Cream Maine Coon: Complete Guide

Who wouldn’t be drawn to the regal appearance of Maine Coons? They are huge with long, fluffy coats that come in over 84 different colors and patterns. One of the available colors that you can find is a Cream Maine Coon. 

The Maine Coons are said to have a dog-like personality. With their super affectionate and playful nature, it’s not surprising that Maine Coons remain to be one of the top favorites of cat lovers worldwide. 

Today, we invite you to stay with us to learn more about the proper ways to care for Maine Coons. Regardless of coat color, be it blue, black, or red Maine Coon, the quality of life and longevity depend on how well you care for your feline companion.

Cream Maine Coon: Breed overview

Cream Maine Coon cat
Maine Coon Cream colored coat
Other namesCream Coonie 
Weight 10 – 25 pounds 
Height8 – 16 inches 
Coat ColorsCream, White, Blue 
Child FriendlinessHigh
Feline FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyEasy
Grooming UpkeepHigh
Exercise NeedsModerate 
Lifespan13 – 14 years 
Kitten Cost$800 – $2,000

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What is a Cream Maine Coon?

Cream colored Maine Coon
Are Cream colored cats rare?

A Cream Maine Coon is a color variant of the Maine Coon that features a very light brownish-yellow color. 

Are Cream Maine Coons rare?

No, Cream Maine Coons are not rare although the color is not as common as the red, black, and blue Maine Coons.

Cream Maine Coon cat history

Maine Coons, including the Cream Maine Coon cat, are related to the large Norwegian Forest Cats that were brought by the early European settlers in America.

These cats naturally crossed with the local cat population and produced large offspring with thick and long coats which are now known as the Maine Coon.

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Cream color Maine Coon genetics

The Cream color in Maine Coons is caused by the presence of the dominant Dilution gene ‘D’ that dilutes the Red or Orange color. This is the same gene that dilutes the color Black into Blue and Chocolate into Lilac.

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Maine Coon Cream physical appearance

Maine Coon Cream has a long, muscular physique with a broad chest and long, furry tail. They have a smooth, shaggy coat that is shorter around the shoulders and longer around the legs and tummy. 

The eyes are oval-shaped that slant obliquely toward the base of the ears. The ears are pointed and well-tufted.

Various Cream colored Maine Coon colors and patterns

The Cream colored Maine Coon comes in various shades and patterns from solid to tabby and parti-color to shaded and smoke. Listed below are the different patterns that feature the cream color.

Solid Color Class

  • Solid Cream

Tabby Color Class

  • Cream Tabby
  • Cream Silver Tabby
  • Silver Patched Tabby
  • Blue Patched Tabby
  • Blue Silver Patched Tabby

Bi-Color Class

  • Cream And White

Parti-Color Class

  • Blue-Cream
  • Dilute Calico
  • Blue-Cream And White

Shaded and Smoke Color Class

  • Shaded Cream
  • Shell Cream
  • Cream Smoke
  • Shell Blue-Cream
  • Shaded Blue-Cream
  • Blue-Cream Smoke
  • Shell Cream and White
  • Shaded Cream and White
  • Cream Smoke and White
  • Shell Blue-Cream and White
  • Shaded Blue-Cream and White
  • Blue-Cream Smoke and White
  • Shell Dilute Calico
  • Shaded Dilute Calico
  • Dilute Calico Smoke

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Cream tabby Maine Coon

Cream tabby Maine Coon
Maine Coon Cream tabby taking a walk around the neighborhood

Maine Coon Cream tabby presents a very pale cream base color with striped markings of cream of a darker shade. Cream tabby Maine Coon kitten will develop either green, gold, or green-gold eye color.

Maine Coon Cream blotched tabby

Maine Coon Cream blotched tabby presents with a type of tabby pattern comprising wide curving bands in a swirling pattern that forms the shape of a bullseye in the middle. Like all Maine Coons with the tabby pattern, the Maine Coon Cream blotched tabby exhibits an ‘M’ pattern on the forehead.

Cream smoke Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cream smoke presents individual hairs that are half-tipped in cream with the bottom half in white. The white undercoat is only visible when the Cream smoke Maine Coon’s hair is parted.

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Cream and white Maine Coon

Cream white Maine Coon presents a combination of cream and white on the coat. White patches are exhibited on the chest, tummy, and legs. Cream tabby white Maine Coon may or may not have a white patch on the face. 

Blue Cream Maine Coon

Maine Coon blue Cream presents a blue base color with patches of cream on the coat.

Blue Cream Tortie Maine Coon

Blue Cream Tortie Maine Coon presents with patches of light gray or blue intermingled with cream on the entire coat.

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Cream cameo Maine Coon

Cream cameo Maine Coon presents with a white undercoat with cream-tipped individual hairs similar to the Cream Smoke Maine Coon. They have pink paw pads, nose leather, and eye rims. 

Silver Cream Maine Coon

Cream silver Maine Coon or Maine Coon Cream silver presents a combination of cream and an off-white color on the coat. They have pink nose leather and paw pads. Cream silver Maine Coon kitten may develop green, gold, or gold green eye color. 

Cream silver tabby Maine Coon

Cream silver tabby Maine Coon presents an off-white base color with cream-colored tabby markings and a white undercoat.

Red Cream Maine Coon

Red Cream Maine Coon presents a cream base coat with red markings on the coat.

Cream shaded Maine Coon

Cream shaded Maine Coon has individual hairs with 1/4 of the hair tipped in cream and the remaining bottom in white. The cream shading on the face, sides, legs, and tail may be deeper than the rest of the body.

The nose leather, paw pads, and eye rim are rose-colored.

Orange Cream Maine Coon

Orange Cream Maine Coon is similar to the Red Cream Maine Coon with a cream base coat and reddish markings on the coat.

Shell Cream Maine Coon

Shell Cream Maine Coon presents individual hairs that are very lightly tipped in cream. The undercoat is white together with the coat around the neck, chin, ear tufts, and tummy.

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Cream Maine Coon size, height, and weight

Due to their large size, it takes around 4 to 5 years for a full grown Cream Maine Coon to reach its full height and weight. The males tend to be more muscular and heavier than the females. The body length of both males and females will grow to an average of 40 inches. 

Gender Height Weight 
Male 10 – 16 inches 15 – 25 pounds 
Female 8 – 14 inches 10 – 15 pounds 

Maine Coon Cream color personality and temperament

Maine Coon Cream color has a gentle and laidback personality similar to all Maine Coons. They are sociable and very much have a dog-like disposition without being too clingy.

They are moderately vocal and known to express their emotions by making trilling and chirping sounds.

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Are Cream Maine Coons good family cats?

Yes, Cream Maine Coons are a good addition to most families. They are especially tolerant of kids and don’t display any aggressive behavior. They can also exist peacefully with other cats and cat-friendly pets such as dogs. 

Are Cream Maine Coons outdoor or indoor cats?

Cream Maine Coon owners prefer to keep them indoors most of the time to keep them safe from cat-napped and theft due to their high price. 

Do Cream Maine Coons love water?

Cream Maine Coons have water-resistant coats that make them more adventurous with water. You can sometimes observe them dipping their paws into puddles or playing with their water bowls. 

But, similar to other cat breeds, Cream Maine Coons may most likely not enjoy getting bathed under the shower or in a bathtub filled with water. 

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Cream colored Maine Coon cat training

Cream colored Maine Coon cats are intelligent and inquisitive making them highly trainable. They can be easily litter-trained and can be taught to follow commands and even perform tricks.

The important thing to remember is to use positive reinforcement techniques, like giving cat treats or petting their coat, whenever they succeed in following commands.

Maine Coon cat Cream exercise requirement

Maine Coon cat Cream needs only 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercise that can be split into 2 sessions. They are mostly active during the morning and late afternoons and prefer spending the rest of the day lounging. 

A good exercise would be a brief walk in the morning or a game of laser pointer or ball chasing that stimulates their hunting instincts.

Cream Maine Coon cat grooming and cleaning

In this section, we’d like to share with you tips on how you can maintain the elegant appearance of your Cream Maine Coon. 


This part of grooming needs to be done as often as possible. You can invest in these 3 grooming tools to prevent the formation of mats and tangles:

  • A wide-tooth comb to untangle heavy mats.
  • A de-shedding tool to remove loose hair and control shedding. 
  • A soft-bristled brush or a grooming glove to further remove loose hair and to keep the coat soft and shiny. 


Cream Maine Coons are clean freaks, so bathing doesn’t have to be done frequently. If your cat begins to smell or some sticky particles adhere to her coat, bathe her using an organic and mildly scented cat shampoo with conditioner. 

Teeth Cleaning

To keep her gums and teeth clean and odor-free, brush her teeth using a toothbrush for cats. Use an enzymatic toothpaste to prevent tartar formation and to keep her breath smelling fresh all the time.

Nail Trimming

Unkempt nails will grow long and sharp. Unfortunately, long nails can damage your upholstery as well as scratch your skin. So, train your kitty as young as possible on how to behave well while you’re cutting her nails using a cat nail trimmer. 

Ear/Eye Cleaning

Keep ear and eye infections at bay by cleaning her eyes and ears using a moist cotton ball or gauze. 

Grooming Needs Grooming Frequency 
Brushing 4x weekly
Bathing 1x monthly 
Teeth Brushing 3x weekly
Nail Trimming 2x monthly 
Eye/Ear Care Check weekly 

Maine Coon Cream food and diet

The nutritional needs of Cream Maine Coons change as they age. For 12-week-old kittens, the suggested amount of high-quality and protein-rich food is ¼ cup of canned food, served 3 to 4x a day. 

As they reach 4 to 7 months, the quantity of food should increase to ½ cup, served 2 to 3x a day. At around 8 months, Cream Maine Coons can slowly transition to adult food which has lesser protein percentage and calories. 

Cream Maine Coon health issues

Purebred cats like a Cream Maine Coon can inherit some of the gene-related diseases of their parents such as the ones we’d briefly discuss below: 

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

A genetic condition that causes the affected cats to suffer from renal failure as a result of growing cysts on their kidneys. 

2. Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

An inherited neurodegenerative condition that affects the functions of the nerves in the spinal cord. 

3. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

An inherited heart condition wherein the affected cats show symptoms like shortness of breath due to the thickening of the left ventricle. 

4. Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)

A contagious disease affecting the immune system of Cream Maine Coons. It causes lymphoma and anemia, as well as other deadly diseases. 

Cream Maine Coon lifespan

The average life expectancy of Cream Maine Coons is 13 to 14 years

Cream Maine Coon breeders

As a buyer, you have the right to ask the breeders some questions to verify if they are reputable or not. Here are some sample questions:

  • Is the breeder registered with TICA or CFA?
  • Are the breeding parents health-tested against genetic diseases like HCM?
  • Does the breeder give appropriate vaccination shots?
  • Are the kittens spayed/neutered? 

Cream Maine Coon price

The average cost of buying a Cream Maine Coon from a responsible breeder may begin at $1,000 and can go up to $2,000 or even higher. 

Now, if you’re lucky, you may probably find a Cream Maine Coon in adoption or rescue centers at a lower cost of about $100 to $400 or thereabouts. 

Cream Maine Coon kitten

When buying a Maine Coon kitten Cream, we highly recommend getting the Cream colored Maine Coon kitten from a breeder.  

While it’s true that it’s more convenient to look for Cream Maine Coon kittens in pet stores, you are not guaranteed good health and the sound disposition of the kittens. Nothing beats meeting the parents of the kitten and seeing the breeding facility of the breeder. 

Places to find Cream Maine Coon kittens for sale

To help you meet healthy and friendly Cream Maine Coon kittens for sale, here are 3 websites of responsible breeders:

Cream Maine Coon kittens for sale USA

Giant Gems ( in Michigan was awarded as an outstanding breeder of Maine Coons by TICA in 2022. The female kittens are sold for $2,500 and up while the male kittens are priced at $2,800 and above. 

Cream Maine Coon kittens for sale UK

Lowescoons Maine Coons ( is a small TICA-registered cattery located in the Essex countryside. All their kittens tested negative for diseases like HCM, SMA, PKD, and FeLV. 

Cream Maine Coon kittens for sale Australia

Infinity Maine Coon Cattery ( has TICA-registered kittens for sale. All breeding Maine Coons are DNA health tested against over 40 genetic-related diseases. 

Cream Maine Coon cat: Pros and Cons

In a nutshell, here is a table showing you the good and the downsides of owning a Cream Maine Coon cat. 

Pros Cons 
Gentle disposition Expensive to purchase 
Intelligent Can be vocal
Not aggressive toward people Not hypoallergenic
Can live with other pets Sheds the coat year-round 
Shows great tolerance to children High on food expenses 
Affectionate Frequent brushing is necessary 

Is the Cream Maine Coon right for me?

A Cream Maine Coon is a gentle giant that has no problem living harmoniously with young and not-so-young people.​​ This breed is good with other pets, too. If there are issues you have to deal with, those are separation anxiety and frequent brushing of the coat. Otherwise, everyone will find it enjoyable to live with a Cream Maine Coon. 

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