Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head, Face and Neck? 10 Reasons Why!

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head? Your cat chooses your head as one of his favorite sleeping spots because of the warmth generated by your body heat. Of course, it is also a sign of trust and affection. Also, it’s not surprising if your cat rubs his cheeks and paws on your head before snoozing because leaving his scent on you is his love language.

Our feline friends show various behaviors when it comes to sleeping. Aside from their beds, they also love sleeping in closets, on top of a laptop, and yes, on your head, face, and neck. 

I’m not bothered at all if my cat sleeps on my pillow and on my face. And, if you’re astonished at why your cat does the same, then keep on reading and uncover the truth behind this cat sleeping behavior.

Why Do Cats Sleep On Your Head?

Why Does Cat Sleep On My Head
Why Does My Cat Like To Sleep On My Head?

During the first few days I brought my Lilac Ragdoll home, there were times when I just couldn’t figure out some of the odd behaviors he displayed such as my cat sleeps on my head.

Yelling, “Get out of my head, cat!” is unthinkable because I adore my feline friend so much. 

Back then, I was wondering if my cat sleeping on my head is abnormal. Is it because I purchased the wrong cat bed for him or is he afraid of his new surroundings and that is why my cat sleeps on my head? 

I consulted my vet and inquired if it was odd if my cat sleep on my head all the time. It turns out that a cat sleeping on head is nothing to worry about. 

So, why is my cat sleeping on my head? Having multiple cats at home is one reason.

And, why does my cat sleep on my head at night? It is because he does not want his fellow cats to bother him at night and that’s why my cat sleeps on head. 

What does it mean when cat sleeps on your head? Aside from the reason I stated above on why cats sleeping on your head, the succeeding sections are all detailed explanations on why your cat sleeps on your face, neck, and head. 

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Why Does My Cat Sleep By My Head?

Why Do Cats Sleep By Your Head
Why Do Cats Sleep Above Your Head?

Without much ado, here are the 10 explanations of why cats sleep by your head.

In most instances, my cat sleeps by my head is purely behavioral, meaning, cat sleeping by my head is not caused by a health problem but rather reasons like a sense of smell

1. For Warmth

My cat sleeps by my head because he is seeking warmth and comfort. The body heat that escapes from my head explains why it’s the warmest spot for my cat to sleep on. I’ll also find my cat sleeping by my feet because it also provides him with much-needed warmth.

2. Territorial

Our feline friends have scent glands on their foreheads, cheeks, and paws. Have you ever wondered why your cat rubs his head and cheeks against you? 

It’s all about territorial marking. Leaving scent on you is done in more ways than one including cats sleeping by your head.

In short, when cats sleep by your head, they are claiming us as their ‘properties’. 

3. Act of Love

Does your cat love you? A cat sleeping by head is an indication of love and affection for his or her humans. 

4. Likes your Scent

Cats have a powerful sense of smell. Since my cats love me, they want to curl up in places where they can identify my scent, and my pillow is one of those. This explains why my cat sleeps by head.

5. To Groom You

It’s natural for cats to groom each other. This behavior is a sign of trust, respect, and acceptance.

So, what does it mean when cats sleep by your head? Before snoozing, they groom our hair to demonstrate that they trust us. Then off to dreamland by our heads they go. 

6. Struggling with Separation Anxiety

If I need my me-time, my Ragdoll and my British Shorthair Maine Coon Mix don’t like it.

When a cat sleeps by your head, it means they are making up for the lost time without you. They comfort themselves by sleeping as close as possible to you and that is by your head, neck, and face. 

7. Sign of Dominance

I have 3 cats at home and yes, this sometimes leads to conflict. I’ve observed my alpha cat, the Bengal Siamese Mix, is the one that mostly sleeps on my head.

To affirm their status, dominant cats sleep by your head. 

8. Seeking Attention

After a long day at work, bedtime is the best time for my cats to seek attention. Some of them sleep on top of my head while some snuggle on my neck. 

9. Comfortable

My cats love to lounge in something soft and pillowy like my comforter. They enjoy curling up on my neck, face, and head because they are comfortable with my presence.

If you also find your cat sleeping under blanket, it just means he is just enjoying being wrapped in a soft and cozy thing that has your scent on it. 

10. Security

What are other cat sleeping by head meaning? Our cat’s innate curiosity has something to do with this behavior.

They sleep on our heads to position themselves in such a way that they can easily scan their surroundings to feel safe and secure. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep By My Head Every Night?

I am a tosser-and-turner sleeper. I keep shifting my legs trying to get a good sleep. Now, this bothers my feline friends a lot because, on some nights, I tend to accidentally kick them off the bed.  

So, they discovered that my head, neck, and face are the best spots to get an interrupted sleep. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep Above My Head?

Maintaining a normal body temperature of 100.5 to 100.2℉ is one reason why my cat sleeps above my head.

Whenever they can, cats conserve energy to hunt for food. That is instinctual even in my domesticated cats.

One way to conserve energy is by looking for a warm spot to sleep on and this is why my cat sleeps above my head.

My cat likes to sleep above my head because he doesn’t have to work hard to keep warm while sleeping.

Body heat escapes from our heads which transfer onto our pillows. Thus, cats sleeping above your head is a smart way to conserve energy for tomorrow’s work.

Why does my male cat sleep above my head? To have ample energy to look for prey.

If cats are predators, they can also be prey to some animals in the wild. So, they hide.

Consequently, what does it mean when cats sleep above your head? When a cat sleeps above your head, it signifies vigilance against the enemies. A cat sleeping above my head meaning is complete trust and a sense of security in me. 

Benefits Of Sharing Bed With Cat

Should you allow your feline pet to sleep with you? Yes, there are some perks to sharing our bed with our fuzzy friends, and here are 5 of them:

1. Emotional Health

Snuggling with a cat releases a happy chemical known as oxytocin and at the same time, reduces the level of cortisol. 

2. Heightened Immunity

Exposure to microorganisms strengthens immunity, more so in the case of growing children. This reduces the likelihood of suffering from allergies to cats as well as in dogs and other environmental allergies. 

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3. Stress Reliever

Petting a cat before sleeping is known to reduce anxiety, thereby improving the quality of sleep. 

4. Sense of Safety

This is especially true for kids who tend to suffer from nightmares. Having a cat sleep with them provides a sense of safety and security. 

5. Bonding

Cats that sleep with their humans form a stronger bond and love for each other. 

My Cat Sleeps On My Pillow Above My Head! Is this ok?

While for most people like me, a cat sleeps on pillow above my head is not an issue at all. For some though, a cat sleeps above head on pillow may pose some problems.

Drawbacks Of Sharing Bed With Cat

Here are some of the potential risks involved when you share your bed with your cat, some of which can affect your health

1. Interrupted Sleep

If you have a sleeping problem, sharing a bed with your kitty may only worsen this problem. Cats are more active at night, so you may be awakened by the movements and sounds he makes. 

2. Allergies

If you have asthma, this condition may worsen if you choose to share your bed with your kitty. 

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3. Exposure to Litter Box Debris

No matter how clean our cats are, still, some fecal matter from the litter box may stick on their coats and paws which can be detrimental to our health. 

HANDY HINT: Although cute and endearing, cats’ paws can often track unwanted litter throughout the house, leaving a trail of dust and debris. This scattered litter not only disrupts the cleanliness of your home but also poses potential health hazards. However, a vacuum for cat litter with high suction power can effectively gather this stubborn litter, restore the tidiness of your home and help maintain a healthier environment.

4. Hard to Evict

If your cat gets used to sleeping on your bed, this behavior can prove challenging to change. You will hear a lot of cat protests if you try to persuade him to sleep on his cat bed. 

5. Exposure to Infections

Some parasites, fungal and bacterial infections are zoonotic. These can be passed on to humans. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep Next To My Head?

As discussed above, my cat sleeping next to my head is mainly an act of trust and acceptance. My cat sleeps next to my head because he feels safe in the nearness of me.

It’s a good thing that I’m not totally a light sleeper so it should be fine when my cat sleeps next to my head.

However, if you have a sleeping problem, you may be asking how I can refrain from my cat sleep next to my head.

Find out how in the next section. 

How To Stop Cat From Sleeping On My Head?

Are you looking for humane ways to stop your cat from sleeping on your head? Try any of these 10 tips.

1. Create a nice sleeping spot

Create a more appealing sleeping lounge by adding a soft blanket or a small pillow on his kitty bed. 

2. Get an extra pillow for you

If your cat likes your pillow, get a new one for you and place the older pillow where you want your kitty to sleep. 

3. Play with your cat before sleeping

Not having enough physical activities may lead to a restless night for cats. The trick is to play with your cat just before bedtime. This will prevent him from waking up and bothering you at night. 

4. Offer more cuddles

If it’s a lack of attention, then offer a lot of cuddles before calling it a day. 

5. Close your bedroom door

Ever thought of closing your bedroom door? Expect some protests for a few nights but once he gets used to it, he will find solace sleeping outside of your bedroom. 

6. Use a cat repellant

You can spray safe cat repellents around your bed to stop your cat from jumping onto your bed and sleeping on your head. 

7. Start young

At a young age, teach your kitten boundaries, one of which is to get used to sleeping in his own cat bed. 

8. Get a cat tree

Cats love high places, so you may want to invest in a cat tree that comes with condos and hammocks

9. Say “no”

Train your cat basic obedience commands such as ‘no.’ If you see him about to go to your bed, say that magic word. Be consistent and lavish him with praises. 

10. Location matters

Is his cat bed located in a high-traffic and noisy part of the house? Or perhaps in a place where it’s too cold? If that’s the case, try relocating his bed to a nice and warm room. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep At My Head?

Could it be that my cat sleeps at my head because of an illness? Yes, cats are good at hiding their pain.

If my cat sleeping at my head is not something he does all the time, it may be a sign of an illness. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep Near My Head?

If you’re not sure why cat sleeps near my head, it could be because of anxiety. Are there changes at home like a new baby or a pet? 

Cats are creatures of habit and a cat sleeping near my head could be an indication of stress. Your cat asks for your assurance that everything remains the same and his safety is not compromised. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Top Of My Head?

My cat sleeps on top of my head because he is asserting his dominance over other cats in multi-cat households.

Cat Sleeping Above My Head: Spiritual Meaning

Since ancient times, cats have been revered as sacred with many civilizations associating them with the gods and the mystical realm.  

Their calm and stoic nature seems to convey some kind of insight into what is going on with the world around them. 

So, could there be some spiritual meaning behind their behavior of sleeping above our heads?

1. Protection

Our feline friends are said to be attuned to the presence of negative energy around us. Sleeping above our heads could be their way of trying to fend off or protect us from unseen forces that might disturb our peace of mind.

2. Healing

The purring sound that our cats make is said to be near the vibrational frequency that promotes the therapeutic regeneration of our bones and tissues. 

It is normal for cats to purr when they sleep. In turn, this may actually help you in healing whatever pain you are feeling when they sleep above your head.

3. Affection

Another reason why your cat may be drawn to sleeping above your head is that this is their way of showing their love and devotion to you. 

It indicates that they are secure and at ease in your company, and the solid bond makes you both feel at rest.

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4. Comfort

Our cats have a good way of picking up on our emotional state. When my cat sleeps above my head, I feel a sense of mental healing when I’m going through an emotional ordeal or anguish. 

Their calming presence somehow eases my nerves and improves my mental well-being.

5. Good Luck

A cat napping on top of you may be taken as a sign that you might soon have good fortune or unexpected great news. 

Some people think that cats have the power to draw positive forces into a person’s life by clearing out the negative energy around them.

6. Creativity

Another possible spiritual meaning, when a cat sleeps above our heads, is that it may symbolize a desire to comprehend and investigate concepts that are challenging for us to grasp. This can indicate that we are getting closer to figuring out the best course of action.

7. Intuition

The top of our head is where the crown chakra is located. 

A cat sleeping above our heads may be an indication that it is time for us to stop and reflect before we act on our impulses. This may be a sign to open our awareness and listen to our instincts.

8. Spiritual Awakening

The presence of a cat lying above our heads may indicate that we are going through a spiritual transformation. 

We are most connected to our subconscious during sleep, and cats are said to be sensitive to vibrations surrounding them. 

Our cats may be attracted to the positive transformation we are going through as we embrace the changes that help us to move to a higher level of awareness.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Face?

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and find my cat sleeping on my face. While this may be an endearing behavior, it can sometimes disturb my sleep and even cause me to suddenly gasp for air.

I don’t get angry because I know that when my cat sleeps on my face, it is a form of love language. 

Why Does My Cat Want To Sleep On My Face?

One reason why a cat would want to sleep on your face is that he is simply showing you some affection. This is the same reason why cats head-bump or head-bunt to leave their scent on their owners. 

Cats feel more vulnerable during sleep and they find comfort when they smell the mark they left on your face.

Why Do Cats Get In Your Face While You Sleep?

Your face might be the warmest spot in the house at night to keep them warm, thus your cat might occasionally get on your face for that purpose.

Why Does My Cat Sleep By My Face?

Sleeping by your face gives your cat a sense of security. Domesticated cats still retain the instincts of their wild ancestors that seek to find a perfect spot where they can rest and sleep without getting attacked by a predator. 

Cats would naturally want to snuggle next to your face while both of you are sleeping because they trust that they would not be in any kind of danger.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Next To My Face?

The reason why your cat would sleep next to your face is because it is the area where they know they are not going to be disturbed the most.

We all know that during sleep, our bodies toss and turn around a lot especially when we are dreaming. 

Sleeping next to your face will reduce the chances of them getting kicked or crushed every time you move around the bed.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Neck?

The reasons why I would often find my cat sleeping on my neck are almost similar to why they would sleep on my head or face. 

However, there are other potential explanations as to why my cats want to sleep close to my neck.

My cats probably find comfort in hearing my breathing and heartbeat, or it might be a symptom that they may be experiencing separation anxiety. 

Why Does My Cat Like To Sleep On My Neck?

One other reason why your cat likes to sleep near your neck is to leave their mark on you or to establish dominance towards other cats if you have multiple kitties at home. 

Rubbing their faces on you, including your neck, leaves a scent that marks you as their territory. It is how they show their affection by imprinting themselves on you, as well as, feeling that they are accepted in your group.

Sleeping on your neck also shows a kind of hierarchy when you have multiple cats at home. The cat that always stays near your head when you are asleep is the dominant one who has the duty of keeping a close eye on its owner.

Why Does My Kitten Sleep On My Neck?

Kittens in a litter tend to huddle together when they sleep to keep themselves warm and secure. This is the same reason why a kitten would want to sleep on your neck because they consider you a part of their new litter. 

Sleeping on your neck provides them comfort and a sense of security when they are trying to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings.

Why Does My Kitten Like To Sleep On My Neck?

Kittens like to sleep on your neck because it is probably as close to the sensation of being inside their mother’s womb. 

The pulsating rhythm of the heartbeat they feel near your carotid artery and the warmth of your chest give them a similar sense of safety as when they are near their mother.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Right Next To Me?

Although cats may be aloof and independent most of the time during the day, they have a tendency to sleep right next to you because they are seeking warmth and security. 

During the night when everything is dark and quiet, being next to their owner makes them feel a little bit less insecure and also provides them with some companionship.

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Head?

Because it enjoys the familiarity of your scent, your cat could choose to lay on your head. When cats identify our fragrance, they feel safe and at ease, and our heads give off various odors that are released by the glands on our scalp.

Why Does My Cat Lay By My Head?

Cats usually use their eyes to signal their emotions depending on how wide their eyelids are open. Laying close to your head allows them to easily communicate these emotions with you by being near your eyes.

Why Does My Cat Lay Above My Head?

Cats will often lay above your head because they probably like the warmth that comes from your head. Your hair also resembles the feel of animal fur, so they might like the sensation of nestling around it.

Why Does My Cat Sit On My Head?

The reason is mostly similar to a cat sitting on head with a cat laying around your head, and that is to seek warmth especially if it is a cold night.

Why Do Cats Sit Above Your Head?

As discussed above, cats sit above your head to seek affection, warmth, and security. They might also exhibit this behavior to protect you since it gives them a good vantage point to see what is going on around you.

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Face?

It is a sign of trust when a cat lays on face while you are both sleeping. My cat laying on my face is similar to the behavior of rubbing their bodies against something to mark their pheromones to signify that you are part of their colony.

When your cat laying on face gives you trouble because of an allergic reaction, you can train your cat to sleep in another location by giving him treats near his bed. 

You can also try turning slowly away when you feel that your cat is about to do this behavior. This way, you are not expressing dissatisfaction that would hurt your cat’s feelings who just wants some attention.

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Neck?

Your cat may lay on your neck while sleeping because they probably like the smell of your breath and head.

Cats have a very sensitive olfactory sense and the dinner you just ate or the scent of your shampoo may have aroused their curiosity.

Additionally, your breathing pattern might be calming to cats. Our chest movements and quiet, deep breaths we take while dozing off help relax and soothe our fuzzy friends.

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Neck And Purr?

Cats purr when they are very content. It is said that cats feel the most vulnerable when sleeping because of possible predators that might attack them. 

So, when a cat lays on your neck and purrs, it means they feel secure and safe in your presence. 

Why Does My Kitten Lay On My Neck?

Newly adopted kittens may still long for their mother’s company and laying on your neck somehow mimics the feeling they have when they are cared for by their mother. 

Sleeping on your neck may also make them feel less solitary after being separated from their litter mates. 

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Neck At Night?

Our cat likes to keep warm during the night and our exposed neck is the warmest area in our body they can snuggle onto. 

It is similar to when they sleep in a sunny spot during the day to make up for the drop in their body temperature while napping.

Why Does My Cat Lay Across My Neck?

It all boils down to territory. When your cat lays across your neck, they are imprinting their scent on you which makes them feel secure and comfortable.

Why Does My Cat Sit On My Neck?

Your cat is probably calling to your attention to something he needs if he sits on your neck. You may have forgotten to feed your cat or their water bowl needs to be refilled. The behavior may be accompanied by some meowing or even pawing.

So, Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head, Face and Neck?

The ultimate reason why your cat loves sleeping on or near your head, face, and neck is because they trust you.

The strong bond you have formed with your cat makes them feel great affection for you to the point that they feel confident enough to snuggle near your face. 

If the behavior is giving you some sleepless nights, you can discourage the habit by gently introducing them to their own bed by tempting them with cat treats and not through punishment.

Related Questions

What does it mean when a cat sleeps on your head?

It simply means your cat trusts you and feels secure during their vulnerable sleeping state.

Why does my cat sleep on my neck and head?

Your cat sleeps on your neck and head to keep warm, especially during cold nights.

How can you tell if a cat has imprinted on you?

A cat most probably has imprinted themselves to you if they have the predilection to follow you around and be near you, as well as, other behaviors such as kneading their paws on you or making purring noises in your presence.

Why does my cat want to sleep on my face?

Your cat would most likely want to sleep on your face because they love your scent and they have formed a strong bond with you.

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