Siberian Maine Coon Mix: Complete Guide

Did you know that both the Siberian and the Maine Coon are two of the oldest cat breeds that are in existence up to now? Crossing these 2 large and long-haired cats is an equally lovely Siberian Maine Coon Mix. 

But, before heading out to get a Siberian Maine Coon Mix, it’s best to learn more about this mixed cat. Find out if you have what it takes to care for her like its grooming and exercise needs, training, and much more. 

If you’re interested in another Maine Coon mix, the Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix is also as elegant-looking and friendly. But, for now, let’s focus our attention on the Siberian Maine Coon Mix to find out if this is the pet that can match your lifestyle.

Siberian Maine Coon Mix: Breed overview

SizeMedium – Large 
Weight 8 – 25 pounds 
Height8 – 15 inches 
Coat ColorsBlack, Brown, White, Red, Blue, Cream, Silver 
Child FriendlinessModerate
Feline FriendlinessModerate 
Training DifficultyModerate 
Grooming UpkeepModerate 
Exercise NeedsModerate 
Lifespan12 – 18 years 
Kitten Cost$800 – $1,000

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What is a Siberian Maine Coon Mix?

The Siberian Maine Coon Mix is a crossbreed of the Siberian or Siberian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon. They are medium to large, long-haired breeds with a gentle and affectionate nature.

Siberian Maine Coon parent breeds

The Siberian is a medium to large domesticated cat with a triple-coated coat that can withstand harsh winter temperatures. They have sweet, expressive eyes, rounded muzzles, and lynx-tipped ears.

Maine Coons are similarly a large breed with a smooth, woolly coat. They are muscular and large-boned that could reach a length of 40 inches from nose tip to tail.

Siberian cat history

Maine Coon Siberian Cat
Siberian Cat sitting outside in the backyard

The Siberian cat is a breed originating from the Siberian forests of Russia. It is a landrace breed or one that has developed and adapted naturally from the environment it came from. 

Although they are an ancient breed dating back to 1000 AD, they were only introduced in the United States in the 1990s after the end of the Cold War with the Soviet Union and still are quite uncommon in the country.

Maine Coon history

Maine Coon Siberian Mix
Maine Coon Cat sitting on the kitchen floor

How the Maine Coon developed is not known, but the climate of New England has a role in producing a breed that is sturdy and suited to the cold, harsh winter. They became popular during the 19th century with a number of them being presented in cat shows. 

However, the Maine Coon population declined in the early 1900s which prompted enthusiasts to create a breeding program in the 1950s.

The effort was successful, and in a couple of decades, their popularity rose once again making the Maine Coon one of the Top Five breeds in the US.

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How do I know if my cat is Maine Coon or Siberian?

You can differentiate a Maine Coon from a Siberian by the shape of their heads. Maine Coons have a squarish head and muzzle with high cheekbones. 

The Siberian cat, on the other hand, has a more rounded head with a short, rounded muzzle without a prominent cheekbone.

Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon

Maine Coon vs Siberian
Siberian vs Maine Coon

The main difference between Siberian Cat and Maine Coon is that Siberian Cat is triple-coated composed of guard hair, awn hair, and down hair, while Maine Coon is double-coated.

Another difference between Maine Coon and Siberian is that Maine Coon is the larger and lengthier of the two. Maine Coons can reach a height of 16 inches and a length of 40 inches, while the Siberian has a height of 12 inches and a length of 18 inches.

There is also a difference between Maine Coon and Siberian cat eye shape. Siberian cats have rounded eyes that are set wide apart. The Maine Coon, on the other hand, has oval-shaped eyes with a slightly oblique setting that slants towards the base of the ears.

How can I tell if my cat is mixed with a Maine Coon?

A Maine Coon Mix might inherit the Maine Coon’s large, oval-shaped eyes that slightly slant obliquely towards the base of the ears. Another indicator is if they exhibit polydactylism, or have extra toes on each paw. 

A regular cat has 5 toes in the front paw and 4 in the back. A Maine Coon Mix might have an extra toe on the front and two on the back.

Are Maine Coons related to Siberians?

Despite both breeds having large sizes and thick coats, the Maine Coon and the Siberian are not related

The Maine Coon developed naturally in the northeastern region of the United States while the Siberian cat originated from northern Asia.

Maine Coon Siberian Cat physical appearance

Siberian cat and Maine Coon Mix is a large-boned cat with a muscular physique. Depending on whose genes it takes after, this mix can either have a rounder head profile with soft contours or one that is more squarish in appearance.

The hind legs can be longer than the front if it takes after the Siberian or equal in length just like a Maine Coon. Tail length also varies with some being shorter in length than the body while some reaching as much as 16 inches in length.

Ears can be large or medium in size that is set wide apart with some tufting present. Eye shapes can either be rounded or oval.

Maine Coon Siberian Mix size, height, and weight

Maine Coon and Siberian cat is medium to large depending on its genes and nutrition. The males are typically more muscular and therefore much heavier than the females.

Height Weight 
Male12 – 15 inches 15 – 25 pounds 
Female 8 – 12 inches 8 – 15 pounds 

Various Maine Coon Siberian Cat Mix coat colors

Siberian cat And Maine Coon Mix comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Maine Coon coat colors can be white, brown, cream, red, blue, silver, and black. There are even short hair Maine Coons!

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The Siberian similarly comes in those colors with the addition of the golden tabby or sunshine color that has a golden-apricot color.

Possible coat patterns for the Siberian Maine Coon Mix are:

  • Solid
  • Tabby
  • Shaded
  • Smoke
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Calico
  • Bi-Color

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Siberian Maine Coon Mix Cat personality and temperament

The personality Of Siberian cats and Maine Coons are almost similar in being very friendly and overall having a dog-like personality. Maine Coon mix Siberian love the company of their family and would often follow their owners around.

Another personality Of Siberian cat that is similar to the Maine Coon is they are less fearful of water, unlike other breeds. This is because of the water-repellent coats that keep them dry and warm.

Do Siberian Cat Maine Coon make great family pets?

Siberian Forest Cat Maine Coon Mix is amicable and receptive to kids and other cat-friendly pets making them an ideal family pet. They are gentle creatures that could adapt easily to most situations.

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Siberian Maine Coon Cat training

Siberian Maine Coon Mix is an intelligent and attentive breed making them fairly easy to train. They are eager to learn and would do well being trained early. 

Employing positive reinforcement techniques, such as giving cat treats and being petted, are the key to keeping them motivated.

Maine Coon And Siberian Mix exercise requirement

Maine Coon And Siberian Mix needs around 30 minutes of daily exercise. They are typically kept as indoor cats and providing them with interactive cat toys, a cat tower and an adequate scratching post will keep them healthy. 

Taking them out for a walk on a leash and harness is also a good idea to stimulate their senses.

Maine Coon Siberian Mix Cat grooming and cleaning

Brushing is an integral part of caring for your feline pet. You need at least two types of brushes/combs – a de-shedding and a wide-tooth comb to keep the mats at bay and to control shedding.

Bathing is not often done because of her natural ability to clean her coat using her tongue. If necessary, use a feline-safe shampoo to clean and condition the coat.

For dental care, use an enzymatic toothpaste for healthy gums and teeth.

Lastly, always trim her nails and keep her eyes and ears clean. 

Grooming NeedsGrooming Frequency
Brushing 2 to 3x weekly
Bathing 1x monthly
Teeth Brushing 3x weekly
Nail Trimming 2x monthly 
Eye/Ear Care Check weekly 

Do Siberian Maine Coon Mix shed?

Yes, a Siberian Maine Coon Mix sheds her coat to get rid of dead hair and replace these with fresh and healthier hair. Plus, shedding gets heavier at the onset of spring and autumn to adjust to the changes in weather conditions.

To remove unwanted cat hair, dander, and even cat litter around your home, go with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and high suction power. This vacuum works by sucking up even the tiniest particles in your home.

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Is Siberian Maine Coon Mix hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, a Siberian Maine Coon Mix can cause allergic reactions in some people such as sneezing and watery eyes. But, you can easily manage that issue by using an air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter

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Siberian and Maine Coon Mix food and diet

Cats are obligate carnivores. This means that the main component of their diet should be animal protein like chicken and fish. 

Should you give your Siberian and Maine Coon Mix kitty milk? No, it’s because, at 12 weeks of age, your kitten has already lost its ability to digest milk and other dairy products. 

Instead, feed her nutritious cat food that has met the guidelines of The Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO. I prefer giving my pet cat wet food because it contains higher levels of moisture to keep her well-hydrated. 

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Siberian Maine Coon Mix common health issues

Hybrid vigor is what makes mixed breeds like a Siberian Maine Coon Mix wonderful. It is believed that mixing two purebred cats produces healthier and bigger offspring. 

But, of course, this does not imply that mixed cats are immune.

This is why using a Cat DNA test kit is crucial for hybrid breed cat owners to decode their feline’s genetic makeup, which can shed light on breed-specific health risks and behavioral traits.

The DNA test kit can identify potential hereditary diseases, which enables feline owners to take preventive steps.

Moreover, understanding your cat’s unique genetic traits aids in providing personalized care and environment for your furry friends.

So while Siberian Maine Coon Mix may be more robust, they can still be afflicted with these four common health issues:

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

This is a degenerative disease that affects the normal functions of the kidneys. The common signs are increased urination and decreased appetite. 

2. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

A congenital heart problem that affects the heart muscles. It leads to labored breathing and fainting. 

3. Hereditary Cancer

The Siberian parent is prone to cancer due to the presence of a specific gene referred to as an oncogene. 

4. Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

A disease that is more prevalent among Maine Coons. This is caused by the degeneration of the spinal nerves causing lameness and problem in swallowing. 

Siberian Maine Coon Mix lifespan

The average life expectancy of a Siberian Maine Coon Mix is 12 to 18 years

Siberian Cat Maine Coon Mix breeders

I suggest that you buy your Siberian cat Maine Coon Mix kitten from a responsible breeder. This is because you are guaranteed of good health of the kittens. 

Plus, responsible breeders also allow their kittens to socialize with people and animals. So, by the time they are ready to be adopted, the kittens will have no problems interacting with their new human families. 

Siberian Maine Coon Kitten

Maine Coon Siberian Mix Kittens are active little fellows that will endlessly explore their new homes. 

This is why it’s important to kitten-proof your home before bringing home Siberian Maine Coon Mix Kittens. Here are some tips:

  • Protect electrical cables with chew-resistant casings.
  • Put away poisonous cleaning products and toxic plants.
  • Secure windows and doors.
  • Invest in trash cans that come with covers that cannot be easily opened by a curious kitten. 

Siberian Maine Coon Mix price

Be prepared to shell out around $800 to $1,000 or even more depending on the lineage, gender, and breeder’s location. 

After that, here is an average list of expenses you have to factor in before getting a Siberian Maine Coon Mix cat. 

Type of ExpensesAverage Cost
Food $50 – $75/month 
Food and Water Bowls $5 – $10
Kitty Bed $20 – $30
Carrier $20 – $40
Collar and ID tag $10 – $25
Grooming Tools $25 – $45
Litter Box $18 – $45
Litter $10 – $25/month
Scratch Post and other toys $20 – $50
Microchipping $50 – $100
Spay/Neuter $250 -$550
Veterinary Expenses $200 – $500
Total $678 – $1,495

Places to find Maine Coon Siberian Mix Kittens For Sale

As I said earlier, the best place to get a healthy kitten with a sound temperament is from a responsible breeder. Here, I’ve listed three websites of breeders whom I have reviewed and found to be of good reputation.

  • South Maine Coons Cattery ( in Georgia is a TICA-registered cattery that sells kittens that come from champion lines. 
  • If you’re in Canada, check out the Facebook page of Thunder Tribe & Grand Maine Coon. All kittens available have been microchipped, dewormed, and have received their initial set of vaccinations.
  • The website of Siberian Kingdom Cattery ( is worth your time to look for Maine Coon Siberian Mix kittens for sale. The breeder is located in Michigan. 

Finding a healthy Maine Coon Siberian Mix For Sale

If you’re keen on getting an adult Maine Coon Siberian Mix, here are two places to explore:

  • An interesting place to go to is Kravchenko Siberians ( located in Port Orange, Florida. 
  • Also, you can try Tarheel Paws ( in North Carolina for available retirees for sale.  

Similar Siberian Maine Coon Mix

Due to the popularity of Maine Coons, it’s not surprising that some breeders practice crossbreeding. The Maine Coon Mixes may combine the huge size and temperament of a Maine Coon plus the special attributes of another breed. 

Maine Coon Siberian Norwegian Forest Cat

To briefly understand what sets these cats apart from each other, I’ve made a simple comparison among them in the next section. 

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Maine Coon vs Norwegian Forest Cat vs Siberian

The main difference between Maine Coon Norwegian Forest cat and Siberian is that the Maine Coon Norwegian Forest cat has 2 layers of the coat while the Siberian cat has 3 layers of coat. 

Siberian Cat mixed With Maine Coon: Pros and Cons

Do you want to own a Siberian cat mixed with a Maine Coon? Here are some pointers to consider:

Playful Sheds moderately 
Good with kids Not hypoallergenic 
Quiet Due to its size, may require a bigger space 
People-oriented Needs regular brushing 
Smart and trainableCannot be left alone for extended hours 
Calm temperament Can be too clingy 

Is the Maine Coon And Siberian Cat Mix right for me?

A Siberian Cat Mix is best suited in a home where humans are always around and are willing to play with it. So, if you are single and live alone, this mixed breed may not be the right choice for you. 

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What is the best Maine Coon mix breed?

A Maine Coon mixed with a Persian cat is one of the best Maine Coon mixes. It is an adorable and highly-trainable mixed breed that can be playful and tolerant of noisy children.

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