Serval Maine Coon Mix: Complete Guide

Curious about the Maine Coon Serval Mix? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. This article will focus on all there is to the Maine Coon and Serval hybrid. We’re talking breed history, coat colors, personality, and detailed caretaking tips. 

While Serval Maine Coons aren’t the easiest kitties to find, they do have a lot to offer. If you’re a wild cat enthusiast looking for a feline that’ll settle into your home routine, this designer cat breed might be just what you need. 

Unlike the Savannah Maine Coon Mix, Serval Maine Coons aren’t the best candidates for family pets. Nonetheless, the hybrid is gaining traction among cat lovers. Read on to find out why!

Maine Coon Serval Mix: Breed overview

If you’re short on time and need some quick facts about the Maine Coon Serval Mix, this is the section for you.

Scroll below to learn more. 

Common NamesMaine Coon Serval Mix, Serval Maine Coon, Maine Coon Serval Hybrid.
Weight18-40 pounds
Height12-24 inches
Lifespan15-20 years
ColorsTabby, Tabby Spotted, black, brown, grey with markings
Child FriendlinessLow
Feline FriendlinessLow
Training DifficultyMedium-to-High
Grooming UpkeepMedium
Breed HealthGood
Exercise NeedsHigh
Kitten Costs$600-$1,720

What is a Serval Maine Coon Mix?

A Serval Maine Coon Mix, aka Maine Coon Serval, is a hybrid of the Serval and Maine Coon cat breeds.

This designer breed is unique because Servals are wild felines native to sub-Saharan Africa.

They’re predators that require a live prey diet and wide open spaces. Servals are also pretty aloof by nature. 

On the other hand, Maine Coons are domestic cats renowned for their sizable dimensions and furry coats. They’re the gentle giants of the cat world and love spending time with their humans. 

The mix of these two distinct breeds leads to a crossbreed with unpredictable behavioral and physical traits.

Nonetheless, most hybrids tend to inherit the coat patterns of the Servals, making them look distinctive. 

Cat owners should know, however, that ownership of Servals is banned in several states, so adopting one may not be as easy as you think. To learn if Serval cats are banned in your state, check out the resources section at the end of the article.

Maine Coon Serval Mix parent breeds

As stated above, the Maine Coon Serval mix is a crossbreed of two rather exceptional cat breeds.

The parent breeds of these hybrids are the Maine Coons and the Servals. The latter is a wild cat species native to sub-Saharan Africa and is famous for its long legs, big ears, and beautiful spotted coats. 

Maine Coon history

Serval vs Maine Coon
History of Maine Coon Cats

There are quite a few legends about where Maine Coons come from. The more accepted account of Maine Coon origins is that these cats arrived in North America thanks to seafarers who kept long-haired felines on boats as mousers.

Initially, Maine Coon cats were utilized as hunters on farmsteads, but their good looks and winning personalities made them famous among cat lovers. 

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Serval Cat history

Savannah Cat vs Serval
History of Serval Cat

Serval cats are featured in ancient Egyptian art and were revered by that civilization. Besides their streamlined bodies and spotted good looks, Servals are renowned for their excellent hunting abilities.

However, the breed has faced challenges due to illegal trade and loss of habitat.

The good news is that animal activists and wildlife preservationists are trying to ensure this species’s continued survival through awareness. 

Serval Cat vs Savannah

The main difference between Serval Cat and Savannah is that Serval Cat is a wild cat species while Savannah is a crossbreed of a domestic cat and a Serval cat. 

Maine Coon vs Serval

The main difference between Maine Coon and Serval is that Maine Coon is a domestic feline breed, while Serval is a wild species native to Africa.

In fact, the Maine Coon Serval Mix is a relatively new hybrid. However, it is gaining popularity due to the uniqueness of his parent breeds. 

While Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds, Serval cats weigh anywhere between 20 to 40 pounds as adults.

That means the offspring of these two breeds are likely bigger than most domestic cat breeds. 

African Serval And Maine Coon Mix physical appearance

Here’s the thing. While there’s a lot of interest online about the African Serval And Maine Coon Mix, the hybrid isn’t easy to find.

That’s because breeding a domestic cat with a wild species isn’t an easy task.

Besides, several states ban ownership of Serval cats, so finding breeders will be challenging. 

Due to the rarity of this mix, accuracy while discussing its physical appearance isn’t 100%. How a feline looks is primarily a matter of genetics.

Kittens inherit 50% of their genes from the dam and the other 50% from the sire. So, essentially, a Maine Coon Serval hybrid will take on characteristics from both parent breeds. 

One thing’s for sure. The Serval Maine Coon cat will be substantially larger than most domestic cats. Maine Coon adults weigh 15 to 25 pounds, whereas Servals weigh 20 to 40 pounds.

Besides that, you can expect a hybrid kitten to inherit a combination of the Serval’s spotted and striped coat and a single or double coat with long-to-medium fur. A bushy tail and large ears are also a very strong possibility. 

Serval Mixed With Maine Coon size, height, and weight

If you’re wondering what kind of space will be required to house a Serval Mixed With Maine Coon cat, this section can help.

We’ve compiled a table with the breed’s height, weight, and size dimensions to help cat enthusiasts understand how big these felines might grow. 

Height Weight Length
Male14-24 inches20-40 pounds23-40 inches
Female12-22 inches18-26 pounds23-40 inches

Various Maine Coon Serval Cat Mix coat colors

The are plenty of possible coat color combinations of a Serval Maine Coon hybrid.

That’s mainly because when it comes to color, genetics play a significant role and are often difficult to understand or predict in a crossbreed like the Maine Coon Serval mix. 

However, some coat colors are more likely to occur than others due to dominant genes. Here’s a list of what those colors could be. 


Tabbies typically have spots, swirls, or stripes in their coat patterns and the definite ‘M’ marking on the forehead. Potential colors for the Serval Maine Coon mix will include grey, brown, and blue.

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Spotted Tabby

Since Serval cats have a spotted pattern with a tabby-ish background, it’s likely a Maine Coon Serval kitten to inherit the spotted tabby color more than others. 

Solid Color

Some of the most solid coat colors for Maine Coons include white, cream, blue, and black. A Serval Maine Coon can acquire any of these colors (depending on the parent breed) along with spotted or striped markings. 

Serval And Maine Coon Mix personality and temperament

Maine Coon Serval Mix cats may differ in behavioral aspects because felines have unique personalities. Nonetheless, there are certain traits that most of this breed will inherit. 

For example, you can expect a Serval Maine Coon to be affectionate but independent.

While these hybrid kittens may be home-raised and socialized at an early age, they will be aloof occasionally, thanks to their Serval genes. 

Since Serval cats are a wild species and prefer a live diet, they’re not used to displaying affection or building multiple bonds, like domestic felines.

Servals can get attached to one person, but you can’t expect them to behave like other domestic breeds due to their nature and size. 

Additionally, Serval cats do not like being touched or stroked, so that’s something else you can expect your kitten to display at times.

Maine Coon Serval cats are intelligent and curious. You can expect them to explore their surroundings and venture outdoors. 

If you do let your Serval and Maine Coon Mix play outside in your backyard, be sure your yard is fully fenced in. It’s also a good idea to install an electronic pet door that will allow your feline friends to head outside on their own and provide you peace of mind.

These cats are also playful and make excellent jumpers, thanks to their long legs.

Overall, you can expect your Serval Maine Coon to show you love, but it’s unlikely they will cuddle up in your lap too often. These cats will want their own space. 

Do Serval Maine Coone Mix make great family pets?

Serval Maine Coon Mix cats can make good pets, but experts do not recommend this hybrid as family pets.

One main reason is their size. A Maine Coon Serval Mix can weigh between 18 to 40 pounds. That makes them larger than most cats and even toy and small dogs. 

Servals are solitary by nature and are territorial. While Maine Coon Servals can be socialized, they might retain their instincts about protecting their turf, resulting in scuffles between pets. 

Besides that, even if your Maine Coon Serval is friendly with other pets, its size might make it a danger to smaller animals during playtime. The above reasons are also why it’s best not to leave young kids with a Maine Coon Serval. 

While these cats are nowhere near malicious or aggressive, they might hurt young ones while playing because they’re so much bigger than other cats.

It’s also essential to ensure your furry friend is socialized early to accustom it to other people and animals. 

Finally, it’s best to keep a Maine Coon Serval when you have enough space to allow the cat to roam and explore to its heart’s content. Keeping these cats in small spaces might lead to anxiety and depression. 

Maine Coon Serval hybrid training

Training a Maine Coon Serval hybrid will require time, patience, and an understanding of your pet’s parent breeds. While Serval cats are intelligent, they’re independent and prefer to live their lives according to their needs. 

That means your fur baby may also display a wide streak of independence and may not be too amenable to training despite its intelligence.

If you’re a first-time cat owner, it’ll be best to contact a reputable animal behaviorist to help you understand how to best handle your cat. 

Things like positive reinforcement, early socialization, and target training can go a long way in helping you train your furry friend the right way. 

Serval Maine Coon Hybrid exercise requirement

A Serval Maine Coon hybrid will require more exercise than other felines. Their Serval lineage means they can be medium-to-high energy cats.

Add their love of exploration to the mix, and you have a cross-breed that requires plenty of movement to stay happy and relaxed. 

Experts recommend at least 30 to 60 minutes of activity for this hybrid breed. You can break down the overall time into smaller segments spread across the day to make caring for your furry friend easier. 

Many Maine Coon Mix owners will provide their feline friends with a cat tree or cat tower to keep them active throughout the day. You’ll want to get a cat tree that is large enough for them and one that provides ample space to romp and rest.

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While Serval cats are not indoor animals, Maine Coon Servals can be home-raised, provided the breeder is knowledgeable about the parent breeds and knows how to handle and train the kittens from an early age.

If your Maine Coon Serval is an indoor feline, you can provide him with exercise by walking on a harness and leash, running around the yard (under close supervision), and playing with interactive toys. 

Maine Coon Serval grooming and cleaning

Maine Coon Servals aren’t very demanding when it comes to their grooming needs. They can have medium to long fur and won’t likely shed as much as their Maine Coon parent. 

Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t require a regular grooming schedule.

It’s best to brush their fur every other day for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

You can bathe these cats once a month or when their fur becomes dirty.

Oral care requires brushing once daily, and you can add dental-friendly treats to their diet. 

As far as trimming their claws is concerned, you’ll need to keep checking nail growth. If you’re not able to cut your fur baby’s nails on your own, you can always contact a reputable groomer for the needful.

Here’s a quick rundown of what looking after this breed’s grooming needs looks like. 

Grooming TechniqueFrequency
Hair BrushingFour times a week for 5-10 minutes
BathingOnce every 4-6 weeks
Nail TrimmingAs required
Teeth BrushingDaily brushing
Eye CareGently wipe once a day to remove crust or as required
Ear CareWipe outer ears as needed

Do Maine Coon Serval Mix shed?

Maine Coon Servals have parent breeds that shed, so in all likelihood, this hybrid will be low-to-moderate shedders.

The good news is cat owners can clean up after their fur babies quite easily with the help of a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter

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Are Serval Maine Coon Mix hypoallergenic?

It’s unlikely that Serval Maine Coon Mix cats are hypoallergenic, seeing as how they shed.

Nonetheless, allergy sufferers can help control their symptoms and manage allergy attacks to quite an extent with the help of regular vacuuming, air purifiers with HEPA filters, and good ventilation. 

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Maine Coon x Serval food and diet

High-quality commercial food with a high protein content and no fillers will suit Maine Coon x Serval cats.

However, since this breed is a hybrid between domestic and wild feline species, it’s best to consult a veterinarian about which food brand will suit his nutritional needs perfectly. 

Maine Coon Serval Mix common health issues

There are certain health concerns that Maine Coons and Servals might pass on to their hybrids. It’s important for cat parents to be aware of what these conditions are in order to look after their furry friends better.

Here are some common health issues Maine Coon Servals might develop. 

Gastrointestinal Problems

Breeding domestic cats with wild ones can sometimes result in health anomalies like weak digestive systems or food sensitivities. It’s essential to consult your vet about the food for your pet to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

Hip Dysplasia

Maine Coons are susceptible to conditions like hip dysplasia due to their size. This condition involves an improperly developed hip joint that can lead to mobility issues later in life.

The good news is that the disease can be managed successfully if detected early on. 

Dental Concerns

Maine Coons can suffer from issues like gum disease and tooth decay if they don’t receive adequate oral care. Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly and introducing dental teeth can help avoid such problems. 

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

This genetic heart problem is linked to Maine Coons. It leads to the thickening of heart muscles, which can impair function.

Genetic testing can stop this condition from being passed on to kittens. This is why going to reliable breeders with ethical breeding standards is a must. 

Ethical breeders should prioritize cat DNA testing before making any breeding decisions—it’s a game-changer for ensuring your new feline friend lives a long, healthy life.

DNA tests can flag potential genetic disorders like heart disease or kidney issues. This can help breeders match the healthiest parents for the healthiest kittens.

For you, that means peace of mind knowing you’re bringing home a pet less likely to suffer from debilitating conditions.

Trustworthy breeders leveraging DNA science equals happier, healthier cats—the perfect outcome everyone wants.

Serval Maine Coon Mix lifespan

The average lifespan of a Maine Coon Serval Mix can range anywhere between 15 to 20 years.

However, cat lovers should note that this general statistic may be affected by disease incidence and quality of care.

Can you breed a Serval with a Maine Coon?

While it is possible to breed a Serval with a domestic cat breed like Maine Coons, experts generally advise against it.

This is because there are significant differences between the behavioral and health aspects of such cats, which can lead to problems in the offspring. 

Can a Serval breed with a Maine Coon?

Yes, Servals can breed with Maine Coons. Servals have been bred with domestic cats before, and that’s where the Savannah crossbreed comes from. 

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Maine Coon Serval Mix Kitten

Male Serval and female Maine Coon kittens will require top-notch care and their owners’ love and attention to grow up to their potential. 

Kittens should only be adopted after the two-month mark to ensure they get ample time with their mother and siblings to learn grooming skills and acceptable play behavior.

Adopting kittens too soon can also affect their immunity and should be avoided. 

Maine Coon Serval Mix price

The price of a Maine Coon Serval Mix can vary depending on factors like demand, breeder reputation, location, legal regulations, specifics of the parent breeds, etc. 

Generally, however, you can expect a Maine Coon Serval to cost anywhere between $3,000 and $12,000.

Serval cats are a wild species, and ownership of the breed is illegal in several states. That makes them rare and expensive.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs of bringing a Serval Maine Coon home.

Expense TypeCost 
Cat food and treats$60-$100
Bowls for food and water$15-$35
Cat bed$50-$70
Litter tray$60-$150
Grooming items$20-$45
ID Tag$15-$20
Vet visits (initial)$150-$350
Initial shots$25-$50
Medications (flea, heartworm, etc.)$45-$150
Neuter/spay procedure$50-$500
Initial cost (total)$600-$1,720

Places to find Maine Coon Serval Mix Kittens For Sale

While it’s essential to consider the legality and ethical concerns of bringing home a Maine Coon Serval Mix, here are two breeders that act as a starting point in your search for your furry pal. 

F1 Savannahs (

Based in Nevada, FI Savannahs has been a renowned breeder of the Savannah hybrid for 14 years. Their kittens are home-raised, get the best veterinarian care since birth, and leave for their fur-ever homes completely socialized. 

Luxury Savannahs (

Luxury Savannahs are based in Las Vegas and are TICA-registered breeders. They own and raise Serval and Savannah cats for over a decade.

If you’re unsure where to start looking for a Serval kitten, Luxury Savannah is the place to go. 

Finding a healthy Maine Coon Serval Mix For Sale

While finding Maine Coon Serval Mix adults will be challenging, we’ve compiled a list of hybrid breeders that may be able to point you in the right direction in your quest for a Serval Maine Coon pet. 

Savannah Seattle (

Savannah Seattle is an in-home cattery that specializes in F1 and F2 Savannahs. Their kittens are home-raised and are typically 60+ percent Serval.

They’re also TICA registered and have built a good rep over the years. 

Savannah Cat Rescue (

SCR is a voluntary service set up by two Savannah cat breeders. They rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Savannahs and related hybrids. This is why they might be a good option for cat lovers to search for a Maine Coon Serval. 

Maine Coon Serval Mix: Pros and Cons

Bringing home a Maine Coon Serval is a big decision for various reasons.

Besides the legal and ethical concerns, cat parents might be anxious about whether the hybrid will settle into their lifestyle.

Here’s a pros and cons section to help you arrive at an informed decision. 

IntelligentCan be picky eaters
Not very vocalNot suitable for homes with pets and small children
PlayfulLegal issues around ownership or breeding
Low-sheddingMay be very challenging to find
Likes being around humansHigh energy cats
IndependentCan de demanding in terms of activity

Is the Serval Maine Coon Mix right for me?

A Serval Maine Coon will best suit spacious households with plenty of room for the felines to roam and explore. They’re not recommended for homes with multiple pets or small children due to their size.

If you’re looking to adopt a feline companion, it’s best to opt for breeds such as Persians, Ragdolls, etc. 

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Related Questions

Can a cat breed with a Serval?

Technically, the domestic cat species can breed with a Serval. However, experts strongly advise against it. That’s because doing so can raise several concerns, such as behavioral problems and health issues.

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