Why Do Cats Look Out The Window?

Why Do Cats Look Out The Window? Cats are gifted with heightened senses and they use these to observe, monitor, and to survive. They look out the window to look for prey like small animals and to watch out for predators. And since cats are always curious, looking out the window offers entertainment value to a bored indoor cat.

It’s normal for cats to sit by the window sill for hours. The problem begins when their curiosity gets insane to the point of damaging your window blinds to have a better view of the outside world.

While seemingly harmless, blind cords can cause strangulation. This is why it’s important to keep cats out of blinds. Today, we’ll share several reasons behind your cat’s fascination with windows. What are the safety precautions to make this behavior safer and are there solutions to decrease this behavior? Let’s find out!

Why Does My Cat Look Out The Window?

Why Do Cats Like To Look Out The Window
Why Does My Cat Like Looking Out The Window?

Cat watching out the window is nothing to be concerned about. Cat looking out of window is a normal behavior that can be traced back from their ancestors in the wild. 

Compared to the comfortable lifestyle of our feline friends, their ancestors had to hunt for food and hide from their predators. Aside from using their senses, they climb on top of high trees to have a clearer view. 

A cat looks out window is an inherited behavior. Instead of trees, they climb on our windows. 

Cats looking out window is therefore a behavior that mimics the hunting behaviors of their ancestors to be safe and to survive the harsh realities of the jungle. 

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Why Do Cats Like Looking Out The Window?

Why Do Cats Love Windows
Why Does My Cat Always Look Out The Window?

To better understand your feline friends, here are a few reasons why does my cat like to look out the window:


Being descendants of wild cats, our cats love to defend their space. So, a cat looking out the window is a cat’s way to watch out for possible competitors in space and food. 

Estrus cycle

Why do cats like looking out the window so much could also be affected by the heat cycle. Unneutered and unspayed indoor cats have the natural urge to look for a mate to reproduce. Cats have a strong sense of smell, so they know if there is a tomcat or a female in heat nearby. 

In some cases, they can get aggressive and may show a strong desire to escape which leads to window and blinds scratching. This is why investing in cat-friendly blinds is worth every penny. 


Our cats express their boredom in more ways than one, and one of those is by sitting at the window for hours.

With so many interesting stimuli outside such as people passing by and transportation systems, it’s no wonder they find satisfaction just by staring out the windows. 

Cats and Their Unique Sensory Capabilities

Cat Watching Window
My Cat Loves Looking Out Window!

Cats are gifted with super senses that help them navigate their environment efficiently. First, cats hear at higher frequencies. This allows them to listen to the sounds of animals from a distance. 

Second, they have a fantastic sense of smell which they rely on to communicate and to gather information. 

Last but not the least is their night vision. Their eyes have a layer of tapetum lucidum that reflects light and a higher concentration of rods which give them a 200-degree visual field. These 2 eye features allow them to see clearly in low-light conditions. 

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Compared to rods, cats have a lower concentration of cones responsible for color perception and visual acuity. This means cats see things clearly at a short distance.

Now, to make up for this shortcoming, they use the power of their whiskers to determine what it is that they cannot fully see from afar. 

So, what is the connection between cats’ unique sensory capabilities and their fascination with windows?

Without us realizing it, our cats are hearing, smelling, and seeing some things outside that are very appealing to them. This is the reason why cats cannot stop from looking out the windows. 

The Window: A Cats’ Television

How many times did you find yourself glued in front of your television to watch your favorite program?

That’s exactly the case why my cat loves looking out the window – to watch interesting events. 

Cats watching birds through window is an enjoyable activity. Aside from birds and other animals, the window offers a multitude of stimuli that satisfies a cat’s innate curiosity.

From chattering people to the traffic to honking cars, name it, cats love watching those events to satisfy their curiosity. 

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A Cat’s Hunting Instincts

Cats cannot resist looking out the window because of their hunting instincts. Your cat’s ancestors had to hunt for food to survive. This instinct is still passed on to domesticated and indoor cats. 

As discussed earlier, our cats’ powerful senses allow them to see and hear what we humans cannot sense.

Your kitty looks out the window because she is eyeing prey to eat, not because she is hungry but because hunting comes naturally to her. This is called ‘surplus killing’- to catch and store the prey for future eating. 

Our Cats Need Mental Stimulation

Indoor cats are spoon-fed with a variety of high-quality cat food. In effect, this deprives indoor cats of the natural yearning to hunt and strategize on how to catch their prey. 

But cat parents need to realize that cats need stimuli to keep their minds and bodies active. Otherwise, cats will get bored and destructive.  

Giving indoor cats access to windows is a good opportunity for mental stimulation that they do not get from hunting. Seeing moving animals from the window help stimulate their instinct to hunt even if they cannot act on it. 

It helps if you provide your kitty with some toys that will keep her mind active. Good examples are window perch with climbing steps, treat puzzles for cats, and cat mouse hunting toys.

Cats Are Curious Creatures

Cats are inquisitive creatures. They poke their paws on grocery bags to inspect what’s in there for them. They squeeze themselves into tight spaces to investigate. They sit by the window sill to watch everything that moves. 

In short, everything they do boils down to their hunting instincts. While these gestures are normal, they may get them into trouble if you fail to keep your home cat safe. 

For example, are you still using blinds with cords?

These are red flags because they can get strangulated with cords and may choke on string holders. To keep your kitty safe, switch to blinds that are cat-proof. 

Cats Love High Places

Cats enjoy perching at high places, may it be on a window sill or top of a bookcase. It’s because it gives them a good vantage point from which to see what’s going on around their environment.

Cats have evolved this ability from their wild cat ancestors as a means of self-defense. Cats may be both prey and predators. They must keep an eye out for any potentially harmful predators, as well as, for potential prey.

Cats Enjoy the Warmth of the Sun

Staying near windows also gives cats a place where they can enjoy the warmth of the morning or afternoon sun. Cats can tolerate heat better than humans with an average body temperature of 101°F to 102.5°F. 

The calories they get from food may not be enough to warm their bodies. So, to stay warm, a cat may need to soak up some sun in order to regulate their body temperature.

Your Cat Is Waiting For You To Come Home

Do you catch your cat sitting by the window as you approach your home? The reason for this is that your cat may be watching out for your return home. 

Cats have a strong sense of routine and will frequently gather near windows or other locations where they can see the outside because they know when you will be arriving.

They probably have a sneaking suspicion that you could bring home some treats, a behavior they pick up from watching their mother deliver food after a brief hunt.

So, Why Do Cats Love Looking Out The Window?

A cat looking outside window is perfectly normal behavior. In addition to being curious creatures, it offers them a good vantage point from which they may monitor for potential prey, and enjoy the warmth of the sun at the same time, observing the world around them.

Why Does My Cat Keep Looking Out The Window?

Why Do Cats Like To Sit On Window Sills
Why Do Cats Love To Look Out The Window?

Why do cats always look out the window? And, when is it considered out of the ordinary to almost become an obsession? Studies suggest that, on average, cats spend at least 2 hours a day looking out a window, while 16% would spend more than 5 hours.

Windows provide visual enrichment for cats, and together with their keen olfactory and auditory senses, the sights and sounds of the world outside would indeed be exciting. 

Because of these, boredom and frustration may set in if they are unable to interact or act out on their predatory instincts.

This is why it is important that they are provided with interactive toys, cat trees or scratching posts to keep them satisfied and happy.

Why Does My Cat Look Out The Window And Meow?

Cat meows at window because they might have seen something that grabbed their attention and cannot interact with it.

If you notice your cat meowing at window, it may be trying to communicate with you that it wants to go outside. Taking them out for a walk while on a leash or harness is a good idea.

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Why Do Cats Like Windows?

Cats love windows, especially if they are exclusively indoor cats because it offers not just visual enrichment but also comfort. I have listed below some reasons why window-watching is a favorite pastime for cats.

Wildlife Sightings

Be it birds, rodents, or insects, the sight of possible prey gets your cat’s blood flowing. 


The warmth of the sun not only provides vitamin D but also regulates their body temperature.

Breezing day

A nice, cool wind brings with it interesting scents from the outside that cats find stimulating.

I’m watching you

Just observing the daily goings-on outside is stimulating to cats. They may also be waiting for your return home as you may bring with you some treats.

The window is wet

Cats love licking the wet condensation that forms on the window when it’s cold outside.

Why Do Cats Like Sitting In The Window?

Cat sitting in window is a commonplace activity for them. A cat sitting at window typically watches birds or smaller wildlife through the window.

Cats in windows may also observe other street cats playing in the neighborhood or simply enjoying the warmth and breeze coming through the windows.

Why Do Cats Like Window Sills?

You may have observed and wondered, why do cats love window sills? A cat sitting on window sill has a good view of the world outside. Sunlight also provides warmth for cat on windowsill while they lay comfortably near it. 

The myriad of sounds they hear also triggers their curiosity. That is why you would often see cat on window sill just staring outside.

Why Do Cats Like Sitting On Window Sills?

So, why do cats like to sit on window sills? Well, it boils down to sensory enrichment. Cats, being predators, are mainly attracted to the sights and sounds that the outside world provides. 

An indoor cat love looking out window because even though it cannot act on its hunting instincts, the entertainment it imparts is enough to keep her alert and attentive. 

Why Do Cats Stare Out The Window?

Why do cats stare out windows, or why does my cat stare out the window most of the time? Cats stare out window because they are naturally curious and are stimulated by the sight and sounds of their environment.

A cat staring out window may also be trying to sort out its territory. They like to know if other dogs or cats are invading their nearby vicinity in order to protect themselves from danger. 

Why Do Cats Like To Stare Out The Window?

Cats would stared out the window because they may be bored and want some interaction with the outside world.

Do Cats Need Windows?

Yes, cats whether they are indoor-outdoor cats or exclusively indoor cats, must be given access to a window for their environmental enrichment to prevent boredom and frustration.

Addressing Possible Concerns

Now, while window watching is considered a safe diversion for our cats, there may be times when they get overly excited upon seeing something very interesting. 

Here are some tips you can employ to keep it safe for our beloved felines:

  • Cat-proof the window area. Beware of dangling chords and installing flimsy aluminum blinds on your windows since cats can easily get stuck with these things. Choose wooden, faux wood, or roller blinds instead that are more durable. Opting for cordless or motorized blinds are also a good idea.
  • Place a window guard or screen on the window that would prevent your cat from falling out the window.
  • You can also spray some lemon scent on the window area or stick a two-sided tape to prevent them from getting too near the window.

How to Make Your Cat’s Window Experience Cozier

You can make your cat’s window watching more enjoyable and cozier by following these tips:

  • Attach window sill perches or hammocks. These provide a good sitting area for your cats that can be attached to window perches by a screw or hook, or the glass itself through velcro or suction cups. 
  • Place a cat tower near the window. This is great for bigger cats that can better support their weight.
  • Attach a bird feeder outside the window. This makes for great entertainment for your cat because it would attract lots of birds into their own window. Just make sure that you apply a one-way reflective film on the window so the birds would not get frightened at the sight of the cat.

So, Why Do Cats Look Out The Window?

To summarize everything we have discussed, cats love looking out the window mainly because they are instinctively looking out for prey. They enjoy the sight of birds, insects, and rodents which stimulate their desire to hunt even if they cannot really act on it.

Plus, cats are just as curious as we humans that like to observe things and watch what is going on around their environment.

Related Questions

Why does my cat always stare out the window?

Cats often stare out of windows because they are innately always on the lookout for potential prey which birds and rodents offer an attractive possibility.

How do I know if my cat is depressed?

If cats are always kept indoors without getting much stimulation, they may get bored or even develop depression. Signs of cat depression include loss of appetite, lack of energy, furniture chewing or clawing, inappropriate soiling, changes in vocalization or meowing, and withdrawing from physical contact.

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