Siamese Ragdoll Cat: Ragamese Complete Guide

Are you interested in owning a Ragdoll with a bossier and more talkative personality? Then, look no further than the Siamese Ragdoll Cat.

The Siamese Ragdoll Cat is an intelligent, charming, and often vocal Ragdoll mix. It is a hybrid of two of the more sought-after cat breeds that can only be described as being different from night and day.

Just like other Ragdoll mixes, such as the Persian Ragdoll Cat, the Siamese Ragdoll Cat possesses the cuddly personality of the Ragdoll Cat which makes it a pet worth considering. If you want to know more about this cat, then the following article will surely satisfy your curiosity about this mixed breed.

Siamese Ragdoll Cat: Breed overview

Other namesSiamese and Ragdoll Mix, Ragamese 
SizeMedium – Large
Weight 9 – 20 pounds 
Height8 – 12 inches 
Coat ColorsSeal, Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Black, Flame, White, Gray
Child FriendlinessHigh
Feline FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyModerate 
Grooming UpkeepModerate 
Exercise NeedsModerate
Lifespan15 – 20 years 
Kitty Costs$800- $1,200

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What is a Ragamese Cat?

Ragdoll Siamese Cat personality
What is a Ragdoll Siamese Cat?

The Ragamese Cat is a Ragdoll and Siamese mix. They are a mixture of the relaxed and quiet nature of the Ragdoll cat and the talkative and playful personality of the Siamese.

What is a Ragdoll Siamese Mix called?

The half Siamese half Ragdoll Cat is sometimes referred to by its nickname Ragamese.

Ragdoll Siamese parent breeds

Being a mixed breed, the Siamese Ragdoll mix Cat will have attributes of either of the two purebred parents. It would be difficult to predict the physical and temperamental qualities of the Ragamese offspring, but learning about their individual parents will give us a clue about how they will turn out.

Ragdoll history

The Ragdoll was developed by Ann Baker in California during the 1960s. She mixed a white, long-haired cat named Josephine that may be of Persian or Angora origin and crossed it with a number of Burmese-like cats.

The result after several generations produced a cat that has a distinctive colorpoint pattern with a personality that is docile and placid. 

Baker named the breed Ragdoll because of its inclination to go limp when held and picked up. She later formed her own registry called the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA) in the early 1970s to enforce a strict breed standard.

The Ragdoll eventually became accepted by many cat registries including the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

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What is a Ragdoll Cat a mix of?

Ragdoll Cat is a mixture of Persian, Angora, Birman, and Burmese. The matriarch is a white cat of Persian and Angora heritage that is crossed with several males of Birman and Burmese origins.

Siamese Cat history

The Siamese Cat originated from Siam, which is present-day Thailand. The first depiction of the breed is found in the ancient manuscript called the Tamra Maew, or The Cat-Book Poems, written during the height of the Ayutthaya Kingdom between the 14th and 18th centuries.

They were considered sacred, and according to the manuscript, served as guards of Buddhist temples. 

The Siamese was first brought to Europe by the English consulate general in Bangkok in the late 19th century as a gift from the king of Siam, and in the United States by an American consul.

Ragdoll vs Siamese

Ragdoll Cat vs Siamese
Siamese vs Ragdoll

The main difference between Ragdoll and Siamese is that Ragdoll is long-haired with a rich, fluffy coat while Siamese is short-haired with a silky texture. 

Another difference between the two breeds is their personality. The Siamese tends to be more talkative and extroverted that likes to be the star of the family. The Ragdoll, on the other hand, is more laid back and quiet preferring to be independent who likes their own space. 

So, are Ragdoll Cats related to Siamese?

Although the Siamese and the Ragdoll both have colorpoint coat patterns, there is no study to suggest that they are related.

The Ragdoll is a mixture of the Persian and Birman, as well as, the Burmese cat that is closely related to the Siamese which could give some people the impression that the Ragdoll and Siamese are related.

Are Ragdoll Cats Siamese?

No, the Ragdoll cat is not Siamese. They are two different breeds of cats with unique physical and temperamental qualities except for their similar coat patterns.

Do Ragdoll cats have Siamese in them?

It is possible for the Ragdoll to have a Siamese heritage since one of the male cats bred with the original matriarch of the Ragdoll is a Burmese-type cat that is related to the Siamese.

Are Ragdoll Siamese Mix recognized by cat registries?

No, the Ragdoll and Siamese mix is not recognized as an official breed by cat registries.

Are Rag Doll Siamese rare?

Ragamese Cats are a fairly new mixed breed making them less common like the Bombay or Bengal Cats.

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Ragamese physical appearance

Ragdoll Cat Siamese typically has a well-proportioned skull with a slender build and pointed face similar to the Siamese.

Their ears are medium in size and triangular while their eyes are oval in shape and blue in color.

What also makes this breed beautiful is their long, slender legs and their long, bushy tails.

Ragamese Cat size, height, and weight

The Ragdoll is one of the larger breeds of domesticated cats while the Siamese is medium in size, so you can expect a Ragdoll Siamese Cats to be medium to large in size.

Their true size will be noticeable when they reach the age of 6 to 9 months.

Gender Height Weight
Male10 – 12 inches 12 – 20 pounds 
Female 8 – 10 inches 10 – 15 pounds 

Full grown Ragamese Cat

The Rag Doll Siamese Cat matures much slower than other cats reaching their full grown height, length, and weight by their fourth year similar to both the Siamese and the Ragdoll cats.

Various Siamese Ragdoll coat colors and types

Siamese Ragdoll mix typically would have the long and silky fur of the Ragdoll instead of the short fur of the Siamese. They have a single coat making it more manageable to care for when it comes to shedding.

Their coat is white in color when they are born and will start to exhibit the colorpoint pattern when they mature.

The body coat may be white or pale in color with the extremities, such as the ears, face, legs, and tail being darker in color.

Blue Siamese Ragdoll Cat

Blue point Ragamese presents with a gray colorpoint pattern on the face, ears, legs, and tail with a white to very pale gray body coat.

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Flame point Siamese Ragdoll

Flame point Siamese Ragdoll mix has extremities that are red to light orange in color. The body coat of a flame point Ragamese may be completely white or with some portions having a very pale beige color.

Their nose and paw pads are pinkish in color.

Ragdoll flame point Siamese long hair has the same fluffy characteristic of the Ragdoll coat, but it is also possible for a Flame point Siamese Ragdoll to have shorter hair.

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Seal point Siamese Ragdoll Cat

Seal point Ragamese Cat presents with a dark brown color point around the face, nose, ears, paws, and tail while the body coat can range from pale fawn to cream. The nose and paw pads will also be dark brown.

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Siamese Ragdoll Tabby Mix

Siamese Ragdoll Tabby Mix presents with shaded colorpoints instead of a solid color. They have the distinctive ‘M’ pencil-shaped marking on the forehead and the colorpoints in the paws and tail will have alternating bars of light and dark colors. 

Lynx point Siamese Ragdoll Mix

Lynx point Ragamese is similar to the Siamese Ragdoll Tabby Mix with striping patterns on the colorpoints. Colors can range from seal to chocolate and from red to light cream and blue.

Siamese Ragdoll Cat short hair

Since the Siamese Cat has short hair, it is also possible for the Siamese Ragdoll Cat to have short hairs. Despite its length, the coat would still exhibit the colorpoint pattern found in Ragdolls and Siamese cats.

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Ragamese Cat characteristics

Ragamese Cat breed is a nice blend of the Ragdoll and the Siamese characteristics. They inherited the striking blue eyes and colorpoint coat pattern from both their parents and typically have the lush, long hair of the Ragdoll.

They make great pets because they are sociable and affectionate that show a high degree of intelligence that can easily be taught with basic commands or new tricks.

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Cat personality

One thing you will notice about the Ragamese Cat personality is that they can be chatty one minute and be calm the next.

Ragamese personality somehow combines the best of both worlds wherein the outgoing personality of the Siamese is mixed with the placid nature of the Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Siamese Cat personality is one of friendliness and playfulness. They possess the Ragdoll trait of wanting to be held and also the Siamese’s predilection to be with you constantly.

Ragdoll vs Siamese personality

In terms of personality, the Ragdoll couldn’t be any more different than the Siamese. The Ragdoll is known for their introverted nature being more calmer and preferring to be alone and independent. 

The Siamese, on the other hand, is the more extroverted of the two. They like being the center of attention in the household and would meow at you to no end until you give in to their demands.

Ragamese temperament

Ragamese Cat temperament is playful, active, and curious. You might notice them enjoying going through your cabinet to rummage for something and love cuddling and following you around the house.

They have a penchant for being vocal and enjoy the attention they get from the family. 

From the onset, you will find that your Ragamese kittens temperament is quite similar to a dog. They usually create a strong bond with one member of the family and are very devoted and affectionate.

Do Ragdoll Siamese Cat make great family pets?

Ragdoll and Siamese Cats
Ragdoll/Siamese cat personality

Yes, Ragdoll and Siamese Cat do make great family pets. They could get along with children

Optimal play structures for Ragamese Cats

For Ragamese cats that thrive on both affection and play, investing in the best cat tree for Ragdolls can significantly enhance their quality of life.

A well-designed cat tree meets their need for climbing, scratching, and exploring, providing them with a space of their own.

When searching for cat trees, prioritize sturdiness and space. Choose one that suits your Ragamese’s size and energy levels. This provides a secure, stimulating area for them to exhibit natural behaviors.

Siamese Ragdoll Mix training

Ragdoll Cat and Siamese Cats are both intelligent breeds, so it would not be a stretch to say that their offspring would be the same. The Ragamese see training as a form of play and also as a way to bond with their family.

Aside from basic obedience and commands, the Ragamese can be taught fun tricks as well like giving a high-five or making them spin. 

One thing to keep in mind when training them is to keep it short to prevent them from getting bored.

Rewarding them with treats or a stroke behind the ears will also go a long way in motivating them to follow your commands.

Ragamese Cat exercise requirement

Ragdoll Cat mixed with Siamese only requires 10 to 15 minutes a day of physical exercise. This can come in the form of fetching a toy or you can have them run around by chasing a beam of light from a flashlight or laser point.

Having a scratching post or cat trees are also fun ways to keep them physically active.

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Siamese Ragdoll Cats grooming and cleaning

Being a product of a long-haired Ragdoll and a short-haired Siamese, the Ragdoll Siamese mix Cat is most likely to wear a moderate to long coat that is soft and silky to the touch.

Unlike dogs, a Ragdoll Siamese cat is an obsessive groomer that can keep her coat nice and clean, hence, she only needs an occasional bath.

In fact, bathing your Ragamese should be done only when it’s necessary. Be sure to only use a feline-friendly shampoo, if not, the ingredients of the shampoo may be toxic to your feline baby.

Another option is to use a waterless cat bath shampoo. 

If bathing is to be done occasionally, the opposite is true with hair brushing. Regular hair brushing is the best way to prevent mats and knots from forming.

Fortunately, there are numerous kinds of hair brushes for cats in the market and all of these are good at keeping the coat of a Ragdoll Siamese mix Cat glossy and smooth. 

Next is oral care. Use a cat-friendly enzymatic toothpaste to prevent tartar buildup. You can use a finger brush or Q-tips to clean her teeth and gums.

Another part of regular grooming is trimming your cat’s claws to prevent growing into the paw pads. Use a feline-friendly clipper to maintain the length of her claws. 

We also recommend that you check your cat’s eyes and ears to see if there’s discharge. You can use moistened cotton balls to remove discharge and dried matter from the eyes. 

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency 
BathingOnce every 8 weeks
Brushing 2 to 3x weekly 
Teeth BrushingTwice a week 
Nail Trimming Every 2 to 3 weeks
Eye CareCheck weekly 
Ear Care Check weekly 

Home comforts for your Ragamese Cat

To complement the grooming and care of your Siamese Ragdoll Mix, incorporating cat-friendly home features is essential.

Among these, choosing the appropriate blinds plays a crucial role in enhancing your Ragamese’s living space.

Opt for durable, cat-proof blinds that resist the allure of curious claws, ensuring both the safety of your fuzzy friend and the longevity of your window treatments.

This addition not only protects your home decor but also maintains a safe, comfortable space for your feline friend to enjoy the sunlight without the risk of damage.

Are Siamese Ragdoll Cats hypoallergenic?

Siamese and Ragdoll mix Cat
Are Ragamese Cats hypoallergenic?

Perhaps you’re asking if a Ragdoll x Siamese Cat is hypoallergenic or not. While it’s true that a Siamese cat is one of the hypoallergenic cat breeds, the opposite is true for the Ragdolls.

That said, a Ragamese cannot be called a hypoallergenic cat and she is most likely to cause allergic reactions in some people. 

However, don’t lose hope if you’re an allergy sufferer yearning for the companionship of this unique feline blend.

Investing in an air purifier equipped with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter can be a game-changer in making your home more comfortable for you and your Ragamese.

HEPA filters are designed to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, which includes pet dander, pollen, and even some bacteria.

By effectively removing these irritants from the air, you’ll likely notice a significant reduction in allergy symptoms, allowing for a more harmonious cohabitation with your fluffy friend.

In short, while the Ragamese may not be hypoallergenic, a quality air purifier can bridge the gap, making the dream of pet ownership a more attainable reality for allergy sufferers.

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Do Ragamese Cats shed?

Yes, Siamese and Ragdoll Cat do shed and they shed their coat more heavily during spring and autumn.

However, their shedding may not be as intense as their Ragdoll parent’s, offering a slight reprieve for the cleanliness-conscious cat owner.

To manage this shedding and keep your home free from an accumulating layer of cat hair, consider investing in a vacuum cleaner with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.

Much like its air purifier counterpart, a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner captures minute particles down to 0.3 microns in size, including the troublesome pet hair and dander that trigger allergies.

A weekly vacuuming routine can effectively manage shed fur and dander, creating a cleaner and healthier living space for you and your cherished pet.

This way, you can focus more on enjoying the joys of cat ownership and less on sneezing and itching.

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Ragdoll mix with Siamese food and diet

A Ragamese cat needs a balanced diet consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oil, vitamins and minerals, and water.

Ideally, the protein content should be 25%, while 20% content for fats and oil, and a minimal amount of carbohydrates. .

Since cats do not drink a lot of water, it’s best to feed your Ragamese with wet or canned cat food for increased hydration. 

Maintaining a clean space for your Ragamese Cat

In addition to selecting the right accessories for your Ragamese, maintaining a clean living space is crucial.

The best vacuum for cat litter becomes an indispensable tool, offering an effective solution to keep your home hygienic.

Opt for a vacuum designed to tackle fine litter particles, helping your floors and carpets stay clean and fresh.

A good vacuum helps manage the spread of litter, contributing to a healthier environment for both you and your furry friends.

Siamese Ragdoll Cat mix common health issues

Here are some of the 6 genetic health problems of a Siamese Cat and Ragdoll mix: 

1. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Veterinarians cannot pinpoint the exact cause of this heart problem but it is thought to be due to genetics. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy causes the heart muscles to thicken which leads to labored breathing and lethargic behaviors. 

2. Amyloidosis

This is caused by the accumulation of amyloid protein in the liver or the kidneys which can eventually lead to organ failure. Most cats get affected at around 7 years of age but Siamese cats can be diagnosed as early as 1 year of age. 

3. Megaesophagus

The Siamese parent is more susceptible to this disease which is considered a rare condition. This is caused by dilation in the esophagus which leads to difficulty in the processing of food and water. The affected cats regurgitate their food more often. 

4. Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is a degenerative disease of the eyes that can result in blindness. 

5. Polycystic Kidney Disease

A genetic condition wherein the affected cat is born with little kidney cysts. These fluid-filled cysts grow bigger which results in kidney dysfunctions. Increased water intake and urination are 2 of the signs to look for. 

6. Cancer

Siamese cats are prone to lymphoma, adenosarcoma, and thymoma. These types of cancer cause an abnormal production of white blood cells; the signs you need to be aware of are labored breathing and swollen lymph nodes. 

Is my Cat a Ragdoll mix?

A DNA test kit is the best tool to determine the lineage of your Siamese Cat Ragdoll. By using the DNA test kit, you will learn your cat’s ancestry as well as the health profile of your pet. This is especially helpful in determining if a cat is a carrier of an abnormal gene that causes polycystic kidney disease. 

Aside from the DNA test kit, your cat is a Ragdoll mix if her size is bigger than other cats and the texture of her fur is softer. 

How long do Siamese Ragdoll Cats live?

How long do Ragdoll Siamese Cats live? The average lifespan of Siamese Cats Ragdoll mix is 10 years. Some of them could live longer for as long as their nutritional needs are met as well as veterinary care. 

Ragamese breeder

How do you find ethical Ragamese breeders?

The most important thing is do not hesitate to ask questions from breeders of a Siamese cross Ragdoll cat. Ethical breeders will be more than willing to answer all your concerns. Here are some of the important issues to ask:

  • Ask for a negative DNA test against polycystic kidney disease 
  • Ask for the veterinary records of the kittens like immunization shots and when was the last time the kittens got dewormed 
  • Ask for the veterinary records of the queen (mother) and when did the queen last bred. Ideally, it should only be once a year so as to produce healthy offspring

Ragamese kittens

Looking for Siamese Ragdoll kitten for sale?

Take note that Siamese Ragdoll kittens shouldn’t be separated from their mothers until the Siamese Ragdoll mix kittens are 12 weeks old.

While Ragdoll Siamese kittens are weaned as early as 8 weeks, learning social skills could take up to 14 weeks, so if you bring home a Ragamese kitten earlier than that, it’s important to keep in mind that the Ragdoll Siamese kitten may show some behavioral problems later on. 

Ragamese Cat price

How much is a Ragdoll Siamese Cat adult?

The adult Ragamese price is normally lower than kittens and also if you will get the cat in a shelter.

On average, an adult Siamese Ragdoll Cat price can probably be lower than $1,000

After purchasing the Ragamese cat, here are the other essential expenses that you need to consider:

Items Average Cost 
High-quality cat food$100/month
Grooming supplies$50 – $75
Collar and ID tags$25
Bed$25 – $45
Vaccination and other veterinary expenses$150 – $250/year 
Litter Box$20 – $50
Scratch post & toys$30 – $65
Total$420 – $630

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Ragamese kittens price

The average Ragamese kitten price is between $800 and $1,200 from reputable breeders. The Ragamese kittens cost is less expensive from shelters or adoption centers.

Another factor to consider with regard to how much are Ragamese kittens is the color of the coat and the markings. 

Now, in addition to the Ragamese kitten price, there are other expenses that go with cat ownership as presented in the table below: 

ItemsAverage Cost
High-quality cat food$75 – $100/month
Grooming supplies$50 – $75
Collar ID & tags$25
Bed$25 – $45
Carrier$80 – $150
Litter box$20 – $50
Scratch post & toys$30 – $65
Veterinary expenses$150 – $250/year
Spaying/Neutering$300 – $500
Total$775 – $1,280

Places to find Ragamese kittens for sale

We have a list of breeders of Ragdoll and Siamese cats for you. They are the best people to ask for breeders who currently have Ragdoll Siamese kittens for sale. 

Ragamese kittens for sale in PA

If you’re located in Pennsylvania or surrounding areas and on the lookout for Ragamese kittens for sale near me, then check out Milky Way Ragdolls ( All kittens for sale are tested negative for polycystic kidney disease. 

Ragamese kittens for sale in Ohio

Moonseed Ragdolls ( could have Siamese Ragdoll kittens for sale. You can also go to the FB page of Ragamese Kittens Ragdoll/Siamese

Ragamese kittens for sale Indiana

Hoosier Heart Throb Ragdolls ( is a TICA-registered cattery that raises cats and kittens in a home environment where they are allowed to roam and interact freely. 

Ragamese kittens for sale UK

For those of you based in the UK and looking for healthy Ragamese kittens near me, one of the trusted sites to go to is Raphdoll Cattery (, which is based in London, United Kingdom. They are TICA & GCCF registered.

Finding a healthy Ragdoll Siamese Cat for sale

If you’re more interested to care for adult cats, here are two (2) places where you may find adult Ragamese Cats for sale. 

An adult Ragamese Cat for sale could be available at USA Ragdolls ( located in Texas. .

The adult prices start at $250. If the breeder currently has no Ragamese kitten for sale, feel free to ask for the breeder for referrals on where you can find Siamese Ragdoll cat for sale. 

Another good place to find Ragamese for sale is Riverside Rags ( located in Washington. 

Mixed breeds similar to Ragdoll Siamese Cat Mix

Ragdoll cats are very adorable and mild-natured. Therefore, it’s no surprise when breeders crossed them with other cat breeds such as Himalayan and Snowshoe cat breeds.

Let’s learn very briefly about these two (2) mixed breeds that are similar to the temperament of a Siamese cat mixed with Ragdoll. 

Ragdoll Siamese Ragdoll Himalayan Cat

A cross of three (3) beautiful cats, a Ragdoll, a Siamese, and a Himalayan, this mixed breed is friendly, warm, and gets along well with other pets.

Be prepared though to hear a lot of meows as this mixed breed can be quite vocal. 

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Ragdoll Siamese Snowshoe Cat

A mixed cat breed that is most likely to be medium-sized, this is another friendly cat that loves to get everybody’s attention, and yes, very chatty, too. 

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Siamese Cats mixed with Ragdoll: Pros and Cons

To summarize, here are the traits that you will both love and not so appreciate about a Siamese x Ragdoll Cat. 

Pros Cons 
Very docile.Not hypoallergenic.
Calm personality.Sheds moderately.
Cuddly. Tendency to rummage through things. 
Great pets for kids. Tends to be very vocal.
Generally healthy.Clingy to a fault.
Only needs light forms of exercises.Does not like being left alone.

Is the Ragdoll Cat Siamese Mix right for me?

Aside from the shedding issue, there is really nothing bad about a Siamese and Ragdoll Cat mix. This cat is generally friendly and loves to be cuddled, she is a delight to be part of a family with growing kids. 

Related Questions

What is the temperament of Ragdoll/Siamese Mix kittens?

The Ragdoll/Siamese kittens have a charming, mild-mannered, and friendly temperament.

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