How To Keep Cats Away From Blinds?

How To Keep Cats Out Of Blinds? Pet parents can employ several tricks to keep cats out of blinds. The easiest solution is raising the blinds. You can also use cat-repellant sprays or double-sided tape on the blinds. Opting for vertical blinds or diverting your pet’s attention via toys like climbing structures can also help.

Felines love window-watching, and they don’t like it when something gets in the middle of it. Cat parents often complain about their furry companions taking their anger out on window blinds. Be it going after the cords or clawing the blind slats, felines will find a way to the window on the other side.

If you’re looking for useful solutions to keeping cats out of blinds, we can help. This article will focus on how to keep your pets from breaking or tearing your blinds, cat-proofing ideas, and more. There’s also a handy section on how to keep cats out of windows and about window treatments.

How To Keep Cats Off Blinds?

Blinds For Cats
How To Keep Cats Off Window Blinds?

The tussle between cats and window blinds is nothing new. Felines are avid explorers and love observing the outside world through windows.

They generally get into scuffles with window blinds because they’re a barrier between your furry companion and the great outdoors. 

Thankfully, there are several ways to get your feline to stop climbing or damaging your blinds. You can raise your blinds during the day to allow your pet to see outside to its heart’s content. 

Another option is reserving an easily-accessible window of your house for your pet’s window-gazing pursuits. This will help keep your cat from going after the blinds covering other apertures. 

You can also look into adding a barrier to the Cat Blinds to keep your pet from getting to them. For example, adding furniture, décor, and shutters to block off access to the blinds. 

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How To Keep Cats Away From Blinds?

Wondering how to keep cats away from blinds? Understanding why your fur baby likes to hang out near windows can help keep cats away from blinds.

Felines have curious natures; that’s what makes them such active explorers. And that’s also mainly why cats go after blinds because they’re a barrier between them and one of their favorite pastimes. 

Another reason your fur baby likes scratching blinds is that it helps remove the outer cover of your pet’s claws and is a great way to release anxiety or stress.

Moreover, since window panes are generally at some height, they appeal to a cat’s safety instinct and love of climbing. 

So, how can knowing these details help you keep your fuzzy friend away from blinds?

That’s simple.

You can reserve another window in your home as your pet’s windowing-watching spot. This will appeal to your pet’s love of nature. 

You can also invest in scratching posts and climbing structures (cat towers) to keep your felines occupied and away from window blinds. 

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My Cat Keeps Breaking My Blinds! What should I do?

Does your search history contain the term ‘my cat keeps breaking my blinds?’

One of the most common issues cat owners face is their furry friend damaging household items, such as curtains and blinds.

If your cat keeps breaking blinds, you may wonder how to prevent this from happening.

Consider investing in cat-friendly alternatives to stop your cat from breaking your blinds, like window perches.

These will give your cat a safe and comfortable place to perch and observe the outside world.

If you still want to keep window blinds, consider purchasing ones made of sturdier materials, such as wooden Venetian blinds.

Alternatively, you can apply double-sided tape or aluminum foil to the blinds, which will deter your cat from scratching or playing with them.

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How To Keep Cat Out Of Blinds?

We’ve gone over why felines are attracted to window blinds. Now, it’s time to focus on how to keep cats out of blinds.

If your furry companion has been getting into one too many scuffles with your window coverings recently, go through our compilation below for some handy pro tips. 

1. Provide scratching posts

Wondering how to keep cats from breaking blinds?

Your fur baby naturally turns to claw things to keep its nails from growing too long.

The good news is you can divert your pet’s attention from blinds and upholstery by investing in scratching posts

2. Cover blinds with tin foil or double-sided tape

An easy way to keep cats out of blinds is to cover the covering’s surface with tin foil or double-sided tape.

Since these materials deter felines, it makes for an easy and economical way to keep your felines away from blinds.

3. Use cat deterrents

Cat deterrent sprays are another creative way to keep cats out of window blinds. Plenty of feline deterrents are available on the market, but we suggest ensuring any spray you purchase is pet-friendly and doesn’t include harmful chemicals. 

4. Utilize cat repellants made at home

Homemade citrus spray can act as an effective cat repellant and ward off felines from window blinds. 

How do you make citrus spray repel cats? 

That’s easy. Squeeze the juice of 3-4 lemons or 1-2 oranges in a bowl. Pass the liquid through a sieve to keep the pits out.

Next, add the juice to a spray bottle, add some water to dilute the mixture, and you’re good to go.

Will Spraying Vinegar Keep Cats Away? 

The answer is yes. You can make a vinegar spray by adding distilled white vinegar to a spray bottle. Add some water to dilute the liquid, and you’re done. 

5. Close the blinds

If you don’t mind missing out on natural light for some time, closing the blinds can help keep your fur baby away from your window blinds.

However, this may not work for all pets because some felines can still sneak their paws in through closed slats. 

6. Trim your cat’s nails

If you follow a regular grooming schedule for your feline, chances are your pet’s nails are trimmed and in shape.

But, if you’ve been putting off nail-trimming, this can encourage your kitty to find scratchable items to help keep his claws in check. 

7. Invest in window guards

If you’re not sure what window guards are, type in ‘window guards for cats’  and let Google do its work.

The good thing about window guards is that they’re available in multiple variations, are reasonably priced, and offer easy and creative remedies to your cat-scratching problems. 

8. Provide alternative climbing areas

One reason why your furry friends like hanging out near windows is that it provides them with high-perching platforms.

Therefore, investing in climbing platforms can keep your pet’s attention away from windows and blinds by giving them a comfy space to practice their love of heights

9. Keep the cords hidden

Cats sometimes go after window blinds because the cords or cables give them something interesting to play with. You can prevent this from happening by keeping the cables out of sight.

If you’re wondering how to hide blind cords from cats, that’s simple. Utilize a cleat and keep the lines wrapped around it. 

10. Install vertical blind slats

If you’re looking to replace your blinds, opt for coverings with vertical slats. Climbing vertical blinds is much more difficult for felines and will discourage them from attacking the covering. 

11. Use window shades 

Utilizing shades instead of blinds can ward off your fuzzy friend’s attention elsewhere. Window shades have fewer working parts and don’t have gaps to allow your pet’s paw to slide through and cause havoc. 

12. Use cordless blinds

Cats are attracted to cords, so cordless blinds can help prevent them from playing with the cables and damaging them.

13. Use a deterrent noise

You can use a deterrent noise, such as a can of coins, to startle your feline when they start scratching the blinds.

14. Invest in motion-activated deterrents

Motion-activated deterrents, such as air sprays or noise makers, can scare your cat away from the blinds. But this isn’t highly recommended as it might cause anxiety in some pets. 

15. Keep the blinds raised

A simple way to keep your feline pet from getting into trouble with blinds is to keep them raised. Doing so will give your pet access to the window and keep the blinds out of reach. 

16. Cat curtain with tension rod

You can keep your cat from going after blinds by replacing them with cat-proof curtains with tension rods. These are designed to fit windows and work well in feline households. 

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How To Keep Cats Out Of Window Blinds?

Blinds Cats Can't Destroy
Two tabby cats looking at the window and window blinds

How to keep cats out of window blinds is a pretty varied topic. If you still haven’t found the info you’re looking for, scroll to the sections below for guidance. 

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How To Keep Cats Out Of Vertical Blinds?

If your pet cat isn’t the kind to be deterred easily and like going after vertical blinds, too, this section is for you.

Generally, vertical blinds discourage felines from going near windows because they have difficulty climbing them. 

However, if your pet is going after your vertical blinds, keeping them closed is the easiest way to protect the window covering.

When the slats are bunched together, your pet won’t be able to damage them. 

Another creative fix is using a DIY citrus or vinegar spray on the blinds. The smell of citrus and vinegar repels felines, so if your blinds smell of them, your pet will likely steer clear.

If the DIY solution doesn’t work, you can always use commercial pet-friendly cat deterrent sprays.

Finally, you can also save your vertical blinds from kitty damage by training your cat not to climb your blinds.

This will take time and patience, but it’s worth it in the long run. Use positive reinforcement techniques like treats and praise to encourage good behavior.

Best Cat Proof Blinds

Unbreakable Blinds
Kitten trying to look out the window

If your pet has damaged your blinds beyond repair and you’re looking for replacements, go through our cat-proof blinds section.

Our compilation includes various kinds of window blinds that work best in feline households and are pretty economical.


Vertical vinyl blinds

Looking for vertical blinds that don’t break? If yes, try searching for curved vinyl vertical blinds.

These window coverings have a hard and slippery surface, making it difficult for your feline to latch on or climb. 

Besides, they’re easy to clean, don’t pick up pet hair or dander, and are great at blocking light and heat.

These pet proof window blinds aren’t as pricey as other options, making them an excellent pick. 

Roller Shades

Have you been searching for tips on how to cat proof blinds? Why not try roller shades instead? These are highly recommended for pet parents looking for blinds for cat owners. 

Roller shades have fewer moving parts, no slats, and feature sturdy materials to keep your feline’s claws from doing damage.

Some shades feature canvas fabric, while others have blended fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain. 

If you’ve been holding out for the best window treatments for cats, roller shades undoubtedly rank high.

Pro-tip, look for cordless roller shades in your quest for sturdy blinds, as cords and wires tend to attract feline attention. 

Plantation shutters

Not a fan of window curtains? Then plantation shutters might suit you. These are made of wood or PVC and qualify as unbreakable window blinds because felines can’t climb or bite them.

Moreover, they don’t feature cords, rods, or any other accompanying part, making them pretty easy to install. 

Plantation shutters need to be customized to fit your windows and may take some time being assembled, but once installed, they work as one of the best window treatments for homes with cats. 

Indoor shutters

Forget window blinds that cats can’t break; indoor shutters can offer much more than blinds.

These are generally made of vinyl, faux wood, or metal. They’re available in multiple variations and designs, so you won’t have trouble finding one to match your décor. 

They’re sturdy, long-lasting, and practical. Almost all catproof blinds lists feature shutters because they’re such a dependable option.

Stop searching for blinds that cats can’t destroy or blinds that cats won’t break, and look for indoor shutter designs instead. 

Worst Window Treatments for Cats

Thus far, we’ve covered some of the best cat treatments for windows. Now, let’s take a moment to list some of the worst cat treatments for windows so you know what to avoid when shopping. 

Fabric blinds

Blinds that include fabric slats aren’t suitable for a household with pets. First, the fabric tends to collect dust, pet hair, and dander, making it difficult to maintain. 

Besides that, fabric blinds are easy targets for cats because they’re easy to damage and rip. Overall, you should avoid these if your fur baby likes going after window blinds. 

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum is kind of the mainstay when it comes to horizontal blinds. But they’re not the best option if you have a cat.

Aluminum slats are easily damaged because they bend and break rather easily. They almost always feature cords and cables, making them an attractive feline target.

And damaged aluminum blinds can also injure your pets with sharp or jagged corners. 

Curtains with tassels

Cats find it easy to climb curtains because they can sink their nails into the fabric and use it to move up the covering.

That’s one of the main reasons why soft fabric curtains aren’t appropriate for pet parents. 

Curtains aren’t as efficient at blocking out light as blinds, and they’re pretty easy for cats to scratch, rip, or damage.

They’re also challenging to maintain because they can collect dust and pet hair. 

If your curtain design features tassels or similar decorations, these can attract your pet’s attention, as felines love playing with string. 

Cellular shades

Cellular shades catch and release the material meant to block light and heat by ‘rolling’ it. Since they’re made entirely of fabric, they also offer the same disadvantages as curtains. 

For example, they’re not easy to keep clean because not all material is easy to dust or vacuum. Also, the fact that they’ve fabric-heavy makes them susceptible to wear and tear from cat scratching. 

So, How To Get My Cat To Leave My Blinds Alone?

Cats are curious creatures and like exploring their surroundings. However, this can lead to destructive behavior, such as scratching furniture or playing with blinds.

If you’re struggling with a fur baby that won’t leave your blinds alone, here’s what you can try. 

Firstly, ensuring that your furry companion has toys and scratching posts to play with is essential.

This will give them an outlet for their instincts, and hopefully, they’ll be less interested in playing with your blinds.

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You can also use a deterrent spray on your blinds. These sprays are designed to have a scent that felines find unpleasant, discouraging them from going near the blinds.

Another option is to train your pet not to play with the blinds. This will require patience but can be effective in the long run.

Lastly, if all else fails, keep your blinds out of reach of your cat. You can do this by keeping them closed or using a cord cleat to secure them out of reach.

Remember, being patient and gentle when dealing with your cat’s behavior is vital. You can help your furry friend learn to leave your blinds alone with time and effort.

How To Keep Cats Out Of Blinds? 

We’re at the end of our feline-centric guide and hope you have enough information to keep your furry friend from going at your blinds.

Generally, felines are attracted to blinds to get to the window, as they’re avid nature observers. 

Other times, something about the blinds themselves can act as a lure to your pets. For example, cords, tassels, the noise that aluminum blinds make, etc.

You can employ one of the many tricks mentioned here to keep your pets away from the blinds or even train them to stay away. 

Related Questions

Why does my cat destroy my blinds?

There are several reasons why cats can scratch or chew on blinds, including boredom, separation anxiety, or simply wanting to look outside. Providing your cat with alternative toys and scratching posts can help redirect their behavior and prevent damage to your blinds.

Is there such a thing as cat proof blinds?

While there is no such thing as 100 percent cat-proof blinds, some options are more resistant to damage than others. For example, faux wood blinds or vinyl blinds are typically more durable than fabric ones.

Why is my cat obsessed with blinds?

Cats can be obsessed with blinds for various reasons, including boredom, curiosity, and the desire to look outside. Additionally, blinds often provide a satisfying texture for cats to scratch and chew on.

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