Orange Maine Coon Cat: Complete Guide

The Maine Coon comes in a variety of colors and patterns. And, one of these is the Orange Maine Coon.

The Orange Maine Coon has a reddish coat that can be expressed in a solid color or in a tabby pattern. Their color is said to impact their overall behavior with some describing them as much friendlier and affectionate. Whether this is true or not, we will find it in the following article.

Another Maine Coon color variation is the Calico Maine Coon which has some percentage of orange color on her coat which does not fall under the Orange Maine Coon classification. For now, we will discuss the Orange, or as it is officially called, the Red Maine Coon.

Orange Maine Coon: Breed overview

Maine Coon Orange
Maine Coon Orange Cat climbing the outdoor sofa

Below is a brief description of what to expect from an Orange Maine Coone.

Other namesRed Maine Coon, Orange Maine Coon, Orange Coon cat, Main Coon Orange, Orange Mancoon, Orange Mane Coon, Orange Main Coone 
Weight 10 – 25 pounds 
Height8 – 16 inches 
Coat ColorsRed, White, Black 
Child FriendlinessHigh
Feline FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyEasy
Grooming UpkeepHigh
Exercise NeedsModerate 
Lifespan13 – 14 years 
Kitten Cost$600 – $2,500

Can Maine Coons be Orange?

Yes, Maine Coons can be orange, but officially their color is classified as red by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). The Red Maine Coon is sometimes referred to as a marmalade or Orange Maine Coon.

So, are there Orange Maine Coon Cats?

Yes, there are Orange Maine Coon Cats. In fact, there are four (4) types of Orange or red Maine Coon Cat patterns, namely:

  • Solid Red
  • Red Tabby
  • Red and White Tabby
  • Bi-color

Are Orange Maine Coon Cats rare?

No, the Orange Maine Coon Cat is not rare with one exception being the Solid Orange Maine Coon variety. The Solid Orange Maine Coon has fur that has no white markings at all from root to tip.

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Orange Maine Coon history

The Maine Coon is believed to be related to the Norwegian Forest Cats that were brought by the early European settlers in northeastern America. These cats interbred with the native cats that eventually developed into the Maine Coon. 

A female Maine Coon won the first-ever national cat show held in New York in 1895 wherein a number of Maine Coons were also presented.

But, the breed’s popularity and population soon waned in the first half of the 20th century when other long-haired breeds were introduced. 

Enthusiasts soon revived the breed starting in the 1950s which eventually saw its resurgence. The Maine Coon was finally recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1976. In 1985, Maine Coon was named the official state cat of Maine.

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Orange Maine Coon Cat genetics

Maine Coon Orange Cats
Orange MaineCoon

The color that determines the orange or red coat is found in the “O” locus that is attached to the X-chromosome.

If the ‘O’ allele is dominant, then red will be the resulting color with the black or brown pigment being muted.

Since solid Orange Maine Coon males have only one X-chromosome, having the dominant ‘O’ would instantly give them a red or orange color. Whereas a female would need 2 dominant ‘O’ to have the same color which is difficult to achieve.

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Orange Maine Coon characteristics

Orange Main Coon Cat has 3 main characteristics, namely, their large size, color, and gentle personality.

These kitties can reach a length of around 40 inches from their nose to the tip of their tail. Their size is directly proportional to their weight making males much heavier than females.

The other characteristic of the Orange Maine Coon is her warm orange or red coat which is quite noticeable and very stunning. The orange color can range from solid to tabby and even tortoiseshell patterns.

The third characteristic of the Orange Maine Coon cat is her affectionate and loving personality which somehow matches its color.

While coat color may have no direct link to a cat’s personality, many cat enthusiasts observe that an orange-colored cat tends to be friendlier with an even temperament.

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Maine Coon Orange physical appearance

The Orange Cat Maine Coon has a similar physical look to other colored Maine Coons.

They have a well-proportioned long and muscular physique with broad chests and long tails. The head is squarish with high cheekbones and large, well-tufted ears.

An Orange Maine Coon with blue eyes is typical at birth but the color eventually develops into a gold or green hue.

One quirk of the Maine Coon is that there is a prevalence of polydactylism. So, it would not be far-fetched to see an Orange polydactyl Maine Coon that has extra toes making her paws extra wide.

Various Maine Coon Cat Orange colors and patterns

The Maine Coon Cat Orange is officially designated as the Red Maine Coon. They have a thick and shaggy coat that is shorter around the shoulders and lengthier on the tummy area. 

The coat type can be subdivided into four (4) types that is based on the shading and markings, namely, the Solid Red, the Red Tabby, the Red and White Tabby, and the Bi-color.

Maine Coon Orange tabby

Orange tabby Maine Coon or Maine Coon tabby Orange exhibits alternating stripes of light and dark reds in the coat. The tabby patterns in an Orange tabby Maine Coon Cat can have the classic, mackerel, or ticked pattern.

A Maine Coon Cat Orange tabby with a classic pattern would have big, swirling stripe patterns with some forming a bullseye, while an Orange Maine Coon tabby with a mackerel pattern would have thin stripes that run parallel down their sides.

A ticked tabby Maine Coon Orange, on the other hand, would have no bands or stripes on its body coat but have some residual striping in the legs, belly, and face.

All tabby Orange Maine Coon exhibits the distinctive ‘M’ pattern on their forehead. Some half Orange tabby half Maine Coon would have white trim under the chin. 

Orange tabby Cat Maine Coon has nose leather and paw pads that are red brick in color. 

Maine Coon Orange tabby has medium to the long length of hair that is shorter around the head and shoulders. Some Mixed Maine Coons may exhibit an Orange tabby Maine Coon short hair.

Orange and white Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat Orange and white or white and Orange Maine Coon has the same pattern as the Maine Coon Orange tabby.

Orange and white Maine Coon Cat will also either have a classic, mackerel or ticked tabby pattern. The only difference is that an Orange and white Main Coon would have white markings on all her paws, belly, and chest.

Orange and white Maine Coon Cats or Maine Coon Cat white and Orange may not show tabby markings as extensively as the Maine Coon Orange tabby.

Some Maine Coon Orange and white or Orange white Maine Coon has an equal portion of red and white on their coat.

Maine Coon white and Orange or Maine Coon Orange white presents with a red-colored nose leather and paw pads.

An Orange and white Maine Coon mix may not exhibit the shaggy, dense hairs of a purebred white Orange Maine Coon especially if they are crossed with a short-haired cat breed.

Orange and white Maine Coon kittens or an Orange and white Maine Coon kitten are typical of the male gender. This is because the color orange or red is linked with the X-chromosome.

Female Maine Coon kitten Orange and white is quite rare making up around 20% of Orange and White Maine Coons.

Maine Coon Orange tabby mix

A Maine Coon tabby mix Orange is a kitten that inherits the tabby gene from either parent. An Orange tabby Maine Coon mix size is no different from other Orange Maine Coons.

A Maine Coon and Orange tabby mix will grow up having long fur. An Orange tabby and Maine Coon mix is also referred to as red tabby because Maine Coon mixed with Orange tabby also falls under the color class of red Maine Coon. 

Maine Coon mix Orange tabby is a popular choice among cat lovers because an Orange tabby Cat mixed with Maine Coon has that beautiful tiger-like marking and white fur color on the belly of the Orange tabby Main Coon. 

It’s also possible that an Orange tabby mixed with Maine Coon will have a mismatched eye color which is not uncommon among short hair Maine Coon tabby mix Orange. 

Orange Maine Coon tabby mix

The common eye colors of an Orange Maine Coon tabby are light green and gold. 

Yellow Maine Coon Cat

A yellow Maine Coon cat is also an orange Maine Coon but with a lighter shade, almost yellow in color. 

Black and Orange Maine Coon

What is a Maine Coon Orange and black? An Orange and black Maine Coon sports a coat with 2 colors, black and orange. Some Maine Coon black and Orange may exhibit more patches of black while some may have more percentage of the color orange in their coats.  

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Light Orange Maine Coon

Maine Coon light Orange exhibits a light red color on their coat.

Orange ginger Maine Coon

Orange ginger Maine Coon is another term some would use to describe a Red Maine Coon.

Orange cream Maine Coon

The red coat has patches of light cream on the body and the extremities.

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Orange smoke Maine Coon

Coat has red-tipped fur with a white undercoat.

Orange Maine Coon short hair

Maine Coons typically have medium to long hair that varies in length across the body. An Orange short hair Maine Coon is more probably not a purebred Maine Coon but a mixed breed that has been crossed with a short-haired breed.

Long haired Orange Maine Coon

Maine Coons have a dense, long coat that protects them from the harsh cold climate.

A fluffy Orange Maine Coon has shorter hair around the head and shoulders with some ruff around the neck. The hair in the stomach area and flanks are lengthier in a Maine Coon fluffy Orange Cat. 

Orange Maine Coon lion cut

The Orange Maine Coon lion cut is a type of haircut wherein most of the body coat is shaved short leaving only the neck area or the mane thick to make it more lion-like. The tail fur is also trimmed short with only the pom-pom tip remaining.

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Orange Maine Coon size, height, and weight

Regardless of their color, the Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated cats in the world, so you can expect your giant Orange Maine Coon to be massive in size that can reach a body length of 40 inches from nose to tail tip. 

A large Orange Maine Coon has a height range of 8 to 16 inches and a weight range of 10 to 25 pounds upon maturity with the males being larger in size than the females. 

Most big Orange Maine Coon Cat is male, so it can be a bit daunting for newbie Maine Coon owners since they may require more attention as opposed to having a smaller Maine Coon that could be more manageable to maintain. 

GenderHeight Weight 
Male 10 – 16 inches 15 – 25 pounds 
Female 8 – 14 inches 10 – 15 pounds

Full grown Orange Maine Coon

A full grown Orange and white Maine Coon will reach its ideal final weight and height until they are 4 to 5 years old. 

Orange male Maine Coon Cat

An Orange male Maine Coon is much bigger in size and more common than a female Orange Maine Coon. The Orange male Orange Maine Coon Cat only needs one copy of the ‘orange’ gene connected to their X chromosomes to have an orange-colored coat.

Although Orange Maine Coon male is larger, they are said to be more clingy and have more personality compared to the females that are more aloof and require less attention. 

Female Orange Maine Coon Cat

Since orange cats are mostly males, how rare are female Orange Maine Coons?

It is estimated that there are 5 male Orange Maine Coons for every 1 Orange female Maine Coon. An Orange Maine Coon female should carry 2 copies of the ‘orange’ gene in order to have a full orange body coat.

Orange Maine Coon Cat personality and temperament

If there is one adjective to best describe an Orange Maine Coon personality is that they are very laid back. They are not called “the gentle giant” for nothing.

A Maine Coon Orange kitten loves the company of people early on, and since they take a lot of time to mature, you can expect them to retain their playful and affectionate nature all their life.

Are Maine Coon Orange Cats good family cats?

Yes, Maine Coon Orange Cats are a great addition to most families. An Orange Maine Coon kitty that has been socialized early will turn out to be more tolerant and adaptable to children and other pets. 

Are Orange Maine Coon Cats outdoor or indoor cats?

Orange Maine Coon Cats can both be indoor and outdoor cats since they were previously used as farm animals that prey on rodents.

However, they are now more of an indoor cat (especially Maine Coon kittens Orange) since they are highly coveted by unlawful individuals due to their price. 

Do Orange Maine Coons love water?

While Maine Coons may show some fascination with water with some having a habit of dipping their paws in the water bowl, or even drinking from or playing with the tap, it cannot be said that they truly love water.

Some of them may love to play in shallow water while some of them don’t. So, if your Orange Maine Coon seems to enjoy playing with water, it is still highly possible that your Orange Maine Coon may still shy away from getting a bath just like any other cat.

Maine Coons are inquisitive in nature and playing with water stimulates their curiosity. Having a waterproof coat also makes them less fearful of getting soaked.

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Maine Coon Orange Cat training

Orange Maine Coon kittens can be trained as soon as you bring them home from the breeder. They are smart, sociable, and love the attention of their family making them easily trainable. 

The best way to train your Maine Coon Orange Cat is by employing positive reinforcements, like rewarding cat treats and petting them on the head or under the chin when they successfully followed your commands. 

Orange Main coon exercise requirement

Orange Main coon needs around 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercise that can be split into 2 or 3 short sessions.

While Orange Maine Coon Cat kittens need no prodding to exercise since they are naturally active, older Orange Maine Coon cats tend to lounge around the house most of the time and may develop obesity problems if not exercised daily.

The best form of exercise for these kitties is through play. Like most cats, they adore laser pointer or fishing pole games that simulate their natural preying instincts. You can also play fetch with them or take them out for a walk around your neighborhood.

Orange Maincoon grooming and cleaning

The long and thick coat of an Orange Maine Coon requires regular upkeep, if not, it will lead to problems like severe tangles.

This can be costly because you may have no choice but to take your cat to professional cat groomers which we all know, is not exactly cheap. 

Do you know how to care for your cat’s coat, teeth, and nails? Learn more about the proper grooming and cleaning for an Orange Maine Coon. 


Frequent brushing has many benefits. First, it stimulates blood circulation and helps distribute natural oil.  Second, it removes skin flakes or dander underneath her coat. Third, frequent brushing reduces shedding. Lastly, it results in fewer hairballs. 

But the benefits we itemized can only be achieved using the right grooming tools. To remove knots, use a wide-tooth comb. To reduce shedding, you can use a de-shedding comb like FURminator. Lastly, to tackle the issues of skin flakes and dander, a slicker or a pin brush does the job effectively. 


Your orange Maine Coon cleans herself regularly through licking. So, you don’t really need to wash her often because this will only cause skin dryness and a dull coat. Give her a bath only if it’s necessary. Do use a shampoo that is formulated for cats. 

Teeth Brushing

There’s no denying that lack of oral care causes gum and tooth problems. Keep those teeth clean and gums healthy by brushing her teeth using an enzymatic toothpaste. 

Nail Trimming

Cat’s nails tend to grow faster. This may accidentally scratch you and your loved ones, plus, of course, damage some of your possessions. Prevent that from happening by trimming her nails using either a nail trimmer for cats or a nail grinder. 

Ear/Eye Cleaning

Just as you take care of her coat, special attention should also be given to her eyes and ears. Doing so prevents ear and eye infections, ear wax buildup, and foul ear odor. Using ear/eye wipes is recommended because they cleanse, deodorize, and also prevent infections. 

Grooming Needs Grooming Frequency 
Brushing 4x weekly
Bathing 1x monthly or fewer
Teeth Brushing 3x weekly
Nail Trimming 2x monthly
Ear/Eye Cleaning Check weekly

Orange Mainecoon food and diet

A lot of Maine Coon owners are faced with the question of how they should feed their orange Maine Coon cats.

Diet definitely plays a huge factor in determining well-being, quality of life, and even lifespan.

Too much food can cause obesity which can shorten the lifespan while too little food may lead to stunted growth and lethargy. 

For orange Maine Coon kittens, the average amount of wet food to be given is ¼ cup per mealtime which is 3 times a day.  The adults can be fed an average of ½ cup to 1 cup of a mixture of wet and dry food, 3 times a day. 

Orange Maine Coon health issues

There are 4 genetic disorders that are common among Orange Maine Coons cats. If you want to learn if your cat has inherited any of these, an at-home cat DNA test kit is a great tool to use. It’s easy, affordable, and most of all, the test results are accurate.

Here are 4 health issues of Maine Coons that you should be aware of:

1. Spinal Muscular Atrophy

This disease affects the neurons in the spine which causes the affected cat to have an odd posture. This disease is caused by a recessive gene that the Orange Maine Coon got from her parents.

The signs are muscular tremors and struggling to jump. 

2. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

This is one of the common types of heart disease in cats and is characterized by the thickening of the heart muscles. The symptoms typically show in middle age and the signs are lethargy and labored breathing.

3. Hip Dysplasia

Due to the size of an Orange Maine Coon, she is vulnerable to suffering from hip dysplasia. In fact, Maine Coons have a 20% probability of having this orthopedic problem that causes reduced muscle mass in the thighs and a swaying gait. 

4. Stomatitis

This is another health problem that can affect an orange Maine Coon. This is characterized by mouth ulcers that are painful. As a result, the affected cat may stop eating leading to weight loss and dehydration. 

Orange Maine Coon lifespan

Given the right care which includes diet, exercise, and proper grooming, an Orange Maine Coon can live an average of 13 to 14 years

Orange Maine Coon breeder

How would you know you are talking to a responsible and ethical Maine Coon breeder?

The breeder will show documents to prove the good health of the parents and the Orange Maine Coon kittens. These documents include veterinarian-certified health certificates and negative DNA test results for feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, as well as other genetic diseases. 

We want to share with you two (2) breeders where you can get healthy Orange Maine Coon cats. 

The breeder of MaineCoonections ( in North Dakota strictly abides to all the breeding rules of The International Cat Association or TICA.

You can also check out Colorado Maine Coons ( The husband and wife team is proud of their properly-socialized and healthy kittens for sale. 

Orange Maine Coon price

Do you have any idea how much is an adult Orange Maine Coon Cat price?

The Orange Maine Coon cost is roughly between $200 and $500 from cat adoption centers.

Now, regarding how much are Orange Maine Coon Cats from breeders? The price could play around $600 for retired cats. 

Orange Maine Coon kitten price

How much is an Orange Maine Coon kitten? Expect to shell out around $600 to $2,500. It may get higher depending on the factors like color patterns. 

Orange Maine Coon adoption

The FB page of The Maine Coon Cat Adoption Page is one of the places to locate an adult Orange Maine Coon for adoption. 

Orange Maine Coon kitten for adoption

Are you searching for Orange Maine Coon kittens for adoption? Hopefully, there is one at Only Maine Coons Rescue ( Kittens under 1 year old can be adopted for $300. 

Orange Maine Coon kitten

If you’re too excited and wondering whether you can bring home 9 week old Orange Maine Coon kittens or not, the answer is ‘not yet’. Orange Maine Coon mix kittens at this age still need to be with their mom and littermates for socialization.

Orange Main Coon kitten at 9 weeks begins to be more active and adventurous. This is the age when kittens begin to explore jumping on higher objects, usually about one foot.

Eventually, they can become more daring, jumping farther but may tumble and get up again to test their body strength. 

Additionally, this is also the age of a Maine Coon kitten Orange when he/she can undergo a spaying or neutering procedure. 

Orange tabby Maine Coon kitten

The basic needs of Maine Coon Orange tabby kitten are no different from other color variants of orange Maine Coon. 

Before taking home your Maine Coon Orange tabby mix kitten, checking your surroundings goes a long way for the safety of your kitty.

It’s natural for Orange tabby Maine Coon kittens to be curious, they will smell and even taste interesting objects without knowing the possible dangers. 

So, cover electrical wires, remove toxic plants, and keep chemicals away from your kitty’s sight. 

Places to find Orange Maine Coon kittens for sale

After learning about the personality of orange Maine Coons, we cannot blame you if you decide to look for an Orange Maine Coon kitten for sale.

If you still haven’t found breeders who have Orange Maine Coon kittens for sale near me, this part of the article is what that is all about – to assist you in finding Orange Maine Coon kitten near me. 

Orange Maine Coon kittens for sale in Massachusetts

The breeder at Codycats Maine Coons ( has been in the business of breeding Maine Coons for over 30 years. All kittens for sale are DNA-tested negative for genetic diseases including hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 

Orange tabby Maine Coon kittens for sale

Go to Euro Coons Maine Coon Cattery ( where you can find a beautiful orange tabby Maine Coon for $6,500. Kittens for sale can be shipped to any state in the US. 

Orange and white Maine Coon kittens for sale

Newlogica Cattery ( in Temecula, California could have available Orange and white Maine Coons for sale. 

Finding a healthy Orange Maine Coon Cat for sale

For adult Orange Maine Coon for sale, we have two (2) places where you can explore retired Maine Coon Orange for sale. 

Euro Coons Maine Coon Cattery ( occasionally has retired cats for sale so you can reserve an adult Orange Maine Coon Cats for sale. 

Do you live in the UK? You may want to explore your options for retired Maine Coons at Kleooket Maine Coon Cattery (

Orange Maine Coon mix

Are you in love with the appearance and demeanor of a Maine Coon mix Orange? We are pretty sure that you are and the great news is that there is an Orange Maine Coon Cat mix that may also capture your heart. 

Some breeders intentionally cross an orange Maine Coon with another purebred to produce a sweet-natured Orange Maine Coon mix Cat for cat lovers like you. 

Maine Coon Ragdoll mix Orange

What can go wrong if you mix two of the most well-loved and adorable cat breeds, a Maine Coon and a Ragdoll. This mix is most likely large with thick and long coats and is definitely super sweet and cuddly. 

Orange Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat

If you’re attracted to large cats with amiable personality yet is not too clingy, then this is the mixed cat breed for you. 

Orange Maine Coon Cat: Pros and Cons

To sum up, the table below shows you the reasons why you should consider looking for Maine Coon Cats Orange and at the same time, the quirks that come with owning this cat breed. 

Pros Cons
Super playfulHas a hefty appetite 
Kind and very affectionateNeeds some fur maintenance 
Can be trained how to walk on leash Tendency to be vocal 
Adaptable Not hypoallergenic 
Independent-minded Messy eater 
Loves chilling with kids and other pets Can get clingy to one person in the family 

Is the Orange Maine Coon Cat right for me?

Before you commit to getting an Orange color Maine Coon, ensure you have the patience to groom her. Lack of grooming can lead to unmanageable coats.

Other than that, an Orange Maine Coon is a highly-adaptable and loving cat that has no problem living peacefully with children and other animals. 

Among all the patterns, it’s only the solid Orange Maine Coon that is considered rare. Ginger Maine Coon isn’t as rare as solid Orange Maine Coon.

Related Questions

How much is an Orange Maine Coon worth?

An Orange Maine Coon is worth around $600 and $2,500.

What is the rarest color Maine Coon?

Solid red is the rarest color of a Maine Coon cat.

How rare is a ginger Maine Coon?

Among all the patterns, it’s only the solid Orange Maine Coon that is considered rare. Ginger Maine Coon isn’t as rare as solid Orange Maine Coon. 

What is the personality of an Orange Maine Coon?

The Orange Maine Coon has a calm personality and does not show any aggressive tendencies.

Is a red or Orange Maine Coon?

A red Maine Coon and an orange Maine Coon are one and the same. They are also sometimes referred to as ginger Maine Coons.

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