Grey Maine Coon: Complete Guide

If you are interested in acquiring a gray cat, several cat breeds have the gray color option and one of those is the Grey Maine Coon. In this article, I want to introduce you to this elegant Maine Coon color by providing you with valuable tips about proper care and what you and your loved ones can expect from this beautiful cat breed.

The Grey Maine Coon is one of the color variations of the Maine Coon, and his massive size gives him an almost lion-like stature. Maine Coons are known as the “gentle giants,” and anyone that has seen one can’t help but be amazed at the beauty of this feline.

The Gray Maine Coon (or the Blue Maine Coon Cat, as they are officially categorized) is not a hard breed to maintain despite their size. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over their genetics, physical appearance, and common health issues. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know whether the Grey Maine Coon is the right cat breed for you.

Gray Maine Coon: Breed overview

Gray Maine Coon cat pictures
Grey Maine Coon cat with green eyes

Below is a brief description of what to expect from the Grey Maine Coon.

Other namesGrey Coon cat, Blue Maine Coon, Main Coon Grey, Grey MainCoon
Weight 10 – 25 pounds 
Height8 – 16 inches 
Coat ColorsGrey, Black, White 
Child FriendlinessHigh
Feline FriendlinessHigh
Training DifficultyEasy
Grooming UpkeepHigh
Exercise NeedsModerate 
Lifespan13 – 14 years 
Kitten Cost$1,000 – $2,000

Can Maine Coon cats be GREY?

Grey Maine Coon cat pictures
Long-haired Gray Maine Coon Cat

Yes, Maine Coons can be grey. Maine Coon cats Gray is officially referred to by most cat organizations, like the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), as the Blue Maine Coon. 

So, are there Grey Maine Coon Cats?

Yes, there is such a thing as a Maine Coon Gray cat and the coat comes in a variety of patterns, such as the solid, tabby, and bi-color classes.

Are GREY Maine Coons rare?

No, Gray Maine Coon cats are not rare. There is a great availability of Grey Maine Coons and many reputable breeders carry this color.

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Grey Maine Coon cat history

There is an urban legend that alleges that Maine Coons, including the Grey Main Coon cat variety, resulted from a cross between the local feral cats of New England and raccoons. But, of course, this is very far from the truth. 

Many Maine Coon enthusiasts now believe that they are related to the Norwegian Forest Cats that were brought by early European settlers to America. These foreign cats crossed with the local cat population which eventually created the Maine Coon. 

By the end of the 19th century, the Maine Coon became one of the more popular cats in the northeastern United States, particularly in Maine, and was widely shown in many cat shows in New York and Boston.

Their popularity, however, receded when other exotic cat breeds were introduced into the market causing their population to dip.

A revival of the breed was undertaken by enthusiasts during the 1950s and the Maine Coon soon became one of the most sought-after cat breeds in the US and the world.

In 1985, the state of Maine designated the breed as their official state cat.

Gray Maine Coon cat genetics

pictures of Grey Maine Coon cats
Maine Coon Grey coat color

The Gray Maine Coon cat is essentially a Black Maine Coon that has two (2) copies of the recessive dilution gene called the melanophilin gene (MLPH). The black color is exhibited when the dominant form of eumelanin is present in the genetic makeup of the cat. 

However, when a Maine Coon with a black color inherits two (2) copies of the recessive MLPH from both parents, the gene changes the distribution of eumelanin in the coat causing uneven pigmentation.

This unevenness or dilution is what makes their coat appear gray.

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Grey Main Coon physical appearance

Grey Main Coons have the typical Maine Coon appearance of having a long, rectangular, and muscular body.

They have medium to long coat length that is shorter around the head and shoulders and longer in the tummy area with considerable thickness around the neck.

The eyes are oval and slant obliquely towards the base of the ears. The ears have the characteristic tuft at the tip that grows from the inner ears.

Various Maine Coon Grey colors and patterns

Maine Coon Grey comes in several patterns with the solid grey pattern being the most basic.  The coat is made up entirely of a grayish shade with no markings or shadings. 

The most common type of Maine Coon Grey is one with a tabby pattern, but they can also come in bi-color and tortie color classes.

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Grey and white Maine Coon

Grey white Maine Coon or Maine Coon white and Gray is classified under the Bi-color Class of coat colors. The Gray and white Maine Coon has a combination of gray and white on the body coat. 

Some Grey and white Maine Coon cat will have white patches on their face and some Gray and White Maine Coon cat will not have white on their face. But all Maine Coon cat Grey and White will have white markings on the chest, tummy, and all four paws.

It is possible for a Gray and White Maine Coon cat or Maine Coon Grey and White to have more white coverage on the body coat with only the face and the tail having some gray patches. This type of White and Grey Maine Coon pattern is called the Van pattern. 

The eye color of a white and Gray Maine Coon or white and Gray Maine Coon cat can be in the shade of green, gold, or copper. Due to the presence of white on the coat, some Maine Coon cat white and Grey would have blue eyes, with some Maine Coon White and Grey having odd eyes or a condition called heterochromia.

White Grey Maine Coon kittens are born with blue eyes that may eventually change color as the White and Grey Maine Coon cat matures.

The nose leather pad of a Maine Coon Grey White or Maine Coon cat Gray and white is blue or gray-colored. The paw pads are also blue for the Maine Coon Gray and White or Grey and White Main Coon.

Gray and White Maine Coon cats both have in their genetic makeup the dilution gene, which weakens the black color, and also the white-spotting gene that causes the gray color to be turned off in some parts of the coat.

A Grey and White Maine Coon mix that is a cross between a Maine Coon and another breed may have shorter coats especially if they were crossed with a British Shorthair.

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One telltale sign that it is a Gray and white Maine Coon mix is if the size is larger than most cats or if there is some tuft on the ear tips.

Black and Grey Maine Coon

Maine Coon Black and Grey or a Grey Black Maine Coon has a combination of black and gray in the coat.

Many Maine Coon Black and Gray or Maine Coon Gray and black typically has a gray-colored ruff around the neck with some patches of gray on a predominantly black coat.

Some Black and Gray Maine Coon or a Black and Grey Maine Coon cat would only have a black patch on the face with the rest of the body covered in gray color.

A Black and Gray Maine Coon cat or Grey and Black Maine Coon may also have a predominantly black coat with gray markings found only on the chest, tummy, and paws which is similar to a tuxedo pattern. This pattern gives a Maine Coon Grey and black look like they are wearing a suit.

A Black and Grey Maine Coon kitten has blue eyes when they are born with the eye color developing into gold, copper, or green.

Some Black and Gray Maine Coon kitten may also develop an extra toe, a condition called polydactyly, which is one of the Maine Coon characteristics that include the Maine Coon cat Black and Grey or Gray and Black Maine Coon.

Black Grey Maine Coon or Maine Coon Black Grey has black-nose leather. The paw pads of a Grey and Black Maine Coon cat or Black Gray Maine Coon are also black.

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Grey tabby Maine Coon

Maine Coon Grey tabby or Grey tabby Maine Coon cat presents with alternating light and dark grey stripes on their coat.

A Gray tabby Maine Coon or tabby Grey Maine Coon has the characteristic ‘M’ pattern on its forehead. There is also striping around the eyes and cheeks of a Maine Coon Gray tabby.

Grey Maine Coon tabby cat may have classic, mackerel, or ticked tabby patterns.

A Grey tabby Maine Coon kitten with a classic tabby pattern would develop bold, swirling striping along the sides, whereas a Gray tabby Maine Coon kitten with a mackerel pattern would develop narrow stripes that run parallel down their sides.

Grey tabby Maine Coon kittens with a ticked tabby pattern, on the other hand, would develop tabby markings on the face and agouti hairs with no evident striping.

Gray Maine Coon tabby mix

Grey tabby Maine Coon mix or Maine Coon Grey tabby mix is a cross between a Gray Maine Coon and another cat breed.

A Grey Maine Coon tabby mix kitten would most probably develop similar features as the purebred Maine Coon with distinctive rounded eyes and tufted ears.

But, some Maine Coon tabby mix Grey may be smaller in size than the purebred Maine Coon.

Grey smoke Maine Coon

Maine Coon smokey Grey or Gray smoke Maine Coon presents with dark gray hair tips with a lighter-colored shaft.

While at rest, a Maine Coon smoke Grey or smoke Grey Maine Coon would look like any other Grey Maine Coon. But, upon closer inspection or when a smokey Gray Maine Coon moves, the lighter-colored shafts would be evident.

A smokey Grey Maine Coon or Maine Coon Grey smoke would have gray paw pads and nose leather. The tufts at the tip of a smoke Gray Maine Coon ears would also be white or light-colored. A smoke Gray Maine Coon cat may also have a white ruff around the neck.

Grey smokey Grey Maine Coon kittens command a high price since they are quite uncommon. This is because smoky Gray Maine Coon must have three (3) specific genes to get this coloration, namely, the:

  • Non-agouti allele.
  • Wideband allele.
  • Silver allele.

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Dark Grey Maine Coon

Dark Grey Maine Coon cat or Maine Coon dark Grey presents with a slate-colored coat throughout the body.

The coat of a dark Gray Maine Coon should be uniform in tone from root to tip and from nose to tail. Maine Coon dark Gray has a dark gray nose and paw pads.

Dark Grey Maine Coon kittens are born with blue eyes and will develop into green, gold, or copper when they mature. Some dark Grey Maine Coon kitten may also exhibit extra toes or polydactyl toes.

Light Grey Maine Coon

Maine Coon light Grey or a light Gray Maine Coon has a light blue colored coat. 

Blue Grey Maine Coon

Grey blue Maine Coon or blue Gray Maine Coon is similar in color to the Dark Grey Maine Coon. A blue Grey Maine Coon kitten would develop the gold or green eyes as they mature.

Charcoal Grey Maine Coon

The coat is similar to the Dark Grey Maine Coon with a slate-colored coat.

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Solid Grey Maine Coon

Solid Gray Maine Coon cat has a uniform gray color throughout the body. The color may vary from light to dark but the tone color should be the same from the nose to the tail.

All Grey Maine Coon

An all Gray Maine Coon is another term for the Solid Grey Maine Coon with a uniform gray coat.

An all Grey Maine Coon kitten will be born with blue eyes but will eventually change into green, copper, or gold. Their paw pads and nose is blue-colored.

Grey striped Maine Coon

Grey tiger Maine Coon is another term for a Grey tabby Maine Coon that has dark narrow striping that runs across the coat.

Grey tuxedo Maine Coon

The base coat of the Grey tuxedo Maine Coon is gray with white spotting on the face, chest, and paws.

Silver Grey Maine Coon

pictures of Gray Maine Coon cats
Silver Grey Maine Coon kitten relaxing in the living room

The body coat is gray with a light silver undercoat. Grey silver Maine Coon kittens typically have rosy pink noses.

Grey Maine Coon size, height, and weight

Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cats in the world. The big Grey Maine Coon can reach a length of around 40 inches from the nose to the tip of their tail upon maturity. 

Grey female Maine Coon is generally lighter and smaller than the male. The female Grey Maine Coon has an average height of 8 to 14 inches, but some Grey Maine Coon female can be taller and heavier than a male depending on their genetics.

Gender Height Weight 
Male 10 – 16 inches 15 – 25 pounds 
Female 8 – 14 inches 10 – 15 pounds 

Grey Maine Coon personality and temperament

Grey Maine Coon is known for her gentle personality. She is sociable and friendly and enjoys the company of her family.  

Are Gray Maine Coons good family cats?

Yes, Gray Maine Coons are a great addition to families, especially those with children and other pets. They are tolerant, patient, and can adapt to most situations. 

Are Grey Maine Coon Cats outdoor or indoor cats?

Grey Maine Coon Cats are originally used by farmers to control the rodent population in their area. They are also known to be great hunters, so they can be indoor or outdoor cats.

However, because of their gentle nature, most cat parents choose to keep them indoors for safety. 

Do Grey Maine Coon Cats love water?

Grey Maine Coon Cats do show some affinity with water. You might notice them dipping their paws into puddles or drinking directly from the faucet.

But, this does not mean that they love being submerged in water. 

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Maine Coon Gray training

The Maine Coon Gray is a curious and intelligent creature, so it would not be difficult to train him to use the litter box and even some basic commands and useful tricks.

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Gray Main Coon exercise requirement

The Gray Main Coon only needs 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily that can be split into 2 to 3 sessions. They are typically more active in the morning and early evening while being more relaxed and calm most of the day. 

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Maine Coon cat Grey grooming and cleaning

Grooming a Grey Maine Coon may prove challenging because his long coat is prone to matting. And, since Maine Coons are one of the largest cats, it will require more time and effort to keep the coat in good condition. 

In this section, we have some practical tips on how to make grooming less stressful for you. 


The tools to make brushing less of a chore are a fine-toothed comb, a de-shedding tool, a grooming glove, or a soft-bristled brush.

A fine-toothed comb is handy when it comes to untangling heavy mats or knots. 

The de-shedding tool like FURminator works by removing loose fur that an ordinary grooming brush cannot handle. 

Lastly, a grooming glove or a soft-bristled brush is a great tool to bring out the sheen. These tools also effectively distribute natural oil to keep the skin and coat smooth and tangle-free. 


To nourish your cat’s coat, use a conditioning shampoo to thoroughly clean and moisturize the coat. 

Teeth Brushing

Taking care of your cat’s oral health has many benefits. Aside from controlling the formation of plaque and tartar, regular teeth brushing keep her breath smelling nice.

We recommend a non-foaming enzymatic toothpaste for cats. This toothpaste does not require rinsing and is safe to swallow by your fur baby. 

Nail Trimming

A Grey Maine Coon has sharp nails that require regular trimming. Nail trimming prevents your cat from scratching you and damaging your things. Do not use a human nail clipper; instead, use a nail clipper made for cats. 

A very important note to remember is that the pink part of the nails is called ‘quick’ which shouldn’t be trimmed.

The quick is a sensitive area that contains blood vessels and nerve endings. Cutting the quick will lead to bleeding and in some cases, may be traumatic for cats. 

Ear/Eye Cleaning

A cat’s ears can harbor bacteria which can cause infection and a foul smell. To clean your cat’s ears, use a moist cotton ball or a non-irritating otic cleaner for cats. 

To clean the eyes, you can also wipe them with a moist cotton ball. 

Grooming Needs Grooming Frequency 
Brushing 4x weekly
Bathing 1x monthly 
Teeth Brushing 3x weekly
Nail Trimming 2x monthly 
Eye/Ear Care Check weekly 

Maine Coon cat Gray food and diet

A Gray Maine Coon requires a healthy diet to increase his level of immunity against diseases and to live longer. 

Maine Coons are obligate carnivores, meaning, their diet should primarily contain meat such as chicken. They do not need fruits, vegetables, and grains in their diet because their digestive system cannot process these food groups. 

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Grey Maine Coon health issues

A Grey Maine Coon is genetically predisposed to inherit the health problems associated with his parents. An affordable at-home cat DNA-test kit can be used to identify these gene-related health issues such as these four (4):

1. Hip Dysplasia

This genetic disease usually occurs among large cats such as Maine Coons. The cause of hip dysplasia is the uneven growth in the hip joint. The signs to look for are a hopping gait and hip pain. 

2. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy or HCM

The exact cause of HCM is still unknown but it is thought to be genetics. This is caused by a thickening of the heart muscles which results in poor blood circulation and oxygen distribution. 

The symptoms are lethargy and labored breathing. 

3. Spinal Muscular Atrophy

This is commonly seen among Maine Coons at around 4 months of age. The disease affects the nerve cells in the spinal cord and the signs are general weakness and muscle tremors. 

4. Polycystic Kidney Disease

A genetic disease that causes tiny cysts in the kidneys to grow and multiply. Increased water intake and frequent urination are 2 of the common symptoms. 

Gray Maine Coon lifespan

Given the proper care, you can enjoy the company of your Grey Maine Coon for about 13 to 14 years

Grey Maine Coon cat breeder

Getting your Grey Maine Coon from a responsible breeder is the best way to own a healthy and well-socialized kitten. Here are some of the characteristics of a reputable Grey Maine Coon breeder:

  • Responsible breeders do not sell their kittens in pet shops. 
  • Responsible breeders provide their buyers with a health guarantee of at least two (2) years. Some of them even offer longer of up to 5 years. 
  • Responsible breeders regularly health check their breeding cats and kittens for genetic diseases including HCM. 

How much is a Gray Maine Coon?

The price of buying a Gray Maine Coon varies. Reputable breeders ask for a higher price for the kittens because of higher demand.

Listed below are some estimates to give you a picture of the initial cost of buying the cat and the recurring expenses that go with it. 

Grey Maine Coon cat price

In most cases, the adult Grey Maine Coon price is lower than the kittens. An adult Maine Coon Grey price is around $500 to $800.

If you go to adoption/rescue centers, you may even find the Gray Maine Coon price lower than $500 depending on the age of the cat. 

Type of One-Time and Recurring Expenses Average Cost 
Food $50 – $75
Food and Water Bowls $5 – $10
Kitty Bed $20 – $30
Carrier $20 – $40
Collar and ID tag $10 – $25
Grooming Tools $25 – $45
Litter Box $18 – $45
Litter $10 – $25
Scratch Post and other toys $20 – $50
Microchipping $50 – $100
Spay/Neuter $250 -$550
Veterinary Expenses $200 – $500
Total $678 – $1,495

Grey Maine Coon kitten price

On average, the asking price of breeders for a Grey Maine Coon is anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. 

Grey Maine Coon kittens

Aside from reputable breeders, one of the recommended places to find a Grey Maine Coon kitten is by attending cat shows.

While Gray Maine Coon kittens are normally not allowed to join any event in cat shows due to their young age, it is a place to meet responsible breeders. Some of them may have an upcoming litter that has a Gray Maine Coon kitten.

After going through the process of looking for a Maine Coon Grey kitten, the next thing to do before taking home your Maine Coon Gray kitten is to kitten-proof your house. To keep your Maine Coon kitten Gray safe, cover your electrical wires to avoid getting electrocuted and put toxic plants in areas he can’t reach.

Secure the wires of your window coverings and get cat-proof window blinds because a Maine Coon kitten Grey can get entangled in them and could get strangled.

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Next, Maine Coon kittens Gray have a strong sense of smell and may be attracted to food that is harmful to them like chocolates. 

Lastly, a baby Grey Maine Coon will sleep an average of 20 hours a day. Gently remind all your family members to allow your new fur baby to have undistracted sleep for proper growth and development. 

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Grey and white Maine Coon kitten

In this section, we will give you some tips on what to look for in a Maine Coon Grey and white kitten. 

First, the best age to bring home a  Maine Coon kitten Grey and white is at 12 weeks of age. At least 7 days before taking home your White and Grey Maine Coon kitten, he/she has been inoculated with core vaccines and dewormed. 

While you are at the cattery, observe the Maine Coon kittens Grey and white. Do not choose a lethargic Gray and white Maine Coon kitten. Look at the coat of the Gray and white Maine Coon kittens and avoid picking a kitten with bald patches. 

Lastly, get a kitten that has no excessive ear and eye discharge and a kitty that is not shy and actively plays with his/her littermates. 

Places to find Grey Maine Coon kittens for sale

Still haven’t found Black and Grey Maine Coon kittens for sale? You can explore these 3 websites of responsible breeders who test their kittens against congenital diseases such as HCM. 

Dark Paws Maine Coon Kittens ( may have an available Grey and White Maine Coon kitten for sale. 

For Grey Maine Coon kitten for sale, try going to Marwood Maine Coons ( located in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada. 

You can also inquire at Windtara Maine Coons ( if they currently have Gray Maine Coon kittens for sale. 

Finding a healthy Grey Maine Coon cat for sale

If you lean more toward caring for an adult cat, we have places that you can explore if the breeders have retired Grey Maine Coon for sale.

A Maine Coon Grey for sale may be available at Big River Coon ( located near Washougal, Washington which is at the edge of Columbia River Gorge (across from Portland, Oregon).

You may also check out Lake View Coons ( in Lake View Coons, Taylors, South Carolina to see if an adult Gray Maine Coon for sale is available. 

For Black and Grey Maine Coon for sale, visit DreamCoon MaineCoon cattery ( in Virginia. They are both TICA and WCF registered and certified. 

Visit the Facebook page of BlackSmoke Maine Coon Cattery in the UK  for Grey smoke Maine Coon for sale. The facebook page about page will contain all the contact information you’ll need to reach out to them.

Grey Maine Coon Mix

A Grey Maine Coon has so many likable qualities, thus, it is not surprising to learn that some breeders mix it with another purebred cat.

A Gray Maine Coon Mix appearance can vary depending on which parent gene is more dominant. A Grey Maine Coon mix kitten can be as large as the Grey Maine Coon parent or smaller and less muscular. 

Here are a few possible mixes of Maine Coon mix Grey cats. 

Grey Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix

Also called Ragacoons, the Grey Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix cats fall under the large cat breed category. They are also long-coated and some of the kittens may inherit the long and bushy tail and the tufted ears of the Grey Maine Coon parent. 

Grey Maine Coon Norwegian Forest cat Mix

Both the Grey Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest share almost similar developmental traits. Most likely the Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat offspring are heavy-boned with an athletic build and also sport long coats. 

Grey Maine Coon Siberian Mix

A large and muscular hybrid cat, the grey Maine Coon Siberian Mix kittens are long-haired while the physique will depend on which parent gene is dominant. Temperament-wise, the blended kittens will surely melt your heart with their endearing pleasant personality traits. 

Grey Maine Coon cat: Pros and Cons

Maine Coon Grey cat is a gentle and cuddly pet to have. But, owning one also comes with some minor drawbacks as shown in the table below. 

Pros Cons 
Great family pet Sheds moderately 
Docile Voracious eater 
Sweet and affectionate Tendency to be talkative 
Can be taught how to walk on a leashAttention-seeker
No aggressive tendencies Needs moderate exercises
Very patient Tends to mess with their poop 

Is the Grey Maine Coon right for me?

Are you okay with a talkative cat? Do you like to interact with a super affectionate cat that will follow you around the house? Is it alright with you to answer the needs of a sweet cat such as meowing for some belly rubs? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then, yes, a Main Coon Gray is the right pet for you. 

Related Questions

What is the rarest Maine Coon color?

Silver is the rarest color of Maine Coon cats.

What is a silver shaded Maine Coon?

The fur of a silver shaded Maine Coon has two (2) colors – the hair tips are ⅓ colored while ⅔ of the bottom hair is silver.

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