Red Maine Coon: Complete Guide

If you’re looking for a playful, docile, and affectionate cat, look no further than the Red Maine Coon. Their vibrant fur and friendly and pleasant nature make them a popular breed among cat lovers. With their large size and love for attention, Red Maine Coons will surely become the center of attention in any household.

But before adding this elegant-looking cat to your family, you should learn everything about her. These include behavioral traits, grooming needs, nutrition, and personality traits.

It’s common for people to mistake Red Maine Coons and Orange Maine Coons for different cats, but in reality, they are simply different names for the same stunning feline. So, let’s hit the road and learn more about the Red Maine Coon to help you determine if this is the perfect feline companion for you.

Red Maine Coon: Breed overview

Red MainCoon
Maine Coon Red Mackerel tabby pattern

The table below shows what you can expect from a Red Maine Coon cat. 

Other namesOrange Maine Coon, Red Coon cat, Main Coon Red, Red Mancoon, Red Mane Coon 
Weight 10 – 25 pounds 
Height8 – 16 inches 
Coat ColorsRed, White, Black 
Child FriendlinessHigh
Feline FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyEasy
Grooming UpkeepHigh
Exercise NeedsModerate 
Lifespan13 – 14 years 
Kitten Cost$600 – $2,500

What is a Red Maine Coon?

Red mackerel tabby Maine Coon
Red Main Coon sitting on the grass in the backyard

A Red Maine Coon is also referred to as an Orange Maine Coon, which is the biggest domesticated cat breed.

The coat is characterized by a stunning color of solid red or orange and can also come in different patterns that include tortoiseshell and tabby. 

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Are Red Maine Coons rare?

Except for a solid Red Maine Coon, the bi-color and the other coat patterns of Red Maine Coon are not rare. 

Red Maine Coon cat history

There are many theories that surround the history of Red Maine Coon. These include linking the breed as far back as the Vikings and to Marie Antoinette of France.

But what is believable is that the Red Maine Coon is a product of a Norwegian Forest cat and a feral cat in Maine, USA. 

The breed gained its popularity during the late 19th century but eventually died down due to the introduction of other long-haired cats.

Eventually, it came back in the 1950s. In 1976, the Maine Coon regain its status as a purebred cat.

Since then, Red Maine Coons have regain their popularity and it continues to be one of the most well-loved cat breeds across the globe. 

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Red Maine Coon genetics

Red Maine Coon kittens
Maine Coon Red kitten climbing her scratch tree

The “O” locus attached to the X-chromosome is the gene that gives the red color in the coat of a Red Maine Coon.

Most Red Maine Coons are males because they only need a single X-chromosome with a dominant ‘O’ to have a red coat while the females require 2 X-chromosomes to be a Red Maine Coon. 

Red MainCoon physical appearance

The Red MainCoon is a massive cat with a long, rectangular-shaped body. The breed has a broad chest and a long, bushy tail. The eye color is blue at birth but changes to another color which can be gold or green.

Red Maine Coons have tufted ears which function as insulators during the cold months. Some of them are also born polydactyl or have the physical characteristic of having extra toes. 

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Various Maine Coon Red colors and patterns

The Red Maine Coon comes in different coat patterns such as a Red mackerel Maine Coon which is characterized by having parallel stripes of red and another color, closely resembling a tiger’s coat. 

Then, there’s also the Maine Coon Red point that has reddish points on the face, legs, paws, and tail as well. 

Red silver Maine Coon

What does a Maine Coon Red silver look like? A Red silver Maine Coon cat has some patches of light red over a silver color base coat.

Therefore, a Red silver Maine Coon kitten has a silver-colored base coat. The upper half of the body of a silver Red Maine Coon can be red while the lower half can be silver.

It’s also possible for a Maine Coon silver Red to have a mixture of red and silver on its tail. 

Red silver tabby Maine Coon

Some Maine Coon Red silver tabby may have either swirls or stripes of red and silver across the body. 

Red silver classic tabby Maine Coon

A classic Red silver tabby Maine Coon has swirling patterns of red and silver throughout the body. 

Red silver tabby white Maine Coon

Similar to the Red tabby Maine Coon with the main difference in one of the colors, instead of white, this cat has stripes of red and silver across its body. 

Red silver shaded Maine Coon

Maine Coon Red silver shaded has a silver undercoat and about ⅓ of the hair tips are colored red.  

What is a red smoke Maine Coon?

A Red Smoke Maine Coon is a carrier of the inhibitor gene which is responsible for suppressing the color in the hair shaft. This implies that the fur tips are darker than the base which is how they got the name Maine Coon “Red smoke.”

Red smoke Maine Coon

A Red smoke Maine Coon cat carries the inhibitor gene. This means that each fur comes in two (2) colors: the base color is white while the tip is red. 

Thus, a Red smoke Maine Coon kitten will have a light undercoat, and ½ of the hair tips are colored red. 

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Maine Coon Red tabby

A Red tabby Maine Coon is characterized by having stripes or swirls of light and dark red throughout the body. Not all Red tabby Maine Coon cats are the same because tabby comes in five (5) different patterns. 

Some Red tabby Maine Coon kittens may have the classic tabby patterns while other Maine Coon Red tabby kitten can sport the red mackerel tabby pattern or the ticked tabby pattern, a patched tabby pattern, or even the red spotted tabby pattern. 

As we can see, the five (5) different patterns in Maine Coon Red tabby are:

  • Red classic tabby
  • Red mackerel tabby
  • Red ticked tabby
  • Red spotted tabby
  • Red patched tabby

Maine Coon Red tabby classic

The classic Red Maine Coons with red tabby have well-defined swirling patterns of light and dark red on different parts of the body. 

Red mackerel tabby Maine Coon

The Maine Coon Red tabby mackerel has parallel stripes of dark and light red that run down the sides of its body. This pattern is the one that closely resembles the stripes on a tiger’s coat. 

Red ticked tabby Maine Coon

The Red ticked tabby Maine Coon has no noticeable blotches, swirls, or red stripes that can be seen on the body. 

Red tabby white Maine Coon

A Maine Coon Red tabby white can demonstrate any of the 4 patterns of tabby (classic, mackerel, ticked, spotted) and has white fur on the bib, belly, and paws. Some of the 

Red tabby and white Maine Coon may or may not have white fur on the face. 

Red and white Maine Coon

Some Red and white Maine Coon cats have similar patterns as the Red tabbies but the stripes or swirls of a Red and white Maine Coon kitten are red and white.

The Red white Maine Coon may also demonstrate any of the five (5) patterns of the tabby with the main difference of having white markings on the belly, chest, and paws of a Maine Coon Red white.

Plus, a Maine Coon Red and white has red paw pads and a nose. 

Dark Red Maine Coon

A dark Red Maine Coon wears a darker shade of red, almost maroon in color. 

Red solid Maine Coon

A Maine Coon Red solid has a red coat on its entire body. To be called a solid Red Maine Coon, the cat shouldn’t exhibit any markings on any of its body parts. 

Red classic Maine Coon

This is similar to the solid Red Maine Coon. Aside from an all-red coat, the nose, lip, chin, and paw pads are also color red. 

Red classic tabby Maine Coon

A Red classic tabby Maine Coon cat has swirling patterns of 2 different shades of red, a lighter and a darker hue of red spread across the body. 

Red cream Maine Coon

The bicolor red and cream Maine Coon wears a combination of these 2 colors. For some, the faces may have a cream color and some may display the color cream on their bibs, paws, and bellies. 

Red shaded Maine Coon

The Red shaded Maine Coon has 33% of their fur tips colored while the base is color white. 

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Red Maine Coon size, height, and weight

A Red male Maine Coon is slightly bigger than a female Red Maine Coon. Both the Red Maine Coon male and female grow to a massive length of about 40 inches. 

GenderHeight Weight 
Male 10 – 16 inches 15 – 25 pounds 
Female 8 – 14 inches 10 – 15 pounds

Red Maine Coon cat personality and temperament

Anyone will fall for the sweet and gentle Red Maine Coon personality. This breed can be compared with dogs in more ways than one.

They are affectionate, very playful, and love to ‘stalk’ their owners in every corner of the house. 

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Are Red Maine Coon cats good family cats?

Yes, the Red Maine Coon cats are good family cats. The whole family will enjoy the company of a Red Maine Coon because this breed has a gentle soul. They never exhibit any aggressive tendencies and are very patient with children. 

Are Red Maine Coon cats outdoor or indoor cats?

Red Maine Coon can be outdoor and indoor cats. They love to explore their surroundings and can always find something to occupy themselves with such as climbing trees.

But due to their popularity and cost, most owners would rather keep them indoors to prevent getting ‘catnapped.’

Do Red Maine Coon cats love water?

Red Maine Coons love playing in shallow water or drinking directly from the faucet, but the story may not be the same if we’re talking bath time.

Similar to other breeds, the Red Maine Coons are not fond of being placed in a tub full of water. 

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Red Main Coon training

Being an intelligent breed, Red Maine Coons are highly trainable. Feline owners won’t find it difficult to teach them basic commands, cat trick, or how to use the litter box. 

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Red Maine Coons exercise requirement

Red Maine Coons are beaming with energy and they need an average of 2 sessions of 20-minute playtime each day.

Incorporating a Maine Coon cat tree into their environment provides them an excellent platform for climbing, jumping, and exploring. This helps to fulfill their innate need for physical activity and mental stimulation.

By investing in a sturdy cat tree, you’re not only promoting their overall well-being but also helping to prevent potential behavioral issues that can stem from boredom or inactivity.

They are also comfortable wearing a collar and a harness and leash so walking is an enjoyable outdoor activity for them. 

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Red Maine Coon cat grooming and cleaning

If you do not want your Red Maine Coon to end up with a severely-matted coat, you’ll have to invest a little of your time grooming her. These are our tips for you.


Frequent brushing is the most important part of grooming a Red Maine Coon. There are grooming tools that can make your job easier. These are a wide-toothed comb, a de-shedding comb, a slicker brush, and a soft-bristled brush. 


Cats spend a lot of time keeping their coats clean. This is why bathing does not have to be done frequently. A mild and fragrance-free cat shampoo is recommended for a smooth and tangle-free coat. 

Teeth Brushing

To keep tartar and plaque at bay, regular teeth brushing with an enzymatic toothpaste is recommended. 

Nail Trimming

Long and sharp nails can scratch your skin and damage your cushion and carpets. So, make it a habit to trim her nails with a cat nail trimmer. 

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Ear/Eye Care

Ear wax as well as eye boogers may lead to infection. Simply wipe the ears and eyes with a moist cotton ball or gauze to clean them. 

Grooming Needs Grooming Frequency 
Brushing 4x weekly
Bathing 1x monthly or fewer
Teeth Brushing 3x weekly
Nail Trimming 2x monthly
Ear/Eye Cleaning Check weekly

Red Maine Coon cat food and diet

A highly-nutritious cat food rich in protein is the ideal diet for an obligate carnivore like a Red Maine Coon. A mix of wet and dry food is recommended for increased hydration. 

Next to protein, choose a cat food that contains an essential amino acid that felines need such as taurine because it helps prevent various health problems like eye problems and dilated cardiomyopathy. 

Red Maine Coon health issues

Maine Coons are vulnerable to inherited diseases that are gene-related. The advancement of technology in the veterinary field allows owners to learn early on what these diseases are.

If you’re on a budget and prefer to find out what health issues your Maine Coons are prone to, you’ll want to get an at-home cat DNA testing kit.

For now, here are four (4) health issues that Red Maine Coons are most susceptible to:

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease

A genetic condition wherein the Red Maine Coon kittens are born with small cysts in their kidneys. As they get older, these cysts grow bigger and eventually cause renal failure. 

2. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

A congenital heart condition that causes the muscles of the heart to thicken. This results in poor oxygen distribution. 

3. Spinal Muscular Atrophy

More commonly seen among Maine Coons, this health issue is caused by a recessive gene that results in odd posture and mobility difficulties. 

4. Hip Dysplasia

A genetic orthopedic disorder wherein the affected cat suffers from mobility problems brought about by an uneven growth in the hip joint. 

Red Maine Coon lifespan

The average life expectancy of a Red Maine Coon is about 13 to 14 years

Red Maine Coon breeders

Do not get tempted to buy your Red Maine Coon from pet shops. Instead, go directly to a responsible and ethical cat breeder because in most cases, a reputable breeder conducts DNA tests to rule out genetic problems like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 

Why are Red Maine Coons hard to sell?

Red Maine Coons are hard to sell because they are expensive. Red Maine Coons are purebred cats and they are more likely to inherit gene-specific diseases. That said, reputable breeders spend money on genetic testings and other battery of tests to ensure that they produce high-quality kittens.

Then, there are overhead expenses including stud and veterinary fees, and high-quality cat food.

So, how much really is a Red Maine Coon? Let’s find out in the following section.

Red Maine Coon price

For adult and retired Red Maine Coons, you can expect the price tag to be $500 or thereabouts from breeders. But if you go to an adoption center, the price could be lower. 

Type of One-Time and Recurring ExpensesAverage Cost 
Food $50 – $75
Food and Water Bowls $5 – $10
Kitty Bed $20 – $30
Carrier $20 – $40
Collar and ID tag $10 – $25
Grooming Tools $25 – $45
Litter Box $18 – $45
Litter $10 – $25
Scratch Post and other toys $20 – $50
Microchipping $50 – $100
Spay/Neuter $250 -$550
Veterinary Expenses $200 – $500
Total $678 – $1,495

Red Maine Coon kitten

Many potential owners of Maine Coon kitten Red worry about the price of getting one. That’s because Red Maine Coon kittens can be quite expensive. On average, you can expect to spend about $600 to $2,500 for a Maine Coon Red kitten. 

Places to find Red Maine Coon kittens for sale

In this section, we will share with you a list of responsible Red Maine Coon breeders if you are looking for Red Maine Coon kittens for sale.

Red tabby Maine Coon kittens for sale

You can try at Son Shine Coons Maine Coon Cattery ( in Georgia. All the kittens for sale are registered with CFA and they tested negative for FIV and FeLV. 

Red Maine Coon kitten for sale

It’s also worth visiting the webpage of Giant Gems Cattery ( in Michigan for adorable Red Maine Coons. The breeders offer a 2-year genetic health guarantee for all the kittens for sale. 

Red Maine Coon kittens for sale UK

If you are in the UK and searching for Red Maine Coon kittens for sale near me, check out Kleooket Maine Coon Cattery ( Their breeding cats and kittens are constantly checked for genetic-related diseases and are vaccinated against infectious diseases. 

Finding a healthy Red Maine Coon for sale

If you still haven’t found an adult Red Maine Coon cats for sale, you can try the breeders listed below. 

Maine Coon Connection ( in Tennessee has some listings of adult cats. Hopefully, the Red Maine Coon cat for sale is also available.

Lake View Coons ( in South Carolina is a good place to explore for adult Maine Coons for sale. 

Red Maine Coon cat: Pros and Cons

In a nutshell, a table shows what you can expect from a Red Maine Coon cat. 

Pros Cons 
Enjoys playtime with its human family Sheds moderately
Affectionate Not hypoallergenic 
Sweet and cuddlyFrequent brushing is a must to prevent excessive matting of the coat
Smart and easy to train Can be talkative 
Adaptable High food expenses 
Good with other pets Does not tolerate solitude well 

Is the Red Maine Coon right for me?

If you’re looking for a smart, affectionate, and quite clingy pet in a bigger package, a Red Maine Coon may be the feline friend for you. Aside from lots of requests for belly rubs, keep in mind that this breed requires a lot of brushing for a soft and mat-free coat. 

Related Questions

What is the rarest colour of Maine Coon cat?

Silver is the rarest Maine Coon colour.

What 2 breeds make a Maine Coon?

A domesticated cat of an unknown breed and a large Norwegian Forest cat are the 2 breeds that make a Maine Coon.

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