Seal Point Ragdoll: Complete Guide

One of the most beautiful and adorable cat breeds around is the Ragdoll. Ragdolls are known for their docile and almost puppy-like behavior and they are quite placid when held.

Ragdolls come in different colors and coat patterns, with the Seal Point Ragdoll being the most common and popular. The other Ragdoll coat colors, which are recognized by most cat associations are red, chocolate, blue, lilac, and cream.

Most cat associations recognize coat patterns such as the Seal Lynx Ragdoll, colorpoint, and bicolor, plus the lynx and tortie variations of each pattern.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deeply into the Seal Point Ragdolls. We will learn about their different coat variations, personality and temperament, how to take care of them. If you’re planning on adding a Seal Point Ragdoll to your family, we’ve included tips on how to look for the right breeder.

Seal Point Ragdoll: Breed overview

Other namesSeal Ragdoll
Weight 15 – 20 pounds 
Height9 – 11 inches 
Coat ColorsBrown, Light Brown, White 
Child FriendlinessHigh 
Feline FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyModerate
Grooming UpkeepModerate – High
Exercise NeedsLow- Moderate 
Lifespan12 – 16 years 
Kitty Costs$800 – $3,000

What is a Seal Point Ragdoll? What does “Seal Point” mean in Ragdolls?

Ragdoll Pointed Seal
Seal Point Cat Ragdoll

A Seal Point Cat Ragdoll is one of the recognized variations of the Ragdoll with dark brown points in her extremities and a light brown body coat color. They are the most common type of Ragdoll, with the Blue Ragdoll coming next. 

“Seal” refers to the brownish-black coloration of the fur, while the “point” refers to the body’s extremities – face, nose, ears, legs, paws, and tail. Thus, a Seal Point Ragdoll is one that has dark brownish-black coloration on its points.

Seal Point Ragdoll Cat physical appearance

Ragdoll Pointed Seal, like all Ragdolls, is a large breed of domesticated cat with a long, rectangular body and proportional legs. The head is broad with rounded muzzles and ears that are widely spaced.

The eyes are large and round which are icy to dark blue in color.

The nose and paw pads match the color of their points, which is dark brown. The tail is long and bushy.

The coat is moderately long and consists mainly of guard hairs with a very minimal undercoat or none at all. There is considerable thickness around the neck or ruffing, and also towards the tail.

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Seal Point Ragdoll genetics

There are two (2) genes that determine the seal color of the Ragdoll.

  • “B” gene for black/dark brown.
  • “D” gene for color dilution.

Both these genes have two (2) possible alleles whether they are dominant, expressed as “B” or “D,” or recessive, expressed as “b” or “d.”

In order for the seal color to be expressed, the Seal Point Ragdoll offsprings must have one of the following in their genes:

  • BBDD.
  • BBDd.
  • BbDD.
  • BbDd.

An offspring with a “bb” gene will have a chocolate color point, while a “dd” will produce one of the diluted colors, namely, blue, lilac, and cream.

The easiest way to achieve a Seal Ragdoll is to cross two (2) Seal Ragdolls. However, deducting from the many possible combinations, seals can also be produced from a blue or chocolate Ragdoll crossed with a seal or a blue crossed with a chocolate Ragdoll.

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Are Seal Point Ragdolls rare?

No, Seal Point Ragdolls are not rare owing to their dominant genes. Although some patterns of the Seal Ragdoll, like the mitted or bicolor, are less common than the seal colorpoint.

Seal Point Ragdoll Color progression

All Seal Point Ragdolls are born white. Their color and pattern will start to appear at around 2 weeks of age and will continue to develop until 2 to 4 years of age.

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Various Seal Point Ragdoll colors and patterns

The Seal Point Ragdoll has dark brown points in the face, ears, legs, paws, and tail. The body coat color can range from light to medium brown.

The points can come in three (3) different patterns, namely, the colorpoint, the mitted, and the bicolor which can either be solid or shaded, like the lynx.

The Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll is the classic Ragdoll color and pattern with solid dark brown points in the face, ears, legs, and tail. 

Seal lynx Point Ragdoll

Seal Point lynx Ragdoll
Seal lynx Point Ragdoll

Seal Point Lynx Ragdoll is similar to the traditional Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll except that her points have a tabby pattern. Ragdoll Seal Lynx Point has the characteristic ‘M’ pattern on the forehead which is a striped pattern of light and dark colors. 

Ragdoll Seal Tabby Point will also have ears that are dark brown with a pale thumbprint in the center. Additionally, Lynx Seal Point Ragdoll has white eyeliners on the edge of their eyes.

The Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat has a body coat color that is cream to light brown. The shading around the tummy and chest of a Seal Point Lynx Ragdoll Cat is a very pale cream.

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The nose of a Seal tabby Point Ragdoll can be dark brown or dark brown with pink edges. The paw pads of a Seal Point tabby Ragdoll are also seal or dark brown.

Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll kittens are born white with colors starting to show as early as 2 weeks. Seal Point Lynx Ragdoll kitten inherited the ‘agouti’ gene which gives it the tabby striping

Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll kitten, similar to all Ragdolls, will grow in spurts from the moment they are born until they reach 4 years of age.

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Seal lynx Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Seal Lynx Point Bicolor Ragdoll have an inverted ‘V’ mask marking on the face. The tabby dark points are confined to the side of the face, forehead, ears, and tail. They usually sport a ‘saddle’ marking on their back.

The legs and feet of a bicolor Ragdoll are also white, as well as, their chin, chest, and belly. 

Seal lynx Point mitted Ragdoll

Seal Lynx Point mitted Ragdoll has tabby points in the ears, face, and tail except that their paws are colored white. The white in the front paws extends up to their ankles, while the back paws can extend up to their upper leg. 

Seal Point mitted Ragdoll

mitted Seal Point Ragdoll
Seal Point mitted Ragdoll

Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Cat sports dark brown points on the face, ears, and tail. Seal Point Ragdoll Mitted has front and back paws that are white. 

The white fur in the front paws of a Ragdoll Cat Seal Point Mitted extends to the ankles only, while their back paws will have white furs that run up to their upper leg. This gives the Mitted Seal Point Ragdoll the appearance that it is wearing a glove on the front paws and high pants on the rear legs.

Ragdoll Seal Point Mitted also exhibits a white patch under the chin that extends down her chest and belly. Some Ragdoll Mitted Seal Point has a white blaze between the nose and eyes that can be diamond-shaped or just a simple strip.

Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll kitten is also born white with color points darkening as they mature. Mitted Seal Point Ragdoll kitten has the characteristic blue eyes of Ragdolls.

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Seal Point mink Ragdoll

Mink Seal Point Ragdoll has thicker and darker body coat color than traditional Ragdolls with dark brown points. Mink Seal Point Ragdoll kitten is not born white, but rather with a light brown body coat that will darken as they age. 

In general, Mink Ragdolls are descended from the same Ragdolls originated by Ann Baker, but they are not officially recognized by cat associations because they do not follow the traditional Ragdoll characteristics.

Seal Point mitted mink Ragdoll

This variation is the same as the Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll except their body coat color is thicker and darker.

Seal Point vs Seal mitted Ragdoll

The main difference between Seal Point and Seal mitted Ragdoll is that Seal Point Ragdolls have dark brown points on the face, ears, legs, paws, and tail, while the Seal Mitted Ragdolls will have white fur on their paws.

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Blue Seal Point Ragdoll 

Seal Point Blue Ragdoll have dark brown points. The body coat of the blue Seal Point Ragdoll Cat is light gray in color. Ragdoll Blue Seal Point has blue eyes and, like all Ragdolls, Blue Seal Point Ragdoll kitten is born white.

Blue Point vs Seal Point Ragdoll

The main difference between Blue Point and Seal Point Ragdoll is that Blue Point Ragdoll has gray color in their points while Seal Point Ragdoll has a dark brown coloring. 

Chocolate Seal Point Ragdoll

Ragdoll Chocolate Seal Point will have dark brown points with a light chocolate body coat. Chocolate Seal Point Ragdoll kittens are similarly born white and will develop color as they mature.

Seal Point vs chocolate Point Ragdoll

The main difference between Seal Point and Chocolate Point Ragdoll is that Seal Point is a dark brown that is almost black in its points while Chocolate Point Ragdoll is brown with a reddish tinge coloring in the points.

Lilac Seal Point Ragdoll

Lilac Seal Point Ragdoll has dark brown points with a light gray-pinkish body coat.

Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Ragdoll Seal Point bicolor or Seal Bicolor Ragdoll has dark brown points in the ears, side of the face, and legs. What sets it apart from the Seal Colorpoint is that the Bicolor Seal Point Ragdoll has an inverted white ‘V’ mark on the front of its face.

Bicolor Seal Point Ragdoll can also have brown coloring on their back, called a ‘saddle’, which can extend to their tail. The hair under the chin of the Ragdoll bicolor Seal Point is white that extends down to the chest and belly.

Seal Point bicolor Ragdoll Cat has pink paw pads and leather noses.

A variation of the Bicolor Seal Point Ragdoll Cat is the Seal Van Pattern Ragdoll with dark brown points restricted to the ears, side of face, and tail with the rest of the body having a light color.

Seal Point bicolor Ragdoll kittens are similarly born white and have blue eyes which is one of the signature looks of the Ragdoll.

Seal Point sepia Ragdoll

Seal Point Sepia Ragdoll presents with a dark brown body coat and almost black points on the face, ears, legs, and tail. Unfortunately, they are not recognized as traditional Ragdolls and can have green and gold eyes aside from blue.

Seal Point tortie Ragdoll

Seal Tortie Point Ragdoll has dark brown points mottled with red or cream on their extremities. Tortie Seal Point Ragdoll exhibits a cream to light brown body coat that goes lighter around the chest and stomach area.

Ragdoll Seal Tortie Point presents with dark brown nose and paw pads that can have spots of pink. They are mostly females since the red and brown colors are carried separately by the two X chromosomes.

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Seal tortie lynx Point Ragdoll

Seal Tortie Lynx Point Ragdoll has dark brown points with stripes of red or cream in the tabby pattern. The body coat is pale to light brown that can have stripes of light and dark colors.

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Dark Seal Point Ragdoll

Since the seal color is dark brown, the Seal Point is sometimes referred to as Dark Seal Point Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Seal Point size, height, and weight

Adult Seal Point Ragdoll reaches maturity by age four. Like most Ragdolls, Seal Point Ragdoll adult is one of the larger domesticated cat breeds, together with the Maine Coon and the Savannah.

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Male Seal Point Ragdoll is typically taller and heavier than female Seal Point Ragdoll.

Seal Point male Ragdoll can reach a height of 9 to 11 inches, while the Seal Point female Ragdoll at 7 to 10 inches. Seal Point Ragdoll male also tends to be slightly longer in length than females.

HeightWeight Length 
Male9 – 11 inches 15 – 20 pounds 17 – 21 inches 
Female7 – 9 inches 18 – 19 pounds 17 – 19 inches

Seal Point Ragdoll personality and temperament

The Ragdoll cat is one of the charismatic breeds in the cat world.  She is gentle and has a very mellow personality. She is good and very patient with kids and will not pass up on playtime.

She is not known to be destructive and aggressive and in fact, is more comfortable staying on the lower ground. 

A Seal Point Ragdoll shows her affection by following her owners around the house and she may also ask to be rubbed under her chin and behind the ears. 

Seal Point Ragdolls training

Seal Point Ragdolls are generally intelligent and are not challenging to train. But you have to follow some methods such as a reward training method or the clicker-training method.

Regardless of which you choose, always remember to be kind to your cat and at all costs, do not act harshly in case she fails to follow your commands. 

SealPoint Ragdoll exercise requirement

A light form of exercise of about 20 minutes a day is sufficient to keep her healthy. Indulge her in chaser games or a game of fetch to keep those extra pounds away. 

Seal Point Ragdoll Cats grooming and cleaning

Cats are notorious for hating water but still, you have to give your Seal Point Ragdoll a good bath once a month. To make her love bath time, make sure to use lukewarm water and avoid irritating her eyes with shampoo.

Speaking of shampoo, be sure to use a mild and organic cat shampoo so as not to strip the natural oil off of her skin. 

If bathing can be done once a month, such is not the case with brushing. When it comes to brushing your Seal Point Ragdoll’s coat, do it as often as you can to control the amount of fur she sheds.

Don’t use any ordinary brush. Instead, Furminator de-shedding tool is a good choice because it is effective in controlling shedding by as much as 90%.

A slicker brush is another perfect choice for grooming a Seal Point Ragdoll. 

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency
Hair Brushing3 – 4x weekly.
Nail TrimmingAs needed.
Teeth Brushing2 – 3x weekly.
BathingOnce a month.
Eye CareCheck weekly.
Ear CareCheck weekly.

Seal ColorPoint Ragdoll food and diet

Wet or canned food is the best choice for a Seal Point Ragdoll. This is because wet cat food contains more water which is the ideal food for cats that are prone to kidney and bladder problems.

Be sure not to overfeed her. The ideal portion would be ½ cup to ¾ cup of food, given in two (2) portions each day.

Seal Point Ragdoll health issues

Unfortunately, Ragdolls are vulnerable to gene-related health problems such as these four (4) below:

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease

Some Seal Point Ragdolls may be born with small cysts inside the kidneys that grow bigger as they age. There is no cure for this disease, it can be managed through medications or a low-purine diet. 

2. Hairballs

Ragdolls are obsessive-compulsive when it comes to cleanliness. But frequent grooming of their long fur causes the formation of hairballs in the stomach. Ideally, your Ragdolls would be able to throw up those hairballs. However, if they’re not able to, your veterinarian may have to prescribe laxatives to get rid of those hairballs. 

3. Bladder Stones

Aside from breed disposition, poor diet and lack of water intake are the causes of bladder stones. Surgery is the only treatment option for this disease.

4. Obesity

A Seal Point Ragdoll is on the lazy side, hence, she is predisposed to gain weight. Obesity can cause diabetes and liver problems. 

Seal Point Ragdoll lifespan

The life expectancy of a Seal Point Ragdoll is 12 to 16 years

Seal Point Ragdoll breeders

Not sure what to look for in Seal Point cat breeders that should be ethical and responsible? Here are some tips for you:

  • They are members of local and international cat associations.
  • Their cats thrive in an underfoot environment which means they are not restricted to roaming around their homes. 
  • The kittens are fully vaccinated and dewormed.
  • The health certificates of the parents and the kittens are readily available.
  • They don’t sell their kittens in pet stores.

Seal Point Ragdoll kitten

When choosing Seal Point Ragdoll kittens, you have a choice if you like a pet-quality Ragdoll Seal Point kitten or a show-quality Seal Ragdoll kitten.

The difference between the two is that the show-quality kitten has perfect markings around her body that meet the standard of Ragdolls while a pet-quality has some minor faults such as misplaced markings. 

Seal Point Ragdoll price

The average price of a pet-quality Seal Point Ragdoll is $800.

If you prefer a show-quality cat, the price range plays around $2,500 to $3,000.

If you are shocked about the steep cost, you can go to a rescue center that has adoptable Ragdolls in search of loving families and a forever home.

After getting your kitten, here are the other expenses you have to be aware of. Some of these items are one-time expenses such as a cat carrier while other items need to be purchased on a regular basis. 

Kinds of Expenses Average Price 
Food & water bowls $20 – $30
Bed $20 – $30
Collar and leash $15 – $35
Litter box$70 – $100
Litter sand $15 – $30/month
Cat carrier $30 – $40
Grooming tools $20 – $60
Toys $10 – $25
Neutering or spaying $110
Microchipping $25
Vaccinations $160/year
Flea medications $30/month
Wellness examinations $100 – $200
Food $100/month
Cat treats$15/month

Seal Point Ragdoll rescue 

The good news for those who do not have the budget to buy an expensive Seal Point Ragdoll is that you can visit one of these two (2) rescue sites below to adopt a Seal Point Ragdoll at a much lower price.

You can visit Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue (, a non-profit organization founded in 1999. Purebred cats like Seal Point can be adopted for around $150 to $500. 

In the UK, you may want to visit Ragdoll Rescue ( where most, if not all, of the Ragdoll cats that are up for adoption are at least 2 years old and older. 

Places to find Seal Point Ragdoll kittens for sale

If you still haven’t found Seal Point Ragdoll kittens for sale near me, no worries because we’ve got you covered with a few breeders below. Some of them have shipping options, too. 

Ragdoll kitten Seal Point for sale Australia

Visit Blue Ridge Cattery ( where all the kittens for sale come with a one-year health guarantee. The average shipping cost is $350. 

Seal lynx Point Ragdoll kittens for sale New York

Want to check out Villaroyal Ragdolls ( You can get in touch with the breeder for any upcoming litter of Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll. 

Seal Point bicolor Ragdoll kittens for sale Texas

USA Ragdolls ( have available male Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll kittens for sale. 

Seal Point Ragdoll kittens for sale UK

If you live in the UK, you’ll want to visit the website of Ragzndreams Ragdolls ( The breeder recommends that you visit the available kittens after their first vaccinations, which is at 9 weeks of age. 

Seal Point Ragdoll kittens for sale Adelaide

Check out Amberglade Ragdolls ( This breeder is a member of The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia.

Finding a healthy Seal Point Ragdoll for sale

If you prefer getting an adult cat over a kitten, here are two (2) places where you can find an adult Seal Point Ragdoll Cat for sale.

Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls ( in located in California and they are a good place to get retired Seal Point Ragdolls. These adult cats are microchipped, neutered, and are in good health.

Purr Real Ragdolls ( in Canada may not have any adult Seal Point Ragdoll Cats for sale at this time, but you can fill out their adoption questionnaire to reserve. 

Seal Point Ragdoll Mix

A Seal Point Ragdoll is one of the popular breeds, hence, it’s not surprising to know that some breeders go to the extent of crossbreeding a Ragdoll with another purebred cat. There’s nothing wrong with the practice provided that it’s done within the ethical realm of ethical breeding practices, which is what responsible breeders do. 

Here are two popular Seal Point Ragdoll Mixes:

Seal Point Himalayan Ragdoll

Crossing a Seal Point Ragdoll with a Himalayan cat will most likely result in a moderately active cat breed yet possesses the friendly nature of a Seal Point Ragdoll. 

Seal Point Siamese Ragdoll

The other name for a Seal Point Ragdoll Siamese is a Ragamese cat.

It can be pretty hard to say precisely how the personality of a Seal Point Ragdoll Siamese mix will be. Depending on which gene is more dominant, a Seal Point Siamese Ragdoll Cat can either inherit the gentle and relaxed personality of a Ragdoll or he can also be as active as the Siamese parent. 

Seal Point Rag Doll: Pros and Cons

Each feline has its own undesirable traits, along with good ones. To summarize, here are the traits of a Seal Point Rag Doll that can help you decide if you will get one or not. 

Easy-going personality.Does not tolerate being isolated.
Great pet for children.Vulnerable to genetic related diseases.
Can co-exist peacefully with other pets. Gains weight easily.
Only needs minimal and light forms of exercise.Needs to be groomed often.
Playful and comical.Not ideal for allergy sufferers. 
Can be taught cat tricks.High-priced.

Is the Seal Point Ragdoll right for me?

A Seal Point Ragdoll is by nature, sweet-tempered that gets along fine with each member of the household, including other pets. However, she can be clingy and does not want to be alone, plus, she requires more grooming time compared with short-haired cats.

So, if you don’t mind brushing her and there’s a person in the house all the time, then yes, a Seal Point Ragdoll could be your ideal companion. 

Related Questions

How much do Seal Point Ragdolls cost?

Seal Point Ragdolls can cost between $800 and $3,000. It also depends on whether you’re looking to get a show-quality Seal Point Ragdoll or a pet-quality Seal Point Ragdoll. The average price of a pet-quality Seal Point Ragdoll is $800 while the average price of a show-quality Seal Point Ragdoll can be $2,500 or more.

What is the difference between Seal Point and Blue Point Ragdoll?

The main difference between Seal Point and Blue Point Ragdoll is that Seal Point sports a light brown body coat color with dark brown points on the face, nose, ears, legs, paws, and tail while Blue Point Ragdoll has a light gray platinum body coat color with gray to bluish-gray color points on the face, nose, ears, legs, paws, and tail.

What is the rarest Ragdoll?

Lilac is the rarest color of Ragdoll and she is recognized as one of the accepted colors by The International Cat Association or TICA. A Lilac Ragdoll carries in her the diluted chocolate recessive gene. She wears creamish to long white fur with light pink to lavender points.

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