Why Does My Cat Sleep Under The Covers? 10 Reasons Why!

Why Does My Cat Sleep Under The Covers? Cats like sleeping under the covers for several reasons. The most common explanation for such behavior includes the hiding impulse, stress, or illness. Cats sleep under blankets for warmth, comfort and to spend time with their owners. Cats also like being under blankets during playtime.

A lot of feline habits can be confusing to their owners. Like when your furry friend decides to spend hours sleeping under the covers.  If you’re curious why your cat has suddenly developed a liking for fluffy blankets, we can help! This article will provide detailed explanations as to why your fur baby likes snoozing under the covers, any possible dangers involved, and more.

If your cat sleeps near your feet under the blanket or likes cuddling at your side, it’s generally a sign of trust. However, sometimes, a change in sleeping habits can spell trouble. No need for anxiety, though, because we’ll provide you with all the information you need about cats, covers, and what it all means.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Under The Covers With Me?

Cat Sleeps Under The Covers
Why Does My Cat Like Sleeping Under The Covers?

Does your Google search history contain queries like, ‘Why does my cat want to sleep under the covers?’ or even ‘Why is my cat sleeping on my head?‘ 

If so, welcome to the world of cat parenting. Let’s explain why cat sleeps under covers. 

Felines can take to snoozing under bedspreads when seeking safety, warmth, comfort, or feeling under the weather. Sometimes, your furry friend will disappear under the bed coverings during playtime or when it’s time for a quick nap.

Fur babies are also known to snuggle under the blankets with their owners because they’re marking their territory, feeling anxious or scared.

You’ll be able to deduce why your feline has taken to the habit with observation skills and some logic. 

For example, if it’s bedtime, and your cat comes running to your bedroom and wiggles under the cover, he’s trying to tell you that he’s ready to sleep, just like you are.

Or if your cat sleeps under the covers during the day around the same time, it’s one of your fuzzy friend’s favorite napping hideouts. 

So, if you’re like me and have been asking, “why my cat sleeps under the covers with me?,” there are multiple explanations, and you need to do some deducing to figure out what it is. Thankfully, we’re here to help you out.

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Why Does My Cat Like To Sleep Under The Covers?

Cat Sleeps Under Covers
Why Do Cats Like Sleeping Under Blankets?

If you’re part of the ‘my cat likes to sleep under the covers with me’ group, here are ten reasons why your fur baby behaves the way he does. 

1. Warmth

Cats like to sleep under the covers because it provides them warmth, which can be especially comforting during colder months. If it’s cold out and you catch your cats sleeping under covers, he’s simply trying to get toasty warm for naptime. 

2. Security

Felines in the wild seek cover to protect themselves from predators or when they’re in the process of hunting. The hiding impulse or instinct is embedded behavior passed on to your kitty cat from his furry ancestors. 

Being under the covers can give cats a sense of security and protection, as they are hidden away from potential dangers.

3. Protection and Comfort

The feeling of snuggling up in a cozy spot is comforting for cats, and sleeping under the covers provides them with an extra layer of protection and security from lurking dangers. 

4. Habit

Cats are creatures of habit, and if they discover that being under the bedspread provides them with uninterrupted sleep time, they’ll continue to do so until they no longer like it. 

5. Bonding

I often find myself wondering why my cat sleeps under the covers. If your cat likes to sleep under the covers only with you, he’s likely trying to bond with you.

Felines often have a designated favorite human, and if you qualify for that enviable position, your fur baby will find means of trying to let you know how much you mean to it.

Also, here’s a little tidbit of info about cat affection. If you often ask yourself, ‘Why my cat sleeps on my pillow?,’ it’s just another way your furry friend is seeking your attention and company. 

6. Reduced light and noise

Sleeping under the covers can reduce the amount of light and noise your cat is exposed to, making it easier for him to fall asleep and stay asleep.

7. Escape from stress

If your furry friend is feeling stressed or overwhelmed, sleeping under the covers can provide them with a safe space to escape from the stressors of the outside world. It’s the kitty equivalent of hiding from their worries. 

8. Illness

Cats feeling under the weather will generally seek hidden corners or seclusion to try and feel better. If you notice accompanying red flags like inappetence, vomiting, loose stools, or going outside the litter box, your fluffy friend isn’t feeling well and requires a trip to the vet. 

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9. Playtime

It’s not uncommon for kittens to find a hiding spot they utilize during playtime. It’s the feline equivalent of playing hide and seek. 

10. Instinct

Cats are natural burrowers, and sleeping under the covers is a behavior that is instinctual for many feline species.

So, if you’ve been scouring the internet for answers as to why my cat likes to sleep under the covers, it’s natural for some felines to behave this way. 

Why Does My Cat Go Under The Covers?

My Cat Sleeps Under The Covers With Me
Can my cat suffocate under the covers?

Cats are known for their quirky behavior, and one of their most curious habits is crawling under the covers. That’s why the internet is full of answers to the query, ‘Why does my cat get under the covers with me?’

While it may seem strange to us, there are various reasons why cats enjoy hiding under blankets and sheets. One theory is that felines feel safe and secure under the covers. 

In the wild, cats often seek out small, enclosed spaces to hide and rest in, and the feeling of being surrounded by a soft, warm blanket may be similar to this instinctive behavior.

Being under the covers can also help to block out light and strange sounds and create a peaceful, relaxing environment for your fur baby.

Another possibility is that cats enjoy being warm and cozy. They have a higher body temperature than humans and seek warm places to curl up in. The space under the covers can easily trap body heat and create a toasty, comfortable spot for your cat to nap. 

Finally, some kitties may enjoy being close to their owner while maintaining privacy. Crawling under the covers lets your cat be near you without being fully exposed, making them feel more secure and relaxed.

So, while the topic of cat under covers may initially seem bizarre, there’s generally a good reason for such behavior. 

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Why Does My Cat Like To Go Under The Covers?

Why Does My Cat Like Sleeping Under Blankets
Do Cats Like To Be Under Blankets?

Our fur babies tend to surprise us with their behavior day in and day out. If your kitty cat has suddenly developed the strange habit of hiding under bed covers, here are some possible explanations for such behavior. 

Your Cat Is Feeling Sleepy

One of the prime reasons why felines like snuggling under covers is sleep. Being under blankets or bedspreads makes your pet feel safe, keeps the light out, and helps keep it warm. What’s not to like about a napping spot like that?

Your Cat Is Seeking Comfort

Cats can have good and bad days. Sometimes, they like finding a hiding place that’s warm and cozy to feel better. This type of behavior is common in situations of change.

For example, if you’ve recently relocated or added another pet to the household, your kitty may feel upset for a few days. 

Your Cat Wants to Bond

If your fur baby only takes to the covers if you’re there too, he’s trying to bond with you. Some feline breeds are very human-friendly and love spending time with their owners. These include Persians, Ragdolls, and Maine Coons to name a few.

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This makes them likely to frequent places where you spend a sizable amount of time, like your bed. 

Your Cat May Be Unwell

Felines don’t like to be around people when they’re feeling unwell. Generally, cats feeling ill will find a hidden spot to sleep in until they feel more like themselves.

If your cat displays worrying symptoms like lack of appetite, excessive sneezing, vomiting, or diarrhea, it’s time for a vet visit to see what’s wrong with your furry pal.

Why Does My Cat Crawl Under The Covers?

Cats are naturally inclined to be curious and playful, and they often find comfort in small spaces. Crawling under the covers may be a way for your cat to feel safe and secure, as it mimics the feeling of being in a den or hiding spot. 

Felines are also susceptible to temperature and enjoy the warmth generated by being under the covers.

Furthermore, they’re creatures of habit and may have learned that crawling under the covers brings comfort and relaxation.

It is important to note that while it is generally safe for cats to crawl under the covers, it is vital to be aware of your cat’s behavior and to monitor them closely. 

Always ensure your cat has a way to escape if they become uncomfortable, and avoid letting them stay under the covers for extended periods.

If you have concerns about your cat’s behavior or health, it is always best to consult a veterinarian.

3 Different Types of Cats

Up to now, we’ve focused on why cats like sliding in under your bed covers. But are there any types of felines likelier to display such behavior than others? The answer is yes!

Some fur babies are more prone to acting this way. Here are the who’s and why’s.


Kittens or young cats are more susceptible to temperature. In fact, kittens can only self-regulate their body temperature when they’re over a month old.

Before then, they depend on their momma cat to keep them warm. 

If your fur baby is still a fledgling and hasn’t developed his adult coat, he’s more prone to the open elements. If the temperature drops, your pet will seek out ways to keep warm, and one such method is crawling under the covers. 

Senior Cats

Felines in their golden years tend to develop health complications that can interfere with their body heat regulation.

Other times, the weakness that comes with old age can make them susceptible to the cold. 

That’s why it’s not uncommon for older cats to seek external ways to keep warm. For example, you might catch your senior fur baby sleeping under the covers or napping near a fireplace. 

Hairless Cats

If you’re the proud owner of a hairless cat like a Sphynx or a Devon Rex, you may find your fuzzy friend looking for warmer spots more than other breeds.

Hairless cats don’t have the advantage of a full coat of fur to keep them warm, so the slightest temperature change can send them scrambling for warmth. 

Is It Safe For My Cat To Sleep Under The Covers?

Many cat parents wonder whether it’s safe for their feline friend to sleep under the covers. The answer is that it depends on a few factors.

If your cat likes to sleep under covers, ensuring enough air circulation under the covers is essential. If your fur baby is sleeping under heavy blankets, he could potentially suffocate. 

Additionally, if your cat has any respiratory issues or is overweight, it may not be safe for him to sleep under the covers.

If you do allow your pet to sleep under the covers, be sure to check on them periodically to make sure that they are breathing comfortably.

As with any sleeping arrangement, it is vital to prioritize your cat’s safety and comfort.

Can My Cat Breathe Under The Covers?

Feline enthusiasts with cats that like snoozing under bed covers often ask, “Can cats breathe under the covers?”

If you’ve been wondering the same, you’ll be happy to know that cats sleeping under blankets can be quite safe, provided the covers are made from breathable and lightweight materials. 

The heavier and thicker the cover material is, the more dangerous it’ll be for your furry friend’s air circulation. That’s why investing in a cover that offers extensive airflow is best if your pet is a dedicated snuggler. 

This is even more true for kittens, senior cats, and felines suffering from a health condition. 

If your fur baby refuses to give up sleeping under the covers, it’s also a good idea to keep checking on them while they nap. Also, ensure they have a quick escape route and aren’t tangled up in the blanket in any way. 

How Can My Cat Breathe Under The Covers?

If you’re a cat owner, you may have noticed that your feline snuggles up under the blankets with you. While it might seem like they can suffocate, cats have a few tricks that allow them to breathe comfortably.

First, cats are obligate nasal breathers, primarily breathing through their noses. This differs from humans, who can switch to mouth breathing if necessary.

When a cat is under the covers, he can still breathe through his nose, even if his mouth is covered.

Second, cats have a unique adaptation called the nasopalatine duct, which connects the back of their mouth to their nasal passages. This duct allows cats to breathe through their mouth and nose simultaneously, which is helpful in situations where their nose might be blocked.

However, despite these advantages, sleeping under heavy blankets can be dangerous for felines. Lightweight covers allow airflow, whereas heavy materials don’t offer air circulation and should be avoided. 

So, Will My Cat Suffocate Under The Covers?

While it is true that cats can sometimes get themselves into dangerous situations, suffocation under the covers is unlikely.

Most cats can move around and change their position if they feel uncomfortable or if the air supply is limited. 

However, it is still important to be cautious and aware of your cat’s behavior when they’re under the covers and invest in light blankets that allow air circulation and movement.

If your cat seems distressed or has trouble breathing, removing the covers immediately is best.

Do Cats Sleep Under Blankets?

Yes, cats love to cuddle with blankets. And cats sleeping under blankets is perfectly safe for your beautiful felines. Naturally, there are bound to be some sound reasons why your cat sleeps under blanket covers.

Blankets are soft, snug and contain the scent of their pet parents. Nothing makes a furry friend more secure and safe than the blanket of their pet paw-rents.

So, if you’re wondering why your cat sleeps under blanket with me, it’s because it likes to.

Why Do Cats Sleep Under Blankets?

Many first-time parents often ask, “Why does my cat sleep under my blanket?” Cats are cautious little beings, ever watchful for their well-being. 

Sleeping under your blanket or sleeping under the blanket with you makes your furry friend feel protected. And, if your cat likes to sleep under blanket, particularly yours, it’s showing you its preference. 

Also, cats sleep under blankets to mark their territory. It’s the standard way for felines to claim their space. Familiarity with any area and scent is necessary for cats. 

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep Under Blankets?

Cat likes sleeping under blanket as it can serve as a time for fun and frolic.

Some cats like to battle it out with the corners of the blankets, other fluff balls like to jump under and over the blankets, and some even go so far as to drag their favorite blankets around the house.

Many pet parents will admit this: my cat likes sleeping under blankets! It’s a feline version of playing peekaboo with their loved ones.

Can Cats Sleep Under Blankets?

Why Do Some Cats Like To Sleep Under Blankets
Can My Cat Sleep Under My Blanket?

It is a universally acknowledged truth that your cat will never cease to amaze you. While it may appear to you that sleeping under a blanket may pose a threat to your fur baby’s life, there is not much for you to worry about. 

Cats have a very high level of sense of self-preservation. Statistically, there are next-to-zero cases where cats were suffocated or harmed simply by sleeping under blankets.

Many cat sleep under blanket(s) as they feel a sense of security. And if you find your cat suddenly sleeping under blankets, it may be that your cat is looking for a cozy and risk-free spot where it can catch some zzz without being bothered.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Under The Blanket?

Some new cat parents may not know that cats turn to sleep under blankets when they are feeling under the weather.

So, if you’re curious and have a query about why my cat sleeps under the blankets, you should find out if your furry friend is feeling okay. 

Under certain circumstances, when you find your fur baby continuously residing under your blanket and you just can’t help but ask, “Why does my cat sleep under the blankets with me?” It may be that your kitty cat is feeling slightly depressed and finds your presence reassuring.

Do Cats Like Being Under Blankets?

You can bet your bottom dollar that cats like being under blankets. Nothing and no one can force any kitty cat alive to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

So, if you discover your cat under blanket, he’s there because he wants to be.

Renowned feline experts state that if pet parents don’t understand the phenomena of ‘my cat likes to sleep under the blankets,’ they need more time to get better acquainted with their new family members.

Why Do Cats Like Being Under Blankets?

Why Do Cats Like To Be Under Blankets
Why Does My Cat Like Being Under Blankets?

Your kitty cat, given the chance to verbalize his thoughts, would ask you, why not. Blankets are super relaxing, provide an excellent spot for exercise and games, carry the smell of the humans they like, and are reminiscent of their mother’s fur.

All in all, cat sleeps under blanket(s) as it gives them an ideal place to cuddle and feel safe.

However, if you want to know why your cat enjoys being under blankets, you should know that your fur baby is not acting out of character. 

Most felines appreciate the willowy feel of blankets, and most appreciate sleeping, hiding, and nestling under blankets.

One day, you might catch your cats under blankets making biscuits and licking your blanket enthusiastically. Moreover, my cat sleeps under blanket with me phenomenon isn’t rare. 

Why Do Cats Go Under Blankets?

Why Does My Cat Go Under The Blanket
Why Do Cats Like To Go Under Blankets?

In most cases, kittens tend to go under blankets to knead the blankets, lick them and make biscuits on them. It’s a force of habit.

You see, kittens knead their mother’s breasts for milk and make biscuits on their mother’s tummy to show love. It’s an instinct of sorts.

They feel more warmth, less sense of being watched, and a better protective environment under the blankets.

Cats also dislike being under constant surveillance and enjoy their alone time. And being under the blanket provides the perfect getaway.

Why Do Cats Like Going Under Blankets?

Cats love a safe and familiar spot specially reserved for them. Blankets offer your kitty cats just that. Furthermore, cats like their break time too. After a short episode of the zoomies, cats like settling in a nice, quiet space. 

Going under the blanket means dimmed lights, muted sounds, warmth, and fewer chances of being discovered.

Blankets also give felines the much-wanted escape from being petted and babied by their humans.

Do Cats Like To Sleep Under Blankets?

Cats like to sleep everywhere. They can sleep on the top of cabinets, inside the bath tub, between window sills and laptop screens.

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But a blanket offers far more security, comfort, safety, warmness, and a sense of association than any other resting spot.

Is It Safe For Cats To Sleep Under Blankets?

Cats do fine under blankets. An adult cat will only venture under any material, especially a blanket if he feels safe.

But being a concerned pet parent means you ought to ensure that your blankets are made of breathable fabric.

Also, the blankets shouldn’t be heavy, making it difficult for your cat to maneuver under or get out.

Can Cats Breathe Under Blankets?

It’s a common saying that cats have nine lives. If you’ve had cats for long, you realize that cats have the fantastic tendency and skill to extricate themselves from unbelievably tight spots. 

Speaking of blankets and cats, it’s wise for pet parents to opt for blankets made of natural fiber that are lightweight and breathable.

By doing so, you’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your fur baby enjoys his time under blankets without danger.

How Long Can Cats Breathe Under Blankets?

There’s no way to be sure how long a cat can breathe under blankets. However, when dealing with matters that could potentially threaten your fur baby, it’s best to err on the side of caution. 

If your furry friend loves sleeping under blankets, buy one that’s breathable and easy for your cat to move in. Besides that, always monitor your pet when sleeping under bedspreads to ensure he’s doing fine. 

How Do Cats Breathe Under Blankets?

Felines have unique respiratory systems that allow them to breathe efficiently, even in cramped spaces. They have a flexible rib cage and a powerful diaphragm that lets them inhale and exhale more deeply.

Also, cats have a high tolerance for carbon dioxide, allowing them to breathe in a limited air supply for a longer period.

When under blankets, cats can regulate their breathing rate to ensure they are getting enough oxygen.

Can Cats Suffocate Under Blankets?

Cats love to curl up in cozy blankets for warmth and security, but is it safe for them to do so?

While felines can potentially suffocate under blankets, it is unlikely to happen if the blanket is not too thick and the cat can move freely.

It is also crucial to monitor your pet while they’re under a blanket to ensure their safety.

So, Is It Ok For Cats To Sleep Under Blankets?

Cats love to snuggle under blankets with their owners, but should you let them?

While sleeping under the covers generally poses no danger to healthy cats, there are potential risks, such as overheating or suffocation.

To ensure your fur baby doesn’t suffer any ill effects from sleeping under blankets, ensure the cover is lightweight and allows plenty of air circulation.

It’s essential to monitor your cat’s behavior and make sure they are comfortable and safe while sleeping under blankets.

This is twice as true when dealing with kittens, senior cats, or cats suffering from health conditions. 

Is It Normal For Cats To Sleep Under Blankets?

It is pretty standard for felines to sleep under blankets. Many cats prefer to sleep in warm, cozy, and enclosed spaces. This behavior is embedded in their instincts to seek shelter and safety.

Why Does My Cat Burrow Under Blankets?

Why Does My Cat Like To Sleep Under My Blanket
Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets?

A cat burrows under blankets for various reasons, including comfort and security. Burrowing can help them regulate their body temperature and feel safe and protected from outside stimuli. 

Additionally, cat burrowing under blankets can be a form of play or to create a cozy sleeping environment. Some cats also have a natural instinct to hide or seek shelter in small, enclosed spaces, making blankets a perfect option.

Do Cats Need Blankets?

Cats naturally seek warmth and comfort, making soft blankets tempting for many pet owners. While some felines may enjoy snuggling with a cozy blanket, others may not have a preference.

It’s best to observe your cat’s behavior and provide them with a sleeping option they’re comfortable with. 

Why Do Cats Need Blankets?

Cats can take to soft blankets for various reasons. Young kittens often snuggle in blankets because the texture reminds them of their mother’s fur.

Conversely, senior cats like napping on or under blankets because they provide warmth and comfort. 

Felines can also take to sleeping under covers because it helps them feel safe, blocks out noise and light, and helps calm their anxieties. 

Do Cats Like Blankets On Them?

Cats are known for their love of warmth, so blankets can comfort them.

However, some cats may not enjoy being covered or restricted. It ultimately depends on the individual feline’s tastes and personality.

Do Cats Like Blankets Over Them?

Cats are unique. So, it’s impossible to say all felines like blankets over them.

However, some fur babies love the comfort and warmth that soft covers can provide.

On the flip side, cats with double coats may not like being covered with bedspreads because it makes them feel too warm. 

Do Cats Like To Be Covered With A Blanket?

Do cats like to be covered up? Some cats certainly love being able to get cozy under a soft and plushy cover.

However, some felines hate the sensation of being covered and unable to see what’s happening around them.

So, at the end of the day, whether a kitty likes being covered depends on his likes and dislikes. 

Do Cats Like Being Wrapped In Blankets?

Letting your cat sleep under a light and breathable blanket is fine, but allowing them to be tangled or wrapped in it is another matter.

Cats need plenty of space to move under covers to ensure they have enough air and can exit quickly if it gets too warm. 

Being tangled in a blanket can be risky as it restricts your pet’s movement and reduces airflow.

So, if you notice your fur baby sleeping a little too snugly, move the blanket around until your pet’s arms and legs are free, and there’s an opening for air circulation. 

Cat Sleeps Under Blanket Between Legs: Is this normal?

If your search history contains the terms ‘cat sleeps under blanket between legs,’ the good news is that it is normal for cats to behave this way.

It’s your feline’s way of telling you, ‘I’m here for a cuddle to show how much I love you.’ Though, if things are getting uncomfortable, you can gently slide your fur baby to a safer spot for both of you. 

So, Why Does My Cat Sleep Under The Covers?

To wrap up, kitty cats like sleeping under the covers because of their instincts (hunting and hiding), to get warm and comfortable, to block off lights and noises, and to bond with their humans. 

Felines will also take to sleeping under blankets when anxious or unwell. If your fur baby hasn’t been eating or acting lethargic, it’s best to take him to the vet for a quick check-up.

Besides, there’s generally nothing wrong with cats wanting to sleep under the covers, and it’s standard behavior among the species. 

Related Questions

Why does my cat get under the bed covers?

Your pet could be getting under the bed covers to hide, play, or seek warmth. Felines are also known to snuggle under blankets for a quick nap.

Why does my cat like it under the blanket?

Cats like going under the blankets because it helps block out light and sounds and is well-covered, making them feel safe.

Where your cat sleeps on your bed and what it means?

You’ll be happy to know felines sleeping on the bed are generally very close to their owners. Be it sleeping by the feet or around the head board, it’s your pet’s way of showing love and affection.

Why does my cat always sleep next to me?

If your cat always likes sleeping next to you, it shows your pet is extremely close to you and feels safe with you. Felines don’t show trust easily, but when they do, they know you love them.

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