream come true for any cat who loves to scratch and stretch. Plus, it’s a lifesaver for your furniture.

Moreover, this multi-level cat tree offers plenty of entertainment options. It features a roomy condo with 2 doors for luxurious napping, three large plush perches with raised edges for added safety, and interactive jingly balls for playful pouncing.

The sisal-covered slope even adds an extra element of fun for adventurous climbers!

Other standout features are the basket lounger and the hammock. They’re cozy and comfortable and the perfect spots for Maine Coons to curl up and relax. I know my cats can’t resist the allure of lounging in the basket and surveying their domain.

Best of all, assembly is a breeze, with all the hardware, tools, and detailed instructions provided. The Hey-Brother Cat Tree with Baskets is the perfect addition to any Maine Coon household – why not treat your fur babies today?

Hey-Brother Cat Tree With Basket & Condo Key Features:

  • Sturdy and stable design with an enlarged baseboard
  • Multiple sisal-covered scratching posts
  • Roomy condo with 2 doors for napping
  • Three plush perches with raised edges
  • 3 interactive jingly balls for play
  • Sisal-covered slope for extra fun
  • Easy to assemble with provided tools and instructions
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

What customers are saying:


✅ Sturdy tower, perfect for my active Maine Coons

✅ Assembly was straightforward, instructions were clear

✅ Scratching posts saved my furniture

✅ Cats love the comfy, roomy condo

✅ Basket and perches are cat-approved!

✅ Basket is lined with soft fabric


❌ Some find the cat tree heavy

❌ Assembly can take longer for some, but results in a sturdy cat haven

PETEPELA Cat Tower with Large Hammock & Condo

Have you been searching high and low for the perfect feline paradise for your majestic Maine Coon? Well, your search ends here with the PETEPELA Cat Tower with Large Hammock & Condo.

It’s not just any cat tree but an ultimate activity house for your fur baby, complete with a spacious hammock, cozy plush top perch, and a comfy, roomy condo with 2 doors.

Plus, it comes with sisal-covered scratching posts and an irresistible fluffy dangling ball that will keep your kitty entertained for hours.

Every feature of this cat tree has been designed with the needs of larger cats in mind.

The spacious hammock (20” x 17.7”) is more than capable of accommodating your Maine Coon’s size, supporting up to 20 pounds. It’s the perfect place for them to stretch out and relax after a play session.

With its thick raised rim, the plush top perch offers an excellent view of their domain, while the plush condo provides a cozy retreat for those much-needed cat naps.

But that’s not all. The PETEPELA Cat Tree promotes cat health and well-being. The four natural sisal-covered posts provide the perfect outlet for your Maine Coon’s scratching instincts, helping to maintain their claws while also saving your furniture.

And the fuzzy dangling ball is more than just a toy—it’s a hunting challenge that will keep your cat active and stimulated.

Crafted with soft plush fabric, CARB-certified natural particle boards, and firm sisal-wrapped posts, it’s not only sturdy and safe but also easy to assemble, with an included illustrated manual and no need for extra tools. Trust me, once you get the PETEPELA Cat Tree, you’ll wonder how your Maine Coon ever did without it!

PETEPELA Cat Tower with Large Hammock & Condo Key Features:

  • Ultimate activity house for Maine Coons
  • Super large hammock (20” x 17.7”)
  • Spacious condo with 2 doors
  • Cozy plush top perch
  • 4 natural sisal-covered scratching posts
  • Fluffy dangling ball
  • Reliable quality with CARB-certified natural particle boards
  • Easy Installation with illustrated manual and included hardware

What customers are saying:


✅ Extraordinary quality, absolutely loves the plush hammock

✅ Perfect for our Maine Coon, endless fun!

✅ Aesthetically pleasing, a great addition to any home

✅ Remarkably easy to assemble, clear instructions were included

✅ Super durable and can withstands our cat’s rigorous activities

✅ Strengthened baseboard

✅ Can accommodate big fluffy cats


❌ Takes a longer time to assemble

❌ Initially intimidating size, but perfect for active cats

Best Scratching Post For Maine Coon

Go Pet Club 72-In Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

As a proud owner of two gorgeous Maine Coons, I’ve always struggled to find a cat tree that can cater to their needs. Then, I found the Go Pet Club 72-In Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo!

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree 72” is like a lavish penthouse for my fluffy gentle giants, equipped with everything they could dream of.

Its slate gray design easily fits into my décor and offers much more than just an aesthetic appeal.

My cats absolutely adore the scratching posts, the 2 condos (each with 2 doors), the ladders, and 3 soft plush perches. The hanging toy is a cherry on top, keeping my cats active and entertained all day long.

The sturdy construction of this Go Pet Club Cat Tree is quite a relief for me. It is built with ultra-durable hand-glued sisal ropes and skin-friendly plushy faux-fur fabrics, so it easily matches my cats’ rigorous playtime.

I love how the strong MDF boards maintain the shape and stability of the cat tree, and the minimal use of well-hidden staples keeps my Maine Coons’ paws protected.

The Go Pet Club 72-inch Cat Tree is truly a long-term investment for all cat owners who prioritize safety and durability.

But it’s not just about fun and games. This premium Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree is a lifesaver for my furniture. With numerous scratching posts and boards, my Maine Coons have their very own scratching haven.

Now, they are less inclined to scratch up and ruin my furniture. Easy to assemble and suitable for all cat sizes, this Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree Condo is indeed a perfect blend of fun, relaxation, and utility.

Go Pet Club 72-In Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo Key Features:

  • Go Pet Club 72 Cat Tree Condo Furniture has ample amount of room to move about
  • Go Pet Club Cat Condo design blends well in any home
  • Go Pet Club Cat Furniture comes with a faux fur cover
  • Ultra-Durable Construction
  • Go Pet Club Cat Tower features safety-first design
  • Heavy-duty 0.6-inch MDF boards and sturdy plastic scratching posts
  • Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Furniture is very stable
  • Includes tall perches, dual condos with 2 doors each, ladders, and hanging toy
  • Available in several colors to match home décor (slate grey, beige, beige/black, black, black/brown, brown, and paw print)
  • Accommodates cats of all sizes
  • Dimensions of 22″L x 33″W x 72″H

What customers are saying:


✅ Ultra-durable and perfect for aggressive scratchers

✅ Safety-first design protects our feline friends

✅ Entertainment and relaxation in one structure

✅ Saved my furniture from claw marks

✅ Assembly was a breeze, clear instructions


❌ Big and takes up space but a perfect playground for Maine Coons

Modern Cat Tree With Litter Box

FEANDREA Cat Tree For Large Cats with Litter Box & Scratching Posts

As a proud Maine Coon owner, let me tell you about my personal experience with the FEANDREA Cat Tree For Large Cats with Litter Box & Scratching Posts.

My majestic furball absolutely loves it, and I’m sure yours will too!

The FEANDREA Cat Tree is a 2-in-1 feature, including a cat tree and a litter box enclosure. This provides an all-in-one spot for my Maine Coon to play, relax, and do their business.

It fits neatly into any corner, conserving space while offering my fuzzy friends a comfortable and fun environment.

The rustic brown and chic white design of this modern FEANDREA Cat Tower blends seamlessly with my home décor. As you can see, it’s not just an essential item for my Maine Coon. It’s also an aesthetic upgrade for my space.

Inside the FEANDREA Litter Box Enclosure, there’s a large compartment where I can hide the litter box, store cat food, or even place a cozy bed for my fur friend. It’s as versatile as it is practical.

Cleaning the FEANDREA Cat Condo and the FEANDREA Cat Litter Box Enclosure is simpler than ever. The removable, washable cushions make it easy to maintain, and the veneered surface can be quickly wiped down.

Best of all, this FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree is built to last. It’s constructed with durable particleboard and high-quality natural sisal, perfect for a large and playful Maine Coon like mine.

As a fun bonus, it even comes with 3 spare pompoms to entertain my cat. I can replace them as needed, ensuring a constant source of fun for my Maine Coon.

FEANDREA Cat Tree For Large Cats with Litter Box & Scratching Posts Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 Cat Condo: Combines a FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo and litter box enclosure, all in one compact unit
  • FEANDREA Cat Tree With Sisal Covered Scratching Posts
  • Stylish design that blends easily with any home décor
  • Spacious bottom compartment: Can be used as a litter box cabinet, a cozy cat house, or for storing cat essentials
  • Easy cleaning: Removable, washable cushions and a wipeable veneered surface
  • Durable construction: Made with sturdy particleboard and quality natural sisal, ensuring it stands up to wear and scratching
  • FEANDREA Large Cat Tree is perfect for larger breeds like Maine Coons
  • 3 Spare Pompoms for extra entertainment

What customers are saying:


✅ Space-saving design perfect for small apartments

✅ Easy-to-clean cushions and wipeable veneered surface is a lifesaver

✅ Stylish design complements our home décor

✅ Durable build that withstood my cat’s scratching

✅ Versatile and very practical bottom compartment

✅ Cats adores the extra pompoms


❌ You’ll need to assemble it, but the good thing is that the instructions were clear

❌ Only has 1 condo

MeowSir Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure

As a proud Maine Coon parent, I’m always on the hunt for products that accommodate my fluffy giants. The MeowSir Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure was the perfect solution.

Its spacious and private cabinet-style enclosure, with an internal dimension of 21.3″ x 15.3″ x 18.9”, provides a hidden bathroom for my Maine Coons to comfortably do their business while also keeping litter smells at bay.

Alternatively, it can be used as a cozy cat house or a handy storage spot for their favorite toys and food.

The All-in-One MeowSir Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure is an absolute winner for my energetic cats. It has everything a Maine Coon needs – a 17.7” x 13.7” large, padded perch for lounging, a 13.7” spacious hammock for those lazy afternoons, and a big 17.7” condo that offers the perfect space for an uninterrupted snooze.

Not forgetting the 2 fully sisal covered scratching posts that keep their claws busy and away from my furniture.

The multiple levels allow them to leap and play to their heart’s content, and the well-thought-out details like magnetic doors and ventilated design make this a hassle-free option for me as well.

What I love most about the MeowSir Cat Tree is its stylish and sturdy design. The wooden surface not only looks sleek and modern, but it also blends seamlessly with my living room décor.

Plus, its well-balanced design and heavy cabinet ensures stability, providing a secure zone for my felines while I’m away at work.

To top it off, the assembly was straightforward, with detailed instructions and included tools, making it the perfect gift for cats and cat parents alike.

MeowSir Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 litter box enclosure with cat tree
  • Litter box enclosure can doubles as a litter box or storage area
  • 17.7” x 13.7” large, padded perch for lounging and relaxing
  • Spacious hammock/basket
  • Large 17.7” condo with circular door to offers privacy and comfort
  • Fully Sisal Covered scratching posts to keeps those claws busy
  • Sturdy, stylish design that blends perfectly with any home décor
  • Easy assembly with detailed instructions and included tools

What customers are saying:


✅ Compact yet spacious – perfect for my Maine Coon!

✅ Furniture-quality cat tree that blends seamlessly with our home décor

✅ Sisal covered scratching posts are a big hit and it saved my couch!

✅ Cleaning is easy since the cushions are removable and washable

✅ Assembly was straightforward because the instructions were detailed and helpful

✅ Fantastic 2-in-1 design, a true space saver


❌ Initially seemed large, now it’s the perfect size

❌ Only has 1 condo

Best Indoor Trees For Cats

NEGTTE Cat Tree For Indoor Cats

Trust me, when you’ve shared your home with a Maine Coon or two, you understand the unique needs of these feline titans. The NEGTTE Cat Tree For Indoor Cats isn’t just another pet accessory. It’s a tailor-made paradise for our majestic felines.

Boasting a climbing tower and pet playhouse, the indoor tree for cats provides a safe, exciting, and interactive environment for Maine Coons to express their innate curiosity and playful demeanor.

Maine Coons, one of the heftiest domestic cat breeds, need space to stretch out and stimulating activities to engage with. This is where the NEGTTE indoor climbing tree for cats comes into its own.

Capable of accommodating 2 to 3 adult cats simultaneously, the NEGTTE indoor tree houses for cats become a hub of feline activity.

The soft flannelette covering ensures comfort after a busy day of exploration, while the ten differently leveled scratching posts cater to varied scratching preferences, ensuring our furniture remains untouched.

Here are seven key features that make the NEGTTE Cat Tree an ideal investment for Maine Coon households:

NEGTTE Cat Tree For Indoor Cats Key Features:

  • 2 large condos
  • 2 jingly fluffy balls
  • 2 comfortable baskets
  • 1 cozy hammock
  • 10 scratching posts with varied heights to accommodate different scratching styles and promote positive behavior
  • Multi-level design providing plenty of space for 2-3 cats to frolic and rest
  • Crafted from CARB-certified P2-grade particle board for superior durability
  • Safety Strap offers additional stability and safety by anchoring the cat tree to the wall
  • Soft Flannelette Cover enhances comfort
  • Effortless Assembly with setup taking just 30 to 40 minutes
  • Great for positioning near a window or tucked away in a corner

What customers are saying:


✅ Ultimate play palace for my Maine Coons

✅ Assembly was a breeze because the directions were clear

✅ NEGTTE Cat Trees for indoor cats are incredibly durable and can withstand my cat’s energy

✅ NEGTTE Multi-Level Cat Tree is a great value and exceeded all expectations

✅ Provides endless fun for indoor cats

✅ Soft cover adds comfort and our cats love it.


❌ Appears big, but our cats enjoy spacious play

Modern Wall Mounted Cat Tree

QJM Cat Tree For Large Cats Maine Coon

Imagine transforming a simple wall in your home into a thriving activity center for your Maine Coon. Yes, you read that right! The QJM Cat Tree For Large Cats Maine Coon – a cat tree mounted to the wall – is precisely what you need.

This is not just a cat shelf, it’s an entire climbing wooden cat platform that gives your Maine Coon a chance to explore, exercise, and rule from the top.

What’s better than watching your feline friend enjoying a birds-eye view of their kingdom while also getting a good workout?

As a Maine Coon owner, the strength and durability of this wall mounted cat tree simply blew me away. Crafted from 100% quality real wood, it’s sturdy, easy to clean, and eco-friendly.

Its strength is unmatched, comfortably bearing the weight of larger cats, even those tipping the scales at over 30 pounds. And let’s not forget about its unique, high-perch design that is perfect for those cats who love climbing and observing the world from up high.

Living in a city apartment often comes with space limitations, but with this cat tree wall mounted solution, space is no longer an issue.

The QJM Cat House frees up floor space and adds an extra dimension of territory for your Maine Coon. This wall-mounted cat tree not only satisfies their climbing and perching needs, but also blends effortlessly with your existing décor.

It is modern, elegant, and surprisingly unobtrusive – perfect for a multi-cat household.

Assembling this fantastic cat tree is a breeze, thanks to the concise, easy-to-follow instructions that are provided.

In my quest to find the perfect wall-mounted cat trees, the QJM Cat House stood out. It’s not just a product. It’s a game-changer for any Maine Coon owner seeking to enhance their feline’s indoor life.

Trust me, your Maine Coon will adore this unique, fun, and practical addition to your home!

QJM Cat Tree For Large Cats Maine Coon Key Features:

  • Wall Mounted Design for space efficiency
  • Constructed with 100% real wood
  • High load capacity for large cats
  • Offers climbing and perching platforms
  • Features scratch-resistant wooden surface
  • Adds modern, elegant touch to home décor
  • Comes with concise, easy-to-follow assembly instructions

What customers are saying:


✅ Perfect for cats who love to climb

✅ Saves floor space, ideal for small apartments

✅ Is very sturdy since it is made of high-quality real wood

✅ Maine Coons love the perching platforms and great views

✅ Adds a modern touch to any décor

✅ Assembly instructions are clear and concise


❌ This cat tree does require wall mounting, but it’s a great DIY project that enhances home improvement skills

Best Cat Perch For Maine Coon

New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch

Having two Maine Coons myself, I’m always searching for products that meet their unique needs. The New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch checks every box on my list. My fur babies love it, and I’m sure yours will too!

Its generous size is perfect for Maine Coons, known for their larger-than-average stature. This play perch, fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box, is a dream come true for any busy cat parent.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A., the quality of the New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch is undeniable. Its solid wood construction ensures longevity and can withstand the boisterous play of my feline giants.

It’s covered in household-grade carpet, which provides a soft and comfortable surface for my furry friends to relax and play on.

An added bonus is the 2 scratching posts with thick un-oiled sisal ropes – a scratching paradise for their sharp claws.

The neutral colors of the play perch – think beiges, grays, and taupes – are a seamless addition to any home décor. It’s like a piece of furniture made specifically for our beloved cats. Not only do my Maine Coons have a new favorite spot to play and nap, but my living room also has a new, stylish addition.

Trust me, the New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch is the perfect gift for your Maine Coon and yourself!

New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch Key Features:

  • Fully assembled and ready-to-use – perfect for busy cat owners
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
  • Solid wood construction for durability
  • Covered in household-grade carpet for comfort
  • 2 thick scratching posts with integrated un-oiled sisal rope for scratching
  • 2 large perches
  • Suitable for large cats and multiple cat households
  • Comes in various neutral color scheme: beige, grays, taupes
  • Compatible with various home décors

What customers are saying:


✅ Amazingly sturdy, perfect for my heavy Maine Coon

✅ Neutral colors match seamlessly with my living room décor

✅ Love that it’s ready to use out-of-box

✅ Impressed by the high-quality, durable materials used

✅ Great size for multiple cats, they’re so thrilled

✅ Handcrafted in the USA, supporting local businesses


❌ Initially seemed bulky, but provides a great play-space

❌ Some customers reported a light smell

Heavy Duty Cat Trees For Maine Coons

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo With Ladder & Basket

Having a Maine Coon, I know how much they love to play, climb, and perch. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo With Ladder & Basket has proven to be an incredible addition to our home, acting as a dedicated cat tree for my Maine Coon.

The 62″ cat tower boasts a sturdy structure and offers a myriad of features that make it a playground paradise for my feline friend.

Its compressed wood construction is sturdy and durable, ensuring that my Maine Coon can frolic to her heart’s content.

The tower, adorned with high-quality faux fur, provides a cozy and warm space for my cat to rest.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree isn’t just a climbing post but a multi-faceted entertainment center for my Maine Coon.

The numerous sisal-covered posts are perfect for a good scratch, satisfying my cat’s natural instinct while saving my furniture from the claws.

With the added hammock, basket bed, ladder, and tunnel, this cat tree introduces varied forms of fun, encouraging my Maine Coon to be more active and engaged.

Lastly, the cat tree provides an element of tranquility amidst the fun. The quiet, roomy condo section of the tree is the perfect spot for a peaceful nap without any disruptions.

It’s here that my Maine Coon finds solitude after an energetic play session.

Finally, the raised perches offer a comfortable viewing platform, adding an element of safety and support.

So, whether your Maine Coon is a lively climber, a dedicated scratcher, or a peaceful sleeper, the Go Pet Club 62″ Classic Cat Tree is a one-stop solution for all their needs.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo With Ladder & Basket Key Features:

  • Highly durable compressed wood structure
  • Warm and cozy faux fur finish
  • Natural sisal ropes covered scratching posts
  • Multiple play areas: hammock, basket bed, tunnel, ladder, rope
  • Spacious condo for peaceful resting
  • Raised perches with safety edges
  • Easy to assemble with provided tools

What customers are saying:


✅ Quality materials – feels sturdy and well made

✅ My Maine Coon loves to relax in the spacious, cozy condo

✅ Easy assembly, clear instructions, and tool are included

✅ Scratching posts throughout cat tree, which saves our furniture

✅ The faux fur finish is a big hit

✅ Multiple play areas keep our cats entertained


❌ Required assembly, but it was a fun project

Best Scratching Post For Maine Coon

PetPals Paper Rope Natural Bowl Shaped With Perch Cat Tree

Speaking from personal experience, as the proud human of a larger-than-life Maine Coon, the PetPals Paper Rope Natural Bowl Shaped With Perch Cat Tree has been an absolute game-changer.

Trust me when I say that not all cat trees are made equal, and this Scratching Post For Maine Coon Cats is the perfect example of a product that combines aesthetics, comfort, and functionality all in one.

This PetPals Cat Tree, crafted with over 20 years of manufacturing experience in pet supplies, stands tall and sturdy at 23 inches high.

Its two-level design offers ample space for our large feline friends weighing up to 25 pounds.

The unique combination of fleece and paper rope gives it longevity that you will appreciate and a relaxed, comfy resting place that your Maine Coon will love.

Plus, it has a toy ball to entertain your kitty for hours!

Thanks to the included tools and clear instructions, assembling the PetPals Cozy Cat Tree is a breeze.

But what sets this PetPals Cat Tree Scratcher apart is its modern and natural color scheme.

It’s not just a piece of pet furniture. It’s a chic addition to your home decor that blends seamlessly with your other furnishings.

So, if you’re searching for the perfect Scratching Post For Maine Coon, or specifically a PetPals Eco Friendly Cat Tree, look no further.

Give your Maine Coon a great and comfortable place to jump, rest, and play with, all while adding a touch of elegance to your home.

PetPals Paper Rope Natural Bowl Shaped With Perch Cat Tree Key Features:

  • Handmade paper rope construction
  • Two-level design
  • Fleece and paper rope Material
  • A toy ball is included
  • Easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Natural and modern color scheme
  • Can support for cats up to 25 pounds

What customers are saying:


✅ Perfect height for my Maine Coon to lounge

✅ Toy ball provides endless entertainment for my kitty

✅ Loved the easy assembly and sturdy design

✅ Natural color perfectly complements our interior décor

✅ It’s durable and long-lasting and worth every penny

✅ Super cozy and comfortable for my fur-babies


❌ Needed assembly, but was a fun DIY project

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Yes, Maine Coons are the biggest house cats. They weigh about 10 to 25 pounds.

Do Maine Coon cats like to be walked?

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