16 Best Cat Proof Blinds: 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

While cats are lovely pets, cat lovers know they have some quirky behaviors that can sometimes be annoying. For one, they act like detectives peeping through the window blinds to see what’s happening outside.

There’s nothing wrong with that but the problem is my cat breaks and bends my expensive window blinds. In less than 3 years, I’ve already replaced my window blinds two times. Thankfully, a fellow cat lover encouraged me to shift to cat-resistant blinds.

Since installing these blinds, I never had any more issues with broken blinds. If you’re in the same boat as I was, my best tip is to change your window coverings to durable and pet-resistant blinds like the ones below.

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VocalCat’s PickProductRating
Best Overall – Top PickCustomizable Real Wood Cordless Pet Friendly Blinds4.5
Runner UpUS Faux Wood Cordless Blinds4.5
Best BudgetHomland Cordless Cellular Honeycomb Shades4.4
Best Window Shutter Blinds For Cat OwnersSuncraft Shutters Customizable Window Blinds4.8
Best Motorized Blinds for Cat OwnersYoolax Motorized Smart Blind For Window With Remote Control4.5
*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and may change

Our Top Pick: TailorView Customizable Real Wood Cordless Pet Friendly Blinds

The TailorView Customizable Real Wood Cordless Pet Friendly Blinds is our top pick primarily because of its durable 100% engineered wood material.

Ever since we installed these blinds, we no longer worry about broken blinds. This is because the material does not warp easily, making it one of the best blinds for cat owners.

In addition, these wooden blinds are good at regulating indoor temperature at home. We also like it because the engineered wood does not rust. 

Worried about your cat’s safety? No problem! Because these blinds are cordless, so you don’t have to stress about your feline friends getting entangled in cords.  

TailorView Customizable Real Wood Cordless Pet Friendly Blinds Key Features:

  • Engineered wood does not warp
  • Blind is resistant to heat
  • The material does not fade
  • Made-to-order to meet all your size requirements

What customers are saying: 

Didn’t experience any installation issues More expensive than faux wood
Cut to window specifications so assembling them was not a problemThe blinds can be a little heavy to pull down and push up 
Easy to clean 
No signs of warping and fading even after 2 years of installation 
Cat safe blinds because these are cordless 
Provides a lifetime warranty 

Runner Up Pick: US Faux Wood Cordless Blinds

Our runner up pick is the US Faux Wood Cordless Blinds. Our friends and relatives attest to the strength and longevity of these cat blinds.

These are made with non-leaded 100% PVC material which is lightweight yet incredibly durable. The 2-inch thick slats are sturdy and can withstand the daily pawing of playful cats. 

What’s more? These blinds are cordless so cat owners like you need not worry about strangulation. All you have to do is hold the bottom rail to lower or lift the blind. Plus, it comes with a heavy-duty steel headrail for long-term quality blinds cat proof. 

US Faux Wood Cordless Blinds Key Features:

  • No exposed dangling cords
  • Affordable 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Moisture-resistant

What customers are saying: 

Best choice for budget-friendly catproof blinds Cannot be restrained or repainted
Gives the impression of real wood blinds The color can change slightly after months of exposure to sunlight 
Owners are happy about the water-resistant feature
Does not bend or break easily even after daily mishandling of playful kittens 
Great value for money because of its durability 
Provides adequate privacy 

Best Budget Pick: Homland Cordless Cellular Honeycomb Shades

The Homland Cordless Cellular Honeycomb Shades comes in as our best budget pick. When it comes to picking blinds for cats, this cordless honeycomb cellular window shade is not only affordable, but also easy to install.

You have the option of having it mounted inside your window box or on the wall. Choosing the right size will ensure that you will get total blackout when the blinds are completely pulled down.

The honeycomb design also offers the advantage of reducing the noise coming from the outside which can distract or startle your cat. The sound of honking horns or the blare of car alarms can cause panicky behaviors that can cause your fuzzy friends to respond exaggeratedly.

Another good thing about this cordless honeycomb shade is that the design acts as a heat insulator for your room. It can keep the temperature from getting too hot or too cold and also prevents damaging ultraviolet exposure to your cats. 

Homland Cordless Cellular Honeycomb Shades Key Features:

  • Cordless design prevents cat accidents
  • Easy push-pull mechanism
  • 100% polyester fabric and aluminum material
  • Can be cleaned without much effort
  • Honeycomb design is perfect for heat insulation: keeps out the heat and cold from your room

What customers are saying:

It can be easily installed in 10 minutesThe curved shape can be fragile
It can be lowered and raised effortlessly The material can attract  cat dander
The cordless feature makes it safe for kittiesLarger-sized blinds may have trouble staying open over time
The dark gray color offers a total blackout from the outside
Fabric is easy to clean
The color choices are perfect for any room

Best Window Shutter Blinds For Cat Owners: Suncraft Shutters Customizable Window Blinds

If you’re looking for window blinds that are cat proof, long-lasting, and can elevate the look of your home, Suncraft Shutters Window Blinds is a great option. 

The window shutter blinds for cat owners is strong enough to handle an active cat because it is made with long-lasting, premium poly resin that doesn’t warp or split. The imitation wood pattern also adds elegance to your windows and gives your family privacy.

It is customized to fit perfectly by simply measuring the inside height and width of your window. A professional installer will look at the final measurements before going into production for easy DIY installation.

Suncraft Shutters Customizable Window Blinds Key Features:

  • Satin-finish gives the blinds a painted wood look.
  • Blinds are bacterial and fungal resistant.
  • Certified to be fire retardant.

What customers are saying: 

Custom-made to fit your windows perfectlyA bit pricey if you have several windows
No cords or strings
Easy to assemble 
Waterproof material
Easy to clean
Adds elegance to any room 
Customer service support is very helpful 

Best Motorized Blinds for Cat Owners: Yoolax Motorized Smart Blind For Window With Remote Control

If you have large windows and have a difficult time managing manual blinds, check out Yoolax Motorized Smart Blind For Window With Remote Control.

The motorized window coverings have always appealed to me since they appear so modern and futuristic. It has a good way of controlling the lighting in your room, especially if you have large windows.

It is also devoid of chords or strings that cats could play with and accidentally cling onto.

This unbreakable window blinds have the advantage of being unreachable to your cat since with just a push of the button, you can maneuver the blinds into a safe position.

These window blinds cat proof can be customized to fit your window and are made from PVC/Vinyl material that can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. It has a rechargeable motor that can last up to 6 months with one full charge and the remote can control 16 shades at the same time.

Yoolax Motorized Smart Blind For Window With Remote Control Key Features:

  • Control via the following:
    • Remote control
    • Voice-controlled using Alexa or Google Home
    • Phone app
  • Have the option to install a solar panel together with the blinds to save energy

What customers are saying: 

Blinds are customizable to your needsSome customers find the noise of the motor to be a bit loud
No cords so cat’s can’t cling on itSetting it up with Alexa or SmartThings can initially be a bit confusing
Helpful and responsive customer service
Easy to install as long as the measurements are correctly customized
Minimalist design blends well into any home decor
Reasonably priced

Pet Proof Blinds: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there such a thing as Cat Proof Blinds?

Yes, you can buy heavy-duty pet-proof window blinds in the market. 

What are pet friendly Blinds?

Pet-friendly blinds are indestructible window blinds that won’t bend, split, or warp easily. And since cats love to play with dangling cords, these pet blinds are cordless to avoid the problem of strangulation. 

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What are Cat Proof Window Blinds?

The cat window blinds are very durable and long-lasting blinds cats can’t destroy. There are different kinds of cat friendly window blinds. Depending on your budget, the choice is yours – from real wood to faux wood to motorized and manual-operated window blinds. 

Benefits of Cat Friendly Blinds

As much as you love your feline baby, it can sometimes be frustrating to come home to a place with bent or worse, totally wrecked window blinds. 

You cannot stop the instinctual behavior of your cat to climb and scratch on your furniture. So, it’s your job to do the necessary adjustments, one of which is to shift to window blinds that cats won’t break for the following reasons:

1.  Avoid choking hazard

Those dangling plastic cord tassels may seem small and harmless but these are choking hazards. Cats have the tendency to chew on things, thinking that these are preys that need to be dissected and those plastic cord tassels are no exemptions. 

2. Prevent strangulation

Playing between slats spells danger which happened to my cat. In just a matter of seconds, her neck got caught in between the slats. Had I arrived minutes later, she could have died from strangulation. 

3. Hard to break

Cat proof window treatments are constructed with tough materials that won’t bend or break quickly. 

4. Aesthetically pleasing

Unlike traditional aluminum blinds, cat-proof blinds are designed to transform each room into a cozy nook. 

5. Minimize electricity bills

Blinds for cat owners like faux wood blinds are good at regulating indoor temperature. 

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What Blinds are best when you have cats?

Cordless window blinds are the best cat resistant blinds. 

How to choose the Best Blinds For Cats?

Cats need plenty of stimulation and one of those is playtime. Unfortunately, they see our window coverings as toys to play with. 

Here are 6 tips on how to choose the best window blinds for cats. 

1. Choose cordless window blinds to prevent accidents

Cordless window blinds will eliminate the danger of getting tangled in cords. 

2. Choose the right material

Window blinds made from PVC or faux wood and real wood are sturdy materials that will last for years. 

3. Choose low-maintenance window blinds

Your cat’s hair and dander may stick on your window coverings. To save time, choose cat friendly window blinds that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

4. Choose horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds offer more security because cats can pass through them without the risk of getting trapped and strangulated between the slats. 

5. Avoid blinds with narrow slats

Narrower slats may look sleek but these are accident risks for cats. It’s because cats can get stuck in between the sharp edges of the aluminum blinds. 

6. Choose scratch-resistant blinds

Faux wood as well as wood blinds are very durable and are resistant to unsightly cat scratches. 

How To Cat Proof Blinds?

My cat is so amused with my window blinds but I was able to control this behavior by learning how to cat proof my blinds. It was a successful endeavor so here are my tips on how to cat proof your window blinds:

  • I used a deterrent spray by mixing one cup of citronella oil with 4 cups of water and sprayed the mixture on my window blinds.
  • If you’re still using window blinds with cord, it’s time to change them from cordless blinds to cat proof window covering. 
  • I also added some scratch posts around the house to redirect my cat’s attention. 

What Kind Of Blinds Are Cat Proof?

Are you still looking for blinds that cat cats won’t break? Here are some examples of the best blinds for homes with cats: 

  • Blinds with wide slats to avoid getting trapped 
  • Cordless design
  • Blinds are made with faux wood or real wood because they are resistant to moisture, warping, and cat abuse.

Wooden Blinds are the Best Cat Proof Blinds For Windows

Installing Wooden Blinds is one of the best window treatment solutions that you can apply that might save you a lot of trouble from cat damage.

There are two (2) types of Wooden Blinds, namely, Real Wood and Faux Wood Window Blinds. 

Faux Wood vs Real Wood Blinds

The main difference between faux wood and real wood blinds is that faux wood is made from plastic which has a uniform, consistent finish with each slat looking similar, while real wood has a natural wood grain look with each slat being different in texture from each other

Another difference is that faux wood blinds are much heavier than real wood because it is made from dense, thick material.

Faux wood is around 20% heavier and can be difficult to lift especially if you have large windows.

Faux Wood Blind

Faux wood window blind is made from vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This plastic material can be painted to look and feel like real wood. They are durable and sturdy enough to avoid damage caused by cats. 

Can cats destroy Faux Wood Blinds?

No, the hard plastic material can withstand a cat’s claw and would not easily scratch. The slats are also rigid enough for a cat not to get through even for a heavy cat.

Benefits of Faux Wood Window Blinds

1. Durability

Faux Wood cat friendly window blinds are made from dense plastic and would not easily break when a cat climbs through.

2. Wider viewing area

The large slats are wide enough for a cat to peer through lessening their need to wedge it open.

3. Waterproof

The material is moisture-resistant and can withstand humidity reducing the possibility of mold growth.

4. Easy to clean

Accumulated dust or cat hair can easily be wiped off with water or cleaning liquids. 

5. Great aesthetics

Faux wood looks just like the real thing and can add elegance to any part of the home.

6. Economical

Real Wood Blinds being a natural product would be more expensive.

Real Wood Blinds

Real wood window blinds are made from basswood which is the same natural material that is used in making ropes and some guitars. It is a light wood that has a soft and fine-textured grain. 

Benefits of Real Wood Blinds

1. They are solid

Real Wood Blinds are essentially indestructible Blinds, unlike thinner aluminum blinds that are bendable.

2. Good insulation

It helps to keep the temperature in the room just right by adjusting the shades.

3. Durable

Real wood Blinds can last for years without much wear and tear.

4. Stylish

They can add sophistication and elegance to any room.

5. Easily adjustable

The amount of sunlight in the room and their view of the outside world can easily be adjusted to your cat’s benefit. 

How to cat-proof Venetian Blinds?

There are several tips I could give you to cat-proof Venetian Blinds:

  • Tie the cords so it would not swing.
  • Provide a cat tree or scratching post to redirect their attention.
  • Dedicate a window with no blinds from which your cat can observe the outside world.
  • Place a double-sided tape near the blinds which your cat would avoid due to its sticky texture.

Why does my cat destroy my Blinds?

Indoor cats love to observe the outside world from the window. This is one of the main reasons why you would hear stories of a cat destroys blinds. They are naturally curious and find it irritating when something blocks their view. 

How To Keep Cats From Destroying Blinds?

When choosing the right blinds as your window treatment, the foremost question in your mind is, How do I keep my cat from messing up my blinds? So, here are some suggestions to prevent cat destroying Blinds.

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How to Keep Cats from Breaking Blinds?

When choosing the right blinds as your window treatment, the foremost question in your mind may be, “How do I keep my cat from messing up my blinds?”

So, here are some suggestions to prevent Cat Destroying Blinds.

1. Choose Blinds that have wider slats

Slats that are at least 2.5 inches wide can let your cat have more coverage to see what’s going on outside.

2. Choose cordless blinds

Dangling cords are a magnet to a cat’s eye and they would not hesitate to play with it if they get a chance. To prevent accidents, choose cordless or motorized blinds.

3. Get Cat-proof Blinds

Cat safe blinds, such as Wood or Faux Wood Blinds or Roller shades are highly recommended if you have a cat in the house. These do not break and bend easily like aluminum blinds.

4. Avoid blinds made with fabrics

A cat’s claw can easily get stuck in the fabric and tear the whole thing up.  

5. Avoid aluminum blinds

The narrow slats of horizontal aluminum blinds prevent your cat from observing the outside even when open, which forces them to bend or pull the blinds. 

If your cat keeps on shimmying around the blinds to get a better view of the outside or even get some sunshine, the best thing you can do is just pull up the blinds. 

You can also install a short curtain with a tension rod below the partly opened blinds if you want more privacy.

How To Keep Cats Out Of Blinds?

There are 4 things you can do to keep cats out of Blinds:

1. Spritz or place some scent they don’t like

Cats would avoid places where there is a citrus or menthol smell.

2. Apply double-sided tape

Placing this sticky substance on the window sill will keep your cat out of that area.

3. Place a carpet runner on the window sill with the bottom side up

The grippers are quite prickly and can feel uncomfortable on your cat’s feet without harming them.

4. Keep the blinds up

Give your cat an unobstructed view of the outside world by raising the blinds.

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How To Cat Proof Blind Cords?

You can easily Cat Proof Blind Cords by tying them securely to a hook or clip on the wall. This would keep it from dangling which could attract your cat’s attention.

How do you Cat Proof Windows?

Placing a physical barrier is the best way to Cat Proof a window. A screen, grate, or mesh window guard can be installed on the window sill to prevent your cat from jumping out. 

What blinds stop cats from getting out?

Roller Shades or Cellular Honeycomb Shades are types of best window coverings with cats that can prevent a cat from getting out. These blinds do not offer a view to the outside and act as a barrier when completely drawn.

Are Vertical Blinds Safe For Cats?

Vertical Blinds may not be the best choice if you have a cat. While a cat can easily pass through the slats, the connecting chain at the bottom of Vertical Blinds can easily get snagged between their legs or even tempt them to use it as a toy. 

How Do I Keep My Cat Out Of Vertical Blinds?

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, you can opt to remove the connecting chain itself since these are not fundamental in the vertical blind’s operation.

Best Faux Wood Blinds Cat Proof

2” Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

One of the highly recommended best cordless faux wood Blinds is the 2” Cordless Faux Wood Blinds constructed with PVC materials.

The cordless faux wood Blinds give the impression of real wood because these are embossed with a wood grain texture. Now you can enjoy the look of real wood blinds sans the high cost. 

Best of all, these can be cut according to your specifications. The package comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow. 

2″ Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Cat Proof Key Features:

  • Sturdy faux wood material
  • Can be installed in high-humidity areas like bathroom
  • No-fuss maintenance

What customers are saying:

Can be installed indoors and outdoorsThe valance is a bit challenging to install
No dangling cords that can pose danger to kids and cats
Package comes with attachable valance for added aesthetic value
Users reported smooth operation of the wand for light control
The product received safety certification from the Window Coverings Manufacturers Association

DEZ Furnishings Cordless Faux Wood Blind

The DEZ Furnishings Cordless Faux Wood Blind is one of the window blinds for cat owners that can withstand the daily pawing of cats. These are made with engineered wood so strength and longevity are guaranteed.

Each slat is measured at 2” to give you more privacy. Plus, it comes with valance for a touch of elegance. 

Of course, these wouldn’t be called anti cat blinds if not for its cordless feature. So, even if you’re away, you don’t need to worry about your cat’s safety. 

DEZ Furnishings Cordless Faux Wood Blind Key Features: 

  • Easy to install and operate  
  • Easy to clean 
  • Moisture-resistant 

What customers are saying: 

Can be mounted inside or outside your homeThe valance clip was a bit difficult to install
Worry-free feature: cordless
The bottom rail is easy to pull down and push up
Clients are satisfied with the light filtering capacity
Fast delivery
Certified as child and pet-safe by parents for window blind safety

Best Cat Proof Mini Blinds

Blinds Giant Cordless Mini Blind Cat Proof

If you prefer mini blinds for your home with cats, my recommendation is the Blinds Giant Cordless Mini Blind. They are made with vinyl which is resistant to warping, sagging, and color fading. 

No lead additives are included in the major components of the blinds. This assures that your feline family members are not exposed to the harmful effects of lead. 

Fortunately, these do not come with cords which is a special feature to keep your cats safe and the blinds cat proof.

Blinds Giant Cordless Mini Blind Cat Proof Key Features:

  • Each slat is measured at 1” inch thick
  • Cordless lift system creates safe environment for cats and children
  • Sturdy material

What customers are saying:

Cat owners reported that the blinds do not bend or get broken easilyNo instruction manual came with the box
Quick to install
Size fits perfectly on their windows
Competitively priced
Easy to raise and lower the blinds
Can be installed in high-humidity rooms

Best Cat Proof Roller Blinds

CHICOLOGY Cordless Roller Shades

For the best window coverings for cat owners, one of our best picks is the CHICOLOGY Cordless Roller Shade. You can choose between total blackout or light-filtering blinds. 

These are blinds that cats can’t destroy because they are made with high-quality vinyl. The 1% openness percentage feature blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer as well as damage furniture due to sun exposure. 

The cordless mechanism makes it very safe for households with cats and younger children. Plus, clearing away dander and cat hair from the blinds wouldn’t be a huge task. 

CHICOLOGY Cordless Roller Shades Key Features:

  • Allows control over how much light you want in the room without compromising privacy
  • Perfect for blocking harmful UV rays
  • 1% openness percentage

What customers are saying:

Blocks 99% UV raysFor indoor use only
The blinds go up and down smoothly
Can be installed without any help
Great value for money
Eliminates glare for energy efficiency
Comes with a 1-year warranty

Green Mountain Vista Spring Roller Shade (Cordless)

If you want complete privacy, the cordless Green Mountain Vista Roller Shade is one of the best window coverings with cats. 

The Green Mountain Vista Blackout Roller Shade is made with woven cane paper giving your rooms a rustic appearance. And since the Green Mountain Vista Roller Shades are cordless, these are child-safe and pet-safe. 

These are easy to install. Plus, the material is lightweight and not flimsy making these easy to manually operate. 

Green Mountain Vista Spring Roller Shade (Cordless) Key Features:

  • Blackout feature
  • Great for filtering UV rays
  • No dangling cords

What customers are saying: 

Can vacuum to cleanNot water-resistant
Only takes a few minutes to installIt only comes in 3 colors
Provides a one-of-a-kind vintage look
Provides complete privacy
Excellent customer service

Best Cat Proof Vertical Blinds

CHICOLOGY Cordless Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds may also be installed in your home if you have cats. The CHICOLOGY Cordless Vertical Blinds are cat safe blinds because it is difficult to climb on them, thereby, preventing getting stuck. 

Vertical blinds part easily so your cat can pass through safely. The CHICOLOGY Cordless Vertical Blinds are constructed with high-quality 100% PVC which makes them long-lasting. 

These are best installed in larger windows and sliding doors. Plus, these come with valance for a neater look. 

CHICOLOGY Cordless Vertical Blinds Key Features:

  • No strings attached for cat’s safety
  • Headrail is reversible (Option to place the wand on the left or right side of the panels) 
  • Low-maintenance
  • Perfect for sliding doors, large windows, patio doors

What customers are saying:

Simple to installSome customers reported that a few slats are slightly damaged
Provides total blackout for complete privacy
Metal wand is sturdy and easy to manipulate
Cordless function for kid and pet-safety
Comes with a 12-month warranty

Best Cat Proof Venetian Blinds

Achim Cordless Venetian Window Blind

For venetian blinds that could add elegance to any room, we highly recommend the Achim Cordless Venetian Window Blind. They are made from heavyweight vinyl material with a nice, rich wood grain appearance.

The cordless feature prevents cat accidents and the blinds can be pulled up or down by simply adjusting the bottom rail. There is also a tilt wand to control lighting and privacy.

They can be mounted either inside or outside the window frame, but they only come in one size and is not customizable.

Achim Cordless Venetian Window Blind Key Features:

  • Cordless operation
  • Slats are 2” wide to control privacy and lighting
  • Rich, wood grain appearance

What customers are saying:

Reasonable priceNot water resistant
Looks great in any roomSome instructions are not easy to figure out
Solid enough to block out light
Easy to pull up and down
Nice wood finish
Not flimsy

Best Cat Proof Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

GoDear Design Adjustable Sliding Panel Window Blinds Cat Proof

If you have a balcony door or French door, then the GoDear Design Adjustable Sliding Panel might be a good window treatment for you. It has a cordless mechanism making it safe for cats and kids.

It is made up of 4 panels that are 23 inches wide each with a height that can be adjusted to your specific needs. The panels can slide with a metal wand either to the left or right.

The woven fabric is specially coated to make it firm and sturdy. It filters and diffuses light effectively and provides privacy. 

GoDear Design Adjustable Sliding Panel Window Blinds Cat Proof Key Features:

  • 4-rail track is adjustable and can be mounted either to the wall or ceiling
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install

What customers are saying: 

Length is easy to trimSheer material may not offer much privacy
Filters light softly for a cozy ambiance
Panel slides smoothly
Can be used as a divider or window coverings
Can be installed easily
Curtain rail is heavy-duty

Best Cat Proof Cellular Shades (Honeycomb Shades)

Changshade Cordless Cellular Shade

If you are on a budget, Changshade Cordless Cellular Shade may be the perfect solution for a window treatment. It has a cord-free design that is ideal for cat owners.

The material is made from non-woven polyester fabric and can effectively block out light. It does not collect dust easily and can also filter out noise from the outside that can startle your cat. 

The aluminum rail at the bottom is weighted, so the blinds remain flat against the window. The spring load mechanism has also been tested heavily to ensure that it would retract and extend smoothly for a long time.

Changshade Cordless Cellular Shade Key Features:

  • Cordless design
  • Blocks out sunlight, heat, and noise
  • Spring-loaded mechanism is easy to pull up or down

What customers are saying: 

Produces a cooling effect in the room when pulled downSome find the installation not easy
Blinds stay in place
Lightweight and easy to pull down
Offers a good blackout from the afternoon sun
Eye-pleasing design
Easy to install

Cordless Cellular Shades Honeycomb Blackout Blinds

The Cellular Shades Honeycomb Blackout Blinds has a cordless mechanism that is easy to pull down or up at any position. It has no dangling cords or rods that a cat can toy with and cause accidents. 

The honeycomb structure absorbs noise from the outside. It also offers insulation keeping the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It comes in several colors such as white, cream, blue, and gray, and can be mounted inside or outside the window pane.

Cordless Cellular Shades Honeycomb Blackout Blinds Key Features:

  • Effectively blocks out sunlight
  • Cordless
  • Easy cleaning

What customers are saying:

Easy 10-minute installationThe elasticity of blinds can decrease over time
Good value for the price
Blinds are easy to move up and down
Color choices are good
Effective as blackout shades
Looks great in any room

Achim Cordless Honeycomb Cellular Pleated Shade

Honeycomb Cellular shades offer great insulation all year round and the Achim Cordless Honeycomb Cellular Pleated Shade is no exception.

It is made from 100% soft, non-woven polyester fabric that is easy to clean. It also provides privacy and distills light beautifully around the room.

There are several sizes to choose from for every window size, and the colors available can fit any room. 

Achim Cordless Honeycomb Cellular Pleated Shade Key Features:

  • Made from soft, non-woven polyester fabric
  • Easy to pull up or down
  • Comes in various sizes to fit your window

What customers are saying:

Easy to installDoesn’t darken the room completely
Clean look goes well in any room
Available sizes can fit every size window
Provides privacy

Related Questions

How do you protect glass from cats?

One way to protect window glass from cats is by installing window-proof screens.

How do I stop my neighbours’ cat from coming in my window?

Cats dislike strong scents. So, you may want to spray some aromatics like citrus peels or coffee grounds, or spray some citronella oil around your windows.

How do you cat proof a high rise window?

Ever heard of mesh window guards, also known as cat window screens? These are made with durable materials and are attached to the window frames.

Can you pose any simple solutions to cats falling out of windows?

If you cannot close your windows, you can open just a fraction, say about 1 to 2 inches to allow fresh air to circulate. The second is to install window screens that cats cannot destroy.